Top +6 Professional Effective Carpet Care Methods

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Top +6 Professional Effective Carpet Care Methods

Handmade carpets are one of the most valuable pieces of furniture that we cherish in the home. They not only help decorate the decor in a pleasant way, but also give us warmth and comfort throughout the year, immersing every room in balance and harmony. Like anything in life, carpets are subject to testing on a daily basis. After a period of Usage Problems start to appear; From fading colors, to build-up of dirt, lingering odors, pervasive stains, bacteria, moths, etc.., those who unconditionally love handmade rugs know that it is a piece of art that deserves maintenance to maintain its appearance over the years, because taking care of a handmade rug can make it last. It has been around for generations, ages beautifully, and will look just as good over time. Although maintenance often seems tedious and gives us a hard time, we may hire a professional to clean the rug, but the good news is that you can clean the rug yourself and get the same, often better, result!

If you are a fan of handmade carpets, and you want to take care of this unique and precious piece yourself, and enjoy its captivating beauty, then we will share with you in this article the most effective tips for cleaning and maintaining handmade carpets regularly, what are the steps, what are the best materials, and what are the ways to maintain them Doria and how to store them the right way, in a comprehensive guide that helps you understand how to care for your handmade rugs to keep them looking great in the long run!

Who are the worst enemies of carpets?

Before we talk about the method, or the materials that you will use to care for the carpets, it is necessary to talk about those things that are among the things that raise our fear and that we can classify as the worst enemies of carpets.., Here is a list of the top 7 things that cause damage to our carpets:

  1. Sun: Excessive exposure to the sun leads to fading of the exposed parts and damage to their texture.
  2. Pets: The hair of pets such as cats and dogs, and the droppings they may leave on carpets are among the worst enemies of carpets.
  3. Dust: sand in particular, which gets stuck between the pile nodes and causes them to be eroded by friction.
  4. Moths and Mice: Moths (insects so small they can only be seen under a microscope) and mice love the wool fibers of carpets, and they are a real destroyer of carpet fabric, especially when you store it in the wrong way.
  5. Moisture: Carpets are at risk of moisture whether you use the carpets in the wrong way, or store them in the wrong place or way, which exposes them to mold and damage.
  6. Cigarettes and embers: Cigarette butts or flying embers can also cause significant damage to carpets.
  7. Stains: If you spill coffee, juices, or various liquids on your carpet, they leave stains, and the circle of the stain is likely to widen unless you vacuum up the liquid immediately.

Now that we know the worst enemies of carpets, do you want to know why carpet care is a step that should never be overlooked?

What is the importance of carpet care?

Carpet is perhaps among the most important pieces that we use on a daily basis at home, as it is the piece on which we rest our feet after returning home after a long and hard day, and carpet care and cleaning can significantly improve the quality of indoor life, whether it is the home or the workplace, In addition to giving a better image to guests or visitors, carpet cleaning can have beneficial effects on comfort and productivity.

And if you take care of the cleanliness of your home, it is also important to clean an essential part of the decor "the carpet". Here are the other most important reasons to take care of the carpet:

  • Get rid of invisible bacteria

  • With daily use, carpets become a breeding ground for the formation of many microbes and bacteria that we do not know anything about, so regular cleaning of carpets is very important for the health of your loved ones at home, as lack of cleaning leads to respiratory problems, allergies and diseases.

  • Extend the life of the rug

  • Regular carpet care extends its lifespan, making it look new, clean and better looking. If you keep your carpets clean, this will ensure durability and use for generations, and you will avoid having to give up your favorite carpets prematurely and you will be able to maintain their quality for many years.

  • air quality

  • Air quality in the home and office is vital, and by keeping your carpets clean, you can improve the air quality in your home and office, as the air quality in the home is also positively affected by carpet cleaning.

  • Smarter scent

  • Cleaning carpets makes them smell better While bad smells make people uncomfortable in your home, good smells make guests feel better, which is an important aspect provided by regular care of the cleanliness and smell of carpets.

