Country of Origin Rugs

In this collection, we have provided all rugs in terms of origin, to make it easier for you to find the right rug for you. We offer Saudi, Turkish, Belgian, Bulgarian, Egyptian, and Chinese rugs.


National Rugs

We are proud that we offer the best Saudi rugs manufactured in our factory "Al-Hayat" with a 100% Saudi design and manufacture. We choose the finest types of imported rugs, and we ourselves design and manufacture rugs in all their models, patterns and colors.

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Turkish Rugs-

Turkish rugs imported from the most famous professionally designed Turkish rug factories, in this collection you will find the most luxurious materials and manufactured specifically for WEFT customers.

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Egyptian Rugs

A group of Egyptian rugs that simulate the ancient heritage of Egypt and weavers who weave silently to paint their dazzling paintings in the form of authentic rugs. We select rugs from Egypt at competitive prices that suit your homes.

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Belgian Rugs

Are you fascinated by classic antique red pieces or those with the feel of authentic hand-woven rugs? Collection of high-quality Belgian rugs is presented by WEFT for those looking for traditional and authentic beauty.

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Bulgarian Rugs

Bulgarian rugs is the pinnacle of WEFT's selection of classic, modern, sadu, and bohemian rugs as well. WEFT makes sure that this group is not just a Bulgarian rug, but a real masterpiece that decorates your homes.

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Indian Rugs

Selected high quality Indian rugs collection by WEFT for those who are looking for authentic handcrafted and traditional rugs with aesthetic touches of a special kind.

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Chinese Rugs

The collection of Chinese rugs from WEFT includes many models and colors that suit multiple locations of your homes. The collection is characterized by a variety of choices of Chinese rugs, whose quality matches its competitive price.

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