Ideas to welcome the Hijri year with Islamic carpets


Ideas to welcome the Hijri year with Islamic carpets

The advent of the Hijri New Year comes to us as Muslims with a lot of reverence, beauty and prestige. Because it is linked to a great event from the life of our noble Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - and this is one of the most important and beautiful occasions and seasons celebrated and celebrated by many institutions, schools and even Muslim homes.

And as we always say, there is no celebration, occasion, or meeting in our Arab/Muslim homes that can pass and we prepare the places for it without thinking about suitable carpets for that occasion. .

On this occasion, we will talk about a distinctive type of carpet that has very special features and shapes that are not repeated in other carpets that bear other names and nature. We will talk about Islamic carpets and how they are appropriate for this honorable occasion, and we will put forward ideas and suggestions that will help you use them in the most appropriate way, place and situation.

 What do we mean by Islamic carpets:

There is no doubt that everyone knows that the Islamic carpet is that type of carpet that bears motifs, shapes and artistic designs based on the elements of Islamic decoration, whether plant and animal or geometric and written, in addition to human inscriptions and decorations, and may be limited to carefully designed geometric shapes similar to Islamic architecture. Which contains some Islamic stars eight angles.

In addition to this category, which bears drawings of domes and minarets, or the gates of mosques, and many of these carpets may bear drawings of famous mosques - the old ones in particular - or of the Holy Kaaba and the Grand Mosque in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and the Noble Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, and other landmarks of Hajj, Umrah, prayer, and even different acts of worship.

We can also count among them carpets on which Quranic verses are inscribed, or a group of the most beautiful names of God, or even the name of God - may He be glorified and exalted - with some verses that express monotheism, or the name of the Prophet - Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace - and often these inscriptions and verses are limited to Carpets made to beautify the walls, and used as decoration, give the place a luxurious and exquisite beauty.

The Islamic carpet industry is one of the most important Islamic arts that show the aesthetics of Islamic art, and it is an industry that roamed all countries of the Islamic world, and made Muslims very proud of that great industry that won the admiration of caliphs, rulers, and the general public, as it was indicative of luxury and prestige, but unfortunately he did not have Its acquisition only the rich.

Islamic carpets are made in various inscriptions and colors in specific places such as the Levant, Turkey, Iran, India, Egypt, the Caucasus, Armenia, Morocco and Andalusia, and this industry was based on men with a new innovative job called the one who works in it (the owner of the model).

These rugs are characterized by their colors that vary between: dark red, light, bright green, blue, earthy brown and shades of tree green, black that shows the details and the gold that suggests luxury dominates most of the designs, and the dazzle is shared by the shiny silver color.

As for the materials from which Islamic carpets are made, they are a mixture of luxurious wools, natural silk, soft cottons, books, sheep’s hair, and camel hair. Carpets with exquisite Islamic inscriptions and motifs have been preserved in international museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


How does the Islamic carpet serve to revive the reception of the new Hijri year?

Many event houses, as well as mosques and Islamic institutions, as well as schools, public libraries, Islamic complexes, and even some popular neighborhoods and various markets, hold special rituals and celebrations for the advent of the new Hijri year; Because it bears the memory of the migration of the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - with all its details, stories, valuable lessons, and the lives of the honorable Companions and their honorable stances in it.

The Hijri year also brings seasons and events that bring together the hearts of Muslims and make them feel connected and in solidarity, and from here you will find them often celebrating its advent, by holding seminars and simple celebrations in which there are chants and conversations about immigration, lessons and lessons about it, or various and various competitions.

We used to decorate places to suit the occasion, with appropriate paintings and murals, and because carpets always complement the scene in our homes and even in our institutions and mosques, it is beautiful and distinctive for Islamic carpets to participate in the revival of an occasion such as the occasion of welcoming the new Hijri year, even if by simply renewing the carpets, brushing them, or placing them on the walls and in the entrances or Use some of the light materials as decorative adornments for tables, chairs and ceilings.


Ideas to help you decorate the occasions of the Islamic New Year with Islamic carpets

Merging the beautiful Islamic carpets in homes with modern carpets is like combining originality and nobility with modernity and modernity. However, Islamic carpets have a prestige that is not at all similar to the prestige of modern carpets.

Some people who appreciate the Islamic carpets and the ancient art or the value they represent still insist on furnishing their homes with the types and colors of Islamic carpets that are suitable for all shapes and types of furniture.

But here we will give you some ideas that will help you and be a guide in decorating the occasions of mosques, schools and homes in the New Hijri Year:

First: Decorating mosques with Islamic carpets

All modest and medium mosques, even the luxurious, famous, large and ancient ones, use Islamic carpets for floor coverings. In order to suit the prayer above it and to suit the line-up of the worshipers, and the use of the seclusion and the refugees to the houses of God Almighty, but most mosques hold ceremonies to welcome the Hijri year and commemorate the Prophet’s migration.

