Your guide to understanding the detailed differences between a rug and a carpet

استكشفي أهم انواع البساط الأرضي وما يميزه عن السجاد

The term carpet and the term rug are often used synonymously, but they are different in many aspects, and in this article we will review the most important differences between the terms carpet and rug..

The main difference

The main difference between rugs and carpets is that the rug is an artistic way to cover a specific area of ​​the floor, to add to the space, while carpets are called furnishings that completely cover the floors and walls. That is, the rug is smaller in size than the carpet.

Rug and carpet

The term rug refers to a smaller piece measuring about 1.2 m by 1.8 m or less, while the term rug means a larger piece and the word rug comes from the Scandinavian language; It was used to refer to small objects or materials, while the term rug comes from the Latin language and means "rough cloth" or "table cloth".

The rug can be moved and placed simply from one place to another and from one room to another, unlike large carpets to some extent, as moving and carrying carpets requires effort unlike the rug, and the rug is used in a variety of uses, in addition to covering part of the floors, it is an ideal choice for covering the family and sofas, while carpets are used as a second or additional floor covering.

Comparison table

rug carpet
Rug is used to cover a limited part of the floor. Rug is used to cover a wider part of the floor.
the size
The rug is smaller. Carpets are larger than rugs.
The rug is simple and easy to install. In the case of carpets, you may need assistance with installation.
floor vision
With the rug more floor space can be seen. With carpets less floor space can be seen.
The rug is found even in the finest material which gives it an elegant look. Carpets are often denser or thicker in size.
The rug is very comfortable and more expensive. Carpets are usually stiffer and somewhat cheaper or low cost.
Easier to clean and wash the rug. You need specialists to clean it professionally.

What is a rug?

The rug is designed to cover a specific part of the floor (tiles, cement, or wooden floors), such as the living room, dining room, or kitchen floors, so the rug has turned into an essential part of interior design concepts, and most interior designers use the manual rug, or the automated rug to improve A home look, the rug is so versatile, it comes in a variety of patterns, shapes, designs, and textures.

The advantages of rugs

  • It can be easily washed and dried when it gets dirty.
  • They help add effect to the space.
  • It helps in changing the color style and design of the room easily.
  • A properly placed rug can help tie together contrasting furniture.
  • The rug is an ideal choice for those with dust sensitivities, as rugs are easier to clean (a polypropylene rug is the best option).

Numismatic defects

  • Rugs are a strong cause of slipping or tripping in people, especially young and old.
  • The rug does not help to design a similar look.
  • The rug is not suitable for people who like to walk barefoot because it is often very thin.

What is a carpet?

The carpet function is based on covering the entire floor, or from wall to wall. Carpets are made of different materials such as wool, cotton, jute, and hemp, and come in a variety or different designs and textures, and carpets are usually denser or thicker.

Carpet advantages

  • Carpets are slip-resistant, and give floors protection and softness, which makes them a good choice, especially in older homes.
  • Rugs help unify the color scheme and home design, and can be especially useful in homes with lots of small rooms.
  • By using rugs in wall-to-wall floors the floorboards can be kept fully protected.

Carpet defects

  • Carpets cause a large part of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Carpets are difficult to clean and can be expensive.
  • The use of carpets is not suitable for people who have allergies, as dirt and dust collect in the fibers, which causes allergic reactions.

The main differences

  • A rug is a covering for a specific part of the floor, while a carpet is a covering for the entire floor mostly.
  • The rug can be easily moved from one place to another, which is not usually possible for a rug.
  • Rugs are thin and can be expensive, while carpets are harder and cheaper compared to rugs.
  • Rug cleaning is easy but carpet cleaning takes a lot of effort.
  • The rug does not tolerate dirt or stain repellents, and one-time stains or marks on the rug are difficult to remove; However, carpets can handle stain-resistant materials, so they stain less.

A rug or rug is made of synthetic materials, and they are often used together to design or improve the appearance of offices and homes all over the world. Both are floor coverings with a difference in size, but they are great flooring options, and the best way to give your home a proper look.

We hope that the article helped you to know the differences between carpets and rugs, so that you can choose the one that best suits your decor.

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