  • Health protection

  • The bacteria that breed in carpets not only cause short-term damage, but there is also a risk of long-term health problems. Carpets can be an excellent hiding place for allergens. Therefore, cleaning and caring for carpets is important for your health and for protecting the health of others in your home.

  • Carpet color restoration

  • In the long run, a lot of pollutants, dirt, and dust stick to carpets, and in addition to unexpected damage, these materials make the color of the carpet dull. Fortunately, by cleaning the carpet regularly, you can reduce the damage and restore its color, because professional carpet maintenance protects its fibers and restores the luster of its colors.

  • Create a warm, welcoming environment

  • Whether you take care of the carpets in your home, or in your workplace, clean carpets anywhere will go a long way in creating a welcoming atmosphere and conveying an impression of love, care, and respect to your guests or clients.

  • Protect your investment

  • Installing high-quality carpets in your home is a real investment, and it is not easy to find the right carpet, in the right size and at the right price, to adequately cover the floor of your home, and with this investment, the last thing you want is for your carpets to age because they are not washed regularly, with proper care. With regular carpeting, you will continue to enjoy your carpeting for a long time without the stress of replacing it with new carpeting.



    Things you should pay attention to before starting carpet cleaning

    We'll explain why you should take a few things into consideration when cleaning your carpets, and not take it lightly, because doing so could ruin your carpet! Here are the three things to keep in mind before you start cleaning your carpet:

    • First, discover the type of floor on which the carpet was placed for cleaning, because some of the methods or materials that you will use to clean the carpet will not be suitable for all types of floors, for example, cleaning the carpet on the wooden floor is an unfortunate step because this type of floor will not withstand moisture.
    • Secondly, beware of detergents! Especially the ones you use to clean your carpet made of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or silk, because using some cleaning products for the carpet may damage it due to chemicals.
    • Finally, the type of carpet greatly influences the cleaning methods you choose, and the materials you will use, the length and material of the fibers (fabric, wool, cotton, polyester, etc.) as well as their properties (water repellent, anti-stain, etc.) must be taken into account .

    After checking that you have taken into account all your precautions, we will now discover the most effective carpet cleaning products

    The most effective material for carpet cleaning

    The market is flooded with different carpet cleaning and care products. If you are confused about which one to choose, we invite you to discover commercial care products and tools or materials available at home, which are effective for deep cleaning carpets..

    vacuum cleaner

    The fastest way is to clean the carpet dust first with a vacuum cleaner, the normal mode of the vacuum cleaner helps to remove dust and dirt that spreads and penetrates into the carpet, and this procedure can be carried out two to three times a week, while the most suitable way for maintenance is with a vacuum cleaner, using a maximum of 800 watts of power And without the use of a brush that can damage the fibres.

    Soapy water

    Using the soapy water mixture on a clean sponge or cloth, gently rub the stain and then rinse with clear water. You can easily replace soap with dishwashing liquid as it will do the same job too.

    baking soda

    Economical and environmentally friendly baking soda can help revive faded colors, remove stubborn stains and remove stubborn odors, but be careful: to use this product, you must observe some precautions for use, be sure of the rest of the materials that you are going to combine with the baking soda (such as white vinegar, or sparkling water ) and from how often a baking soda solution can be used.

    • You can use the vacuum cleaner along with baking soda, for example in order to maintain your woolen carpets, vacuum them regularly on low power, and to sanitize the carpet and get rid of unpleasant odors, you can sprinkle it with baking soda, leave it for two hours (or all night) and then vacuum again .

    white vinegar

    Using white vinegar on your carpet will remove all the stains and give your carpet a pleasant smell and sanitize it. You can use a mixture of water and white vinegar to clean your carpet of stains. If you have stubborn stains, soak a clean cloth in white vinegar and rub the stain. Leave it for ten minutes and then rinse it. with clean water.

    black soap

    If there is a tough stain on the carpet, you can substitute white vinegar, use black soap, black soap is also a useful natural solution to remove stains, use it on a sponge and pat on the stained parts, and what you need to remember is not to apply the product directly to the stain, but use to clean The rug is a damp cloth.

    ammonia shampoo

    To make this mixture, first mix two-thirds cold water and one-third ammonia, then soak a clean cloth in the solution and rub the stains, then dab the carpet with a dry cloth and rinse with vinegar.

