Types of carpets: in terms of material, design pattern and shape

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It is known that carpets are floor coverings or hanging on the wall from an upper layer of pile attached to a support and then from synthetic fibers that entered its formation in the twentieth century because they are less expensive than wool in addition to that they were heat treated to preserve the external structure, their types vary from In terms of size, material, color, weaving method, shape, and more, learn in the following lines about all types of carpets and their most common shapes

What are the best types of carpets?

Over the years, interior design styles have evolved and along with carpet types to keep pace with new design styles. When talking about the types of carpets, we will focus on the design methods and the new schools that appeared to carry with them new arts in patterns, symbols and shapes. Below is a quick overview of each school.

1. Classic carpets

It is the most ancient school, and it includes oriental carpets, including Persian carpets, Turkish carpets, and Arab carpets. The classic carpet relies on traditional shapes in its design, with intricate details, flowers, and a striking frame, in addition to rich, dark colors.

2. Modern carpets

This type of carpet is characterized by large geometric and abstract shapes and bright colors. It is also characterized by bold contrasts and color gradations, as in the picture above. Modern carpets are the ideal type for modern, simple, casual homes, and help improve the look of any room and add a touch of elegance to old furniture. They are available in an endless number of shapes that suit different places and tastes.

3. Bohemian rugs

The Bohemian school is a school that appeared in the nineteenth century, and was very interested in how to use old, cheap pieces of furniture in a sophisticated and elegant style. Bohemian carpets rely on neutral colors while mixing them with warm colors such as orange and yellow, and do not depend on only one style in design, but rather appreciate ornaments, geometric shapes, classic graphics and flowers at the same time. It blends easily with rare, brightly colored or natural material furniture.

Types of carpets in terms of material

In terms of beauty, the decoration and color of the carpet add to the place, highlighting the luxury and aesthetics of the furnishings, especially with the diversity of its shapes, colors and patterns that are in line with all tastes and styles. The result of this is that it has become an essential piece in any place, whether a home, office, shop or hotel in the indoor and outdoor spaces, as it is spread in large numbers, with varying prices and different quality. The carpet helps protect the floor and provides a comfortable place to sit on the floor, for example when playing. With children or it can be used as a prayer mat.

1. Plush carpets

It is a carpet with a very short pile with a soft, padded texture, known as velvet carpet, and it is the most widely circulated and suits all tastes, including Turkish and Saudi. The two types vary in density. It can be washed manually.

2. Polypropylene carpet (Frize)

A common fabric in machine-made rugs that is similar to wool in terms of strength, durability, and soft feel. Hardwearing takes colors well. Similar to wool. The fabric is stain and scratch resistant. It can be easily washed.

3. Wool carpets

It gives the place warmth, despite the different types of wool material, but they all agree on the remarkable appearance, the high ability to absorb moisture, and its natural resistance to stains and liquid materials.

4. Polyester carpets

Wool and viscose blend Resistant to abrasion and mildew Dries quickly Easy to clean Easily washable Soft to the touch Hypoallergenic, but one of its most common drawbacks is its ability to break Low shrinkage resistance compared to other materials

5. Acrylic rugs

The acrylic yarn is soft, it is softer than the wool material, it is luxuriously wrinkle resistant, and gives the carpet an amazing look. Good stain resistance. in its class.

What are the types of carpets?

Carpet shapes vary, some of which are common and some are less widespread, each with its own splendor, the most prominent of these forms:

1. Rectangular carpet

It is the most abundant shape of all, as it fits with the common rectangular shape of the rooms. It comes in many sizes, from very small to very large, including many types such as rugs, area rugs, and stair rugs.

2. Circular carpets

It is one of the widespread forms of carpets, characterized by the vitality and spaciousness that the circular shape gives to the place. The circular carpet fits well with circular furniture such as tables, as well as with the corners of spacious rooms. It can be added to rectangular and square furniture to strike a nice balance.

3. Square carpet

It is the least abundant type due to the lack of demand for it, but it has the same characteristics as rectangular carpets in terms of how to coordinate and the ease of placing it in any type of room.

4. Oval carpets

It looks great under small tables and sofas, and its dimensions are calculated based on the largest part in length and the largest part in width.

Dear, we collected for you the most important information about carpets to help you when making a purchase decision. It is not just a floor covering, but rather an important decorative piece, especially if you choose the appropriate material that suits the general character of the house to add comfort and warmth to the room. Perhaps you are now able to determine your desire in the wide world of carpets. From Weft store for all kinds of carpets.


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