These occasions are suitable for Islamic carpets that are decorated with various Islamic motifs. In order to change the system of mosques a little to befit the occasion, those in charge can change the floor covering or add a new one over it temporarily, or make a platform decorated with Islamic carpets to hold events commemorating the Prophet’s migration over it, or decorate the pulpit with new Islamic carpets in order to complete the painting when the imam and preachers talk about this memory Venerable.


Second: Decorating schools with Islamic carpets

In schools, the journey of education, instilling values, and loving students with what is useful and valuable begins, and there is nothing more beautiful than practical means and field experiences in achieving this.

When one of the Islamic occasions approaches, and if we talk specifically about the advent of the new Hijri year, we recommend teachers or teachers in a school to ask the school to provide Islamic carpets, whether through students’ participation so that they feel that they have contributed to preparing the place, or through other means, then opening the school chapel Or the library hall to be equipped with Islamic carpets to revive the occasion, for example by hosting a preacher to talk to students and teachers about the details of the event with Islamic chants and reading clear verses from the Holy Quran.

Before that, we suggest providing the school corridors and the main rooms of the administration building with appropriate pieces of carpet, whether they are rectangular for the times, or circular for the meeting rooms, or square for the waiting rooms and visitors, in order to suggest the prestige of the occasion, and the constant readiness of the school.


Third: Decorating libraries with Islamic carpets:

The library is the second most important place that we should take care of, and it is located in our homes, schools, and different neighborhoods. And to prepare it to be a suitable place for educating and educating people about their religious and worldly matters, and to activate its role and increase its activities on various occasions that still revive in our souls the honor of our noble religion, and deepen our pride in it.

In the advent of the new Hijri year, it is possible to agree with the place’s management to provide the library with pieces of Islamic carpet suitable for the space and budget, as it is generally the most suitable and suitable for the atmosphere of reading, culture and office activities.

Perhaps, unless it is a children's library, then Islamic motifs can be combined with childish paintings, or Islamic motifs can be chosen from plants and animals that delight the child, so that we achieve psychological peace for him appropriate for his age group, and at the same time we begin to instill value in him from an early age.


Fourth: Decorating event and conference halls with Islamic carpets

In welcoming the new Hijri year, officials, interested persons, and directors of cultural events have always held celebrations, seminars, and even conferences in which some experts and scholars explain the noble event of the Prophet’s migration, and discuss the lessons learned from it.

Rectangular carpets for the corridors leading to the halls are suitable for these occasions, and large square carpets for the platforms on which scholars and speakers sit, and perhaps if they contain stairs and stairs, you will need to add decorative rectangular carpets as well, because this will be the visible part in the halls, and we do not forget the platform stairs and the speakers’ pulpit.

It is also proposed to add pieces of decorative carpets embossed with expressive drawings and immigration events made especially for the occasion of the advent of the New Year, to be placed as backgrounds for the platform and hung on the walls as a suitable decoration, and to add pieces of light carpets similar to mattresses on the backs of the front chairs, as well as on the speakers’ table.


Fifth: Decorating institutions and companies with Islamic carpets

Many private, civil, and even governmental institutions must care about their appearance, in order to look their best in front of their clients, visitors, and beneficiaries. All companies and institutions depend on customer service to develop their capital, and it is in their interest to participate in their events.

On a solemn occasion such as the advent of the new Hijri year, it would be nice if companies, institutions, medical clinics, banks, consulting offices... and other establishments that provide services to clients would be provided with appropriate carpets bearing appropriate Islamic inscriptions and decorations, and in decent colors. place and audience.

In addition, we put perfumed, clean, and ready prayer rugs for prayer, and institutions and establishments can present prayer rugs and decorative rugs at reasonable prices, as gifts on this occasion to employees first, and to distinguished customers secondly, with a Qur’an, “calendar” or calendar for the coming Hijri year with a narration Brief summary of important Islamic events.

These gifts can also be adopted among relatives as well. A scented carpet with Islamic inscriptions and decorations accompanied by a calendar or books on the occasion will be a beautiful and new gesture. Likewise, Islamic carpets are suitable as nice gifts for families after returning from a tourist or business trip in one of the countries that produce Islamic carpets in particular.



Many people like to have a special imprint, so they buy carpets that indicate places and countries they visited, or that carry ideas that they adopt or gift to people who mean a lot to them, so they bring carpets as a souvenir that reminds them of their travels, connections, and companions.

In general, we have become accustomed in our Arab world to be optimistic about beginnings and change for the better, and we expect goodness with the advent of good days, memories of Islamic conquests and inspiring Islamic occasions. In it or we need it to hold our events and rituals.

As we have seen and read above, carpets completely change the features of the place and give it a special luster and a new style that is not similar to the old one, but rather efficiently expresses what we want to express, and connects the elements of decoration, beauty and furniture in the place to each other as if it was designed as a complete and integrated set.

Hence, we have chosen to share with you our ideas and proposals regarding the possible changes and renewal to hold events and activities that coincide with this occasion.



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