    Potato peels

    Potatoes are an effective home remedy to get rid of stains on carpets, put potato peels in a bowl, leave it for some time, then soak a clean sponge in the mixture, scrub the carpet, leave it for a few hours, rinse it with clean water with a cloth, and finally, dry the carpet.

    Shaving foam

    Shaving foam is also a good ally to clean your carpet, spread the foam over the entire surface of the carpet, leave it overnight, and in the morning, vacuum, or scrub with clean water.



    Top +6 Professional Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods

    It is necessary to know that carpet fibers are made in different ways, and therefore require different types of cleaning. Therefore, you need to research and study the different methods, their pros and cons, the equipment required and the solutions provided to clean your carpets effectively, and whether you are going to hire a professional carpet cleaning company or do it yourself, the Knowing how to choose the best cleaning method for your carpet is essential.

    We will explain in detail the 6+ best ways you can use to clean carpets:

  • Hot water extraction

  • This method is also known as steam carpet cleaning, or hot water extraction, and it is an ideal method for cleaning residential or commercial carpets, which do not contain large stains, because this will remove the bacteria in the carpet, and hot water extraction cleaning relies on excellent deep cleaning technology to extract particles Dust that has penetrated deeper into the carpet is one of the most popular and most used methods by professionals who use advanced steam cleaning equipment.

    On the other hand, steam cleaning requires a lot of water, so your carpet will take longer to dry than you might expect, and for sure, your carpet may be damaged due to excessive use of water, and sometimes it may be irreparable so you have to be careful, and with this process, it takes a long time to clean a carpet Medium size is 2-3 hours, and the drying time is about 4-5 hours, which means that carpet care using this method takes 8 hours in total, which is normal.

    Steam cleaning is a very useful method as long as you do it correctly without exaggerating it, and to get the desired result it is necessary to use a steamer with high temperatures and strong suction, and this method is done with the following steps:

    • b For this method of steam cleaning, a mixture of very hot water (about 250°C) is used with natural cleaning agents, and is pumped across your carpet under high pressure. High pressure is essential as it loosens and draws out dirt, dust and stains in the fibers of the carpet.
    • This process involves spraying the soap solution onto the surface of the carpet and the brush starts spinning. Next, the hot water or steam extraction machine turns on the two tanks, the solution tank and the recovery tank. The solution tank holds the clean water, while the recovery tank holds the dirty water that has been pumped out.
    • Jets of hot, high-pressure water are injected directly into the fibers of the carpet, followed by high-speed brushing action that loosens deep dirt particles, then the built-in high-powered vacuum system sucks dirt and water from the carpet and removes bacteria, odours, mites and dust.

    These steam cleaning machines rinse carpets, so they will have to be left to dry at room temperature or with air conditioning for a while.

  • Dry powder cleaning

  • Dry powder cleaning, or combination cleaning, is the fastest, most modern, and well-known method of cleaning carpets. It is not only the most popular, but also increasingly popular with carpet owners. Since this dry powder cleaning method requires no drying time, it is ideal for everyday cleaning. It is also suitable for commercial carpets (eg in hotels) that do not need deep cleaning.

    For this method, a heated system is used; First of all, you will have to prepare a mixture consisting of a soft, natural cleaning product, detergent, and a bit of water with a harmless solvent, or you can simply get a special cleaning powder.

    For a complete cleaning, some professionals use synthetic powders or a natural compound made from dried and ground corn cobs. Different detergents (such as an oxygenated cleaner) can be added. Your carpet will be damp for a little longer, but the oxygenated bubbles attract lurking dirt from deep inside the carpet.

