Stand-alone pieces of art: rules for selecting modern rugs

انواع السجاد المودرن

Stand-alone pieces of art: rules for selecting modern rugs

It never goes out of style, it is a design style that is constantly evolving and adapting, many of which are works of art in their own right that deserve to be an undisputed home decor centerpiece. It is the modern carpet that represents the end of a long journey made by the carpet industry from the seventies of the last century to today. Its most prominent features are simplicity, practicality, and versatility, so that it has become the perfect choice for any place in the home.

So what makes a piece of carpet fall into the category of modern carpets? With its variety of colors and shapes, how do you choose the right modern carpet for your home? All these and other questions we answer in this article.

What is modern carpet

Modern carpets are carpets made in a simple, attractive style with minimal graphics and decorations. Its design is based on clean lines and simple elements without the need to use crowded design groups or templates. His designs may come in a soft or sharp form, but in general he is characterized by a beautiful mixture of colors, bold contrasts, abstract elements, geometric shapes or free shapes.

The word Modern refers to what is now common and changing in keeping with design trends. This is evident in modern carpets, which are a modern development and modernization of the ancient art of carpet manufacturing. Although modern carpets may sometimes appear less luxurious than classic carpets , many of them represent pieces of art in themselves, and they are very practical and varied, which makes it offer the buyer a different assortment of pieces that can add vitality and a new personality to the room in which it is placed. .

Modern carpets harmonize seamlessly with any interior design, and represent an innovative and elegant way to decorate any room throughout the house, starting from large open rooms to small spaces, as well as from simple decorated places to highly decorated rooms, in addition to that it harmonizes with the work environment so it can be mixed Easily with company or office furniture.

Despite its appearance, which may seem unfamiliar to some, new home owners who love the simple and easy casual style prefer this type of carpet in particular, as it can be easily added with modern decor in neutral colors to achieve harmony between all the components of the decor.

It can also be an element to add joy to the place if the carpet includes one or two bright colors with a simple design. Add to this the flexibility of its use in adding softness or sharpness to the appearance of the place, according to the design of the carpet itself.

What are the most prominent types of modern carpets?

In order for you to be able to easily distinguish between modern carpets and traditional carpets, we will now refer to a variety of elements that modern carpets may include:

  • Bold colours.
  • Bright and bold colours.
  • Natural and neutral colors.
  • Contradictions and apparent contrast.
  • Unconventional design elements.
  • Only one or two colors without complicated design.
  • Bold use of colour, geometric shapes and irregular shapes.
  • Retro design inspired by the past, but with a very modern and sophisticated look.
  • A large number of colors mixed together in the form of a smoothly flowing spectrum in an abstract design, suitable for using its colors as a color scheme for the components of the room itself.

In the same context, we should not miss pointing out what each type of modern carpet reflects, as follows:

  • Abstract carpet: It works with any other type, and looks like a piece of art in itself, adding depth and interest to the room and a subtle way to add color softly.
  • Geometric carpets: they inspire elegance and are more available than other types.
  • Plain carpets: It is the type that does not age, blends easily with the other elements of the room, and is especially suitable for rooms crowded with shapes, as it gives them an interior design that is pleasing to the eye.
  • Pictured carpet: It is a focal point in the room that distinguishes its personality and gives a sense of fun. It is also an appropriate way to introduce complementary colors into the decor through the carpet.

What are the advantages of modern carpets?

Modern carpets have some advantages that are not available in other types of carpets. For example, we mention the following advantages:

Helps develop the appearance of the house

If one of the rooms in the house suffers from an antique or outdated appearance, the beautiful and attractive appearance of modern carpets has the ability to add elegance and vitality to it, and modern carpets come in many wonderful colors and designs that highlight the beauty and improve the general appearance of the room.

Modern carpets are versatile

Modern carpets blend easily with a variety of decors and fit seamlessly into almost any decor. Whatever the colors, style, or size of the interior design of the room, you will find the appropriate modern carpet among its many design styles, such as single or multiple colors without patterns, or those that mix originality and modernity.

Modern and trendy

As is evident from the name, modern carpets have the attractiveness of modern design methods in the twenty-first century, which makes each piece distinct and beautiful on its own, and many carpet pieces that are masterpieces in themselves belong to the category of modern carpets.

