Rugs Collections

On this page, you will find all collections of rugs to facilitate the search process, from modern, classic, sadu, and Bohemian rugs. Rectangle, round, and long area rugs. More than 15 colors of rugs are available. Turkish, Belgian, Egyptian rugs and more.

Colors Collection


Red Rugs

The red rugs collection, in which we collected all the red rugs from WEFT, all you have to do is browse your favorite color that matches your home furniture and you will find many models, styles, and spaces.

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Grey & Silver Rugs

Grey & silver rug collection In which we have collected all the Grey & Silver rugs from WEFT, all you have to do is browse your favorite color that matches your home furnishings and you will find many models, styles and spaces.

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Styles Collection


Classic Rugs

The collection of classic rugs from WEFT, is the jewel of WEFT's choices for the classic model of rugs. This group gives your home the traditional character with the luxury of history and the spirit of the era.

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Modern Rugs

The collection of modern rugs from WEFT, is a summary of WEFT's choices for modern rugs that give your home a new spirit of modernity, this group of carefully selected rugs will harmonize with the modern furniture that you will have.

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Shape & Size Collection


Rectangle Rugs

Rectangle rugs for halls, living rooms, and bedrooms, whether you choose classic, modern, sadu, or even bohemian, this rug will fit your space, all you have to do is order your product and it will be delivered to you with free and fast shipping.

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Round Rugs

Round rugs to match the luxury of the place, WEFT has carefully chosen these models of round rugs to suit the nature of the wide spaces as well as the corners of the house. You can also use round rugs in work corners.

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Country of Origin Collection


National Rug

At WEFT, we are proud that we offer the best Saudi rugs manufactured in our factory "Al-Hayat" with a 100% Saudi design and manufacture. We choose the finest types of imported rugs, and we ourselves design and manufacture rugs in all their models, patterns and colors.

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More Options

Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs imported from the most famous professionally designed Turkish rug factories, in this group you will find the most luxurious materials and manufactured specifically for WEFT customers.

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Egyptian Rugs

A group of Egyptian rugs that simulate the ancient heritage of Egypt and weavers who weave silently to paint their dazzling paintings in the form of authentic rugs. We select rugs from Egypt at competitive prices that suit your homes.

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Belgian Rugs

Are you fascinated by classic antique red pieces or those with the feel of authentic hand-woven rugs? Collection of high-quality Belgian rugs is presented by WEFT for those looking for traditional and authentic beauty.

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