    Then, you can spread the mixture on the underside of your carpet using a motorized, reverse-spinning brush attached to the machine. These brushes are cylindrical with groups of nylon bristles, and their hardness varies depending on the type of your carpet. To move the powder, the brush makes circular motions, and thanks to these movements, the fibers of the carpet will be Clean in all aspects.

    After letting it rest for a good amount of time (about 15 minutes except in damp places), you can vacuum these holes, and your carpet will be nice and clean. For better results, try to keep the air dry in your home or office with a ceiling fan.

  • Shampooing

  • If your carpet has several stains or very difficult dirt, shampoo is the right way. However, to get the best results, it is necessary to choose the appropriate shampoo, by reading the label carefully to ensure that it is free of chemicals that may cause damage to the carpet fibers. You can choose from There are three types of carpet shampoo:

    • Dry carpet shampoo : It is the type that contains powder and is used with a regular vacuum cleaner. As for the way to use it, it is before starting the vacuum cleaner, where we spray dry shampoo on the carpet, and rub it with a brush to activate the molecules that lift dirt and odors, then we start using the vacuum cleaner, and it can This type of shampoo has the same effectiveness as traditional liquid shampoo, in eliminating unpleasant odors and cleaning difficult organic stains.
    • Conventional Liquid Shampoo : This shampoo is well suited when used with a cleaning machine. This machine uses a mixture of hot water or steam with liquid detergent while suctioning dirt and grime. When properly diluted, these products are usually low-foaming formulations that are effective at cleaning. Deep for carpets and even rugs.
    • CRI Carpet Institute Shampoo : Designed by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) test program that defines superior carpet cleaning machines and solutions, CRI shampoos are tested for soil removal effectiveness, softening, moisture residual, surface discoloration, color fastness, pH level, and optical brighteners. .
  • Packaging cleaning

  • There is another method of dry cleaning that has surpassed the shampoo method, which is the packaging method, which is preferred by professionals, just like dry cleaning, as it is convenient and saves you time. In addition, foam packaging is an excellent option for those who want to use environmentally friendly products, as they cause This cleaning process has less chemical residue compared to the shampooing technique.

    Another important advantage of this method is that the carpet can be used soon after cleaning thanks to the use of the low water content system, the floor will then be free of chemical residues, the drying time is certainly shorter than the shampooed carpet and this technology uses less water Also, it is a cost-effective technology.

    Before you start washing your rug, you must first vacuum it, then use a pressure sprayer to spray a double-strength backing material, and leave the material for up to 15 minutes, when the dirt-absorbing foam dries, and the dirt turns into a powder we vacuum, the continuous cleaning will do Vacuum by picking up the enveloping debris.

    This method cleans your carpet well and removes the dirt in it, but it is an ineffective method for cleaning heavily soiled carpets. Therefore, if the carpet you want to clean is very dirty, the best method can be the shampoo method.

  • Low moisture cleaning method

  • The reason this cleaning method is not at the top of the list is that it is not the most effective, low-moisture process that treats the surface of the carpet, (about 1/8 of the depth of the carpet fiber), but there is still good reason to use it, because it is an excellent choice as a quick cleaning method that gives a new shine. For carpets, the carpet also dries quickly in 30 minutes, and this drying speed is ideal.

    This cleaning method involves pre-spraying the carpet with a special solution before the cleaning process begins. Using high-moisture machines, cleaning products are mixed with carbonated water and this self-neutralizing cleaner is sprayed onto the carpet. Professionals use absorbent pads that rotate at full speed to agitate the fibers of the carpet so that the pads absorb dirt from the surface. carpet.

    This method has a lot of negative aspects, as the pressure exerted by the rotating belt of the machine will not be able to expel the debris accumulated under the surface of the belt, and the residue will appear on the surface and the carpet gets dirty again, therefore, this cleaning method is highly recommended for relatively thin carpets, because this method They will not necessarily fit on other types of carpet, as they may damage the pile of the carpet and push dust deeper into the carpet rather than removing it.