Suitable for homes with traditional decor

Some people like the Transitional Style in decoration, which is a modern style that combines traditional and contemporary. Modern carpets are an indispensable piece for this type of interior design because they clearly represent the contemporary style and are in harmony with the rest of the components of the traditional style.

Rules for choosing the appropriate modern carpet design

Choosing a modern carpet seems a challenge in light of the great momentum of the designs and colors of modern carpets in particular, as there is no ceiling for creativity. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to some basic rules in order to make a sound choice:

First: Don't repeat the same pattern

The golden rule about mixing the components of a room says that two patterns of the same size should not be combined, and the reason behind this is that the eye will struggle to choose which two patterns to focus on, which makes the overall design of the room uncomfortable. Most of the patterns in the fabrics of the sofa and pillows, for example, are small patterns, so a modern carpet can be chosen with a large pattern to achieve the required contrast.

Second: Avoid crowding lines

The broad lines in the various decor pieces give an illusion of confusion, so be sure to choose a modern carpet with a calm design if you are going to pair it with another richly decorated component. This does not preclude pairing a carpet with a quiet design with other components in the room that have the same quiet design personality, as this does not lead to any kind of confusion, of course.

Overcrowding may affect colors as well, so when you like a modern carpet with bright colors, make sure that the basic components of the room, such as furniture, are in neutral colors. But if you want to highlight the components of the room so that the modern carpet does not distract attention from it, choose a modern carpet in one neutral color and an organized geometric shape so as not to distract attention from the other more important components.

Third: The carpet should lead the general theme of the room

It is not necessary that all the components of the room have the same personality, but the carpet is a key factor in determining the general feature of the room’s decor, so it should be linked by a common thread with other furnishings. Therefore, think before buying about the personality of the room: do you want it modern or playful? Formal or luxurious? Note the components of the existing room and take inspiration from the general theme that should be present in the new modern carpet. As you can see from the picture, the beige background of the carpet is similar to the colors of the chandelier, wall decor, pillows, and seat as well.

Fourth: Each room has the appropriate design

The type of room determines the design of the modern carpet that you will spread, for example, the bedroom needs a simple design, while the living room gives way to choosing the carpet design that you want, whether it is bold or simple.

It is shared by the corridors of the house, as modern carpets with a distinctive design can be chosen to add vitality and elegance to the place. As for areas with heavy traffic, it would be appropriate to choose a modern carpet that includes patterns to withstand stains and dirt.

Room colors also play a role in choosing the carpet, as rooms with neutral colors need a touch of modernity by using a modern carpet in terms of color and design. Also, the structure of the room itself may lead in a certain direction. For example, if the ceiling of the room is high, choose a modern carpet that includes a series of colorful shapes to enhance the sense of the ceiling height.

The space also has an important role in choosing the colors of the carpet. If you add a large-sized modern carpet, it is better to choose colors that are comfortable to the eye, such as blue and green, so that they are the colors of the carpet.

Fifth: For boldness, there is another opinion

A modern carpet can be the nucleus of a room with a bold look. How? Choose one of the rug colors so that it is the only color for all the other components of a room. But if you prefer to be bold in the modern carpet itself, choose a carpet with a complex design and saturated color tones, in order to add depth and richness to the room.

How to buy a modern carpet online

You can buy a modern carpet online through an online carpet buying site such as Weft Carpet Store, which includes a large variety of shapes and colors for you to choose from. To help you find the perfect modern rug, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the place where you will put the carpet in order to initially decide the materials that make it up. For example, modern carpets made of silk are suitable for the bedroom because they cannot withstand high traffic.
  2. Think about the right rug size to narrow your search options so that rugs of the right size come up.
  3. Decide what style of rug is appropriate for that space? Is it a rectangular rug, a circular rug, or a square rug?
  4. If you prefer that the carpet include a specific color so that it is in harmony with the room's furniture, choose this color, so that the carpet pieces that this color includes in their design will appear to you in the search results.


It remains to point out that modern carpets are one of the most common types of carpets with which you feel free to choose. For example, do not worry about placing a modern carpet and another traditional one within the home decor. Just make sure to choose the design of the modern carpet so that it is geometric or abstract to blend easily with the piece of traditional carpet. And if you are going to choose only one space in the house to be a place for the modern carpet, then choose the most vital spaces, such as the children’s room, or the spaces that do not receive enough attention, such as the stairs, to shed some light on them.



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