    The main main benefits of this cleaning method is that it is usually cheaper than carpet steam cleaning or other types of carpet cleaning, and the process is usually quicker to clean and dry afterwards. If you decide to use this cleaning method, we recommend applying an antimicrobial to your carpet at the end of the process. It will ensure complete disinfection.


  • Foam dry cleaning method

  • Dry foam cleaning combines the dry cleaning method with the shampoo method and is very effective and highly recommended for hard carpets thanks to the foam and type of suction used. As with dry cleaning, we will apply foam and a little water to the carpet, and this foam will stick to the damaged fibers.

    As with the shampoo method, this technique relies on a very vigorous brush movement, usually with a roller brush against rotation, however, it is different because the solution that is whipped to create a foam is applied to the carpet as is, not in a liquid state, and then the foam is removed With all its charm, your rug will be like new.

    + The traditional way to clean mites

    This method does not require the use of water, it adapts to almost all cases and is very similar to the dry cleaning method, the only difference is the product used, you will need to use baking soda that you will spread on your carpet and that will penetrate deeply with the help of a soft bristled brush, after that All you have to do is wait for the soda to work, and immediately clean it with a vacuum cleaner. This method is used to neutralize the mites that live in your carpet as well as to get rid of any unpleasant odors. It is recommended that you use this method once or twice a month.

    Types of daily care at home

    Methods for cleaning or daily care of carpets differ according to stains or dirt, and according to cleaning materials, or according to the material from which the carpet is made. Below we will discover the most important types of carpet cleaning..

    Spot clean

    The stains and dirt that carpets are exposed to vary on a daily basis, so different methods and materials are used to clean each spot. Below are the ways to clean carpets according to the stains..


    (coffee, tea, juices, etc.), do not use hot water if the stain is fresh, at first, and before the spilled liquids spread to the carpet, it is necessary to use a spoon to lift the liquids from the carpet before it spreads and put what you pick up in a container, after that, using paper Absorbent pat it to prevent spreading, avoid rubbing the stain, then soak a sponge in white vinegar and spot clean, leave for fifteen minutes and then work a mixture of water and washing-up liquid into a lather, rub the mixture with the carpet and then rinse with clean water using a sponge.


    Use a knife to remove tough grease, then sprinkle the stain with flour and let it sit for a while to absorb the grease, or rub the stain on your carpet with a cloth soaked in white vinegar and leave for 15 minutes, then brush with a mixture of warm water and washing-up liquid whipped into a lather, then finish with a clear water rinse And wipe the carpet with a clean cloth, then let it dry.


    In this case, intervene immediately, if possible, to avoid spreading it and adhering to the unpleasant smell, and suction with a sponge first as much as possible, then use pure white vinegar or shampoo to clean the place, then warm water and dry it.


    The paint is cleaned with turpentine and an absorbent powder, first remove as much of the paint as possible, then use pure turpentine and then the absorbent powder, then let the stain dry and vacuum.


    Use a small amount of ammonia (1 tablespoon per liter of water), let it dry, then scrub it with a brush, then scrub it with fresh water.

    Leftover candles

    Wait for the stain to dry and then press it to break it up, add some rubbing alcohol solution, then brush and vacuum.


    Clean the ink with soap and water, first soaking up the ink with an absorbent rag, then applying the mixture, being careful not to get moisture on the back of the carpet, then blot the stain.

    the blood

    Using pure white vinegar (test first), if the blood is fresh, suck it up and then use vinegar to clean, if the blood is dry, break it up and then brush it with shampoo and warm water.


    Cleaning according to the material

    The material from which the carpet is made plays an important role in choosing the method of care and cleaning materials. The following are the most important ways to care for the carpet according to the material of manufacture..

    Wool carpet cleaning

    In order not to lose the elasticity of wool fibers, you should not try to clean woolen carpets with soapy solutions, and this applies to all animal fibers. Harsh, high-alkaline solutions damage the structure of carpet wool and change its color. As for acidic cleaners, it is recommended to read the manufacturer's instructions, if they contain Alkaline ingredients, and if in doubt, do not use this cleaner on a natural fiber carpet, because delicate natural fibers do not like rough mechanical cleaning, and if necessary, a soft brush is recommended.

    Be sure to clean the carpet in the direction of the hair, but if the stains are superficial, it is often sufficient to carefully pour baking soda over the stain, make sure that you do not over-wet your wool carpet, and then dry it quickly.

    Cleaning a cotton, jute, or sisal rug

    In general, we can say that carpets made of plant fibers can be properly treated with alkaline solutions, for this you can use basic soap, or cleaning solution, and for dyed fibers, you should test using alkaline products in an inconspicuous area to avoid fading.

    Silk carpet cleaning

    These materials are very delicate and we recommend spot cleaning by an expert but, if you wish to do it yourself and remove surface dirt from silk rugs by hand, you should avoid using a vacuum cleaner, instead use a natural bristle hand brush, and you should clean the rug in Pile direction, because the rug's natural luster is only apparent if all the silk fibers are evenly aligned in the direction of the hair.

    Synthetic carpet cleaning

    Synthetic fibers include polyacrylic, polyester, and polypropylene. These materials are especially popular for carpets, because they are durable, require little maintenance, are hard-wearing, dirt-resistant, and have a water-repellent structure. However, when cleaning carpets made of synthetic fibers, you should not use too much. of water to avoid excessive moisture, and these carpets are not friendly to heat, which means that exposure to large amounts of sunlight may cause them to be damaged.

    It is also important to know that carpets made of synthetic fibers are not machine washable, as the latex layer can melt and the carpet can suffer long-term damage.


    How often should you clean carpets?

    To maintain the beauty of your carpet for many years, it is essential that you perform regular maintenance:

    Regular maintenance

    It is the common and regular cleaning which is harmless but very useful in keeping your carpet clean include regular vacuuming of the carpet so that the dust does not get too embedded into the carpet, remember to vacuum without a brush, only to rinse off the dust, and avoid scrubbing or using a rough tool This may damage your carpet. The carpet may need regular maintenance either every day or once a week.

    Annual maintenance

    Beware of direct sunlight and moonlight, which may cause fading of the carpet colors, so make sure to change the direction of the carpet from time to time so that the carpet is not fully exposed to the rays, and thus you will maintain the consistency of the color.

    Exceptional maintenance

    It is in which you have your carpet cleaned well by a professional in this field, and this may be once a year, or depending on how much the carpet needs professional maintenance, for example if the carpet is placed in a room with frequent foot traffic, it will definitely need frequent maintenance to maintain its cleanliness and quality.

    immediate maintenance

    It is the one in which the carpet needs immediate intervention, absorbing the liquid that was spilled immediately on the carpet, and if necessary, use a damp sponge with a little soap on the stain.


    Simple steps to keep your rug looking good

    • Pay attention to the materials your rug is made of, because depending on the material, different products must be used, so, when you buy a new rug, always remember to look at the label that will tell you how to clean and care for it.
    • Regular cleaning is essential, dusting and mites are recommended regularly but do not strike your rug with a sharp or hard object as you risk breaking the fabric.
    • Be sure to change the place or direction of the carpet regularly, not only to protect it from permanent exposure to light, but also from the effects of the legs of chairs or tables and other heavy furniture.
    • To revive the colors of your rug, you can dampen (not soak) it with sparkling water, let it dry and then slowly clean it.
    • If a thread sticks out from the carpet, do not pull it so that other threads do not creep in, but rather cut it with scissors and treat the place.
    • Ends, edges, and ends are subject to constant stress; Keep an eye on it and get a restorer right away, the longer you wait, the more expensive the repair will be.
    • Add a layer of reinforced protection, if your carpet is very fragile or very old but you cherish it, you can ask the carpet restorer to double the bottom layer, to be more resistant.
    • Protect your carpet from moisture. Whenever it feels damp, make sure to clean and dry it so that it does not become moldy and damaged.
    • Before using any material, test the material first on a small side patch or under the carpet to see the effect of the product on the fibers of your carpet.
    • Use a protective product to protect your precious carpet from wear and stains, as you will allow your carpet to live longer.
    • To deodorize your carpet, prepare two cups of baking soda, bay leaves, and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Pour the mixture onto the carpet, let it sit for two hours, and then vacuum it up.

    How to dry the carpet quickly?

    • The best way to dry the carpet is the natural way. After washing the carpet, you can move it outside to dry in the sun, and be sure to flip the carpet on both sides to ensure that it dries quickly.
    • If the weather is rainy or cloudy, or you don't want to risk exposing the carpet to sunlight, you can create good ventilation in the room with windows, open the windows and let the fresh air dry the carpet, which is also a great way to avoid the musty and damp smells that some carpets emit in a room closed.
    • Ceiling fans can also be useful in drying carpets. If the carpet is directly under a fan, the fan can work very efficiently in drying it.
    • An air conditioning unit can be used to dry carpets, and is not as efficient as a fan because it does not circulate the air as much, so it may not provide adequate ventilation but, on rainy days when the weather outside is a bit damp, the air conditioning can be useful.
    • Heating the carpet and drying it, by using a fan or carpet heater to dry the carpet, as warm air contains more moisture than cold air and is therefore more effective in drawing water from the carpet.

    The best tips for storing the rug in the proper way

    It happens that at some point, we have to store the carpet for many reasons such as moving from home, traveling, or changing seasons, here are some practical tips for storing the carpet in the proper way:

    • Determining the ideal place to store carpets is a very important step, as handmade carpets made of natural materials such as wool, for example, require certain storage conditions due to their fragility, and with this in mind, it will be necessary to find a dry place to prevent the carpets from getting wet, and thus it is also easier to reduce The risk of mold that may be attached to carpets, so it is recommended to use basements.
    • It is essential to ensure that the rug is completely dry before packing and storing it in the warehouse, and it is also recommended to avoid storing the rug on the floor but rather on it.
    • The carpet needs a safe storage place from parasites, harmful insects, and even small rodents that will not hesitate to bite the fibers of the carpet. It is also not recommended to choose the attic to store the carpet, unless it is properly furnished.
    • For optimal preservation it is necessary to use suitable storage products, among the latter it is possible to choose a furniture storage unit, or a dedicated box, in fact, these accessories are specially designed and equipped to properly conceal and store all kinds of things in the house, and carpets are one of them .
    • One of the most important rules for effective storage is to wrap the rug properly around a roll of cardboard, and check that the decorative part is inside to avoid damaging the rug. By doing this, the rug will be better protected from sunlight that may enter the place.
    • Insects and rodents are also likely to attack carpets, especially carpets made of natural materials. In order to prevent these creatures from destroying the carpet, it is recommended to use mothballs in the carpet.
    • It is necessary to check the condition of the carpet every month (to ensure that it is in good order to avoid possible deformations), and it may be necessary to loosen and dust it with a vacuum cleaner.



    Cleaning and caring for carpets is a worthwhile experience. Of course, there are many cleaning methods, and they all aim to be effective, but the most important thing is to choose the right method to get a perfect result..

    Before cleaning the rug, take a good look at the thickness and material of the rug, if it has big stains or not, if it is very dirty or not, if you want to deep clean it, dry clean it, etc.

    These factors will help you choose the right cleaning method for your carpet, the right materials, as well as the machines and steps. There is no doubt that the professionals in cleaning services have the skills and can do the job for you. But, if you have a unique piece and you want to take care of it yourself, consider all the ideas, tips and tricks. mentioned above, so that cleaning and care pays off!


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