Top twenty reasons to use carpets in the home

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We all know that carpets are an important part of the decor of any space in the house, as they are multi-tasking, and are able to easily change the look and mood of any room, improve and hide imperfections in an elegant and attractive way, in addition to other practical benefits such as heating your home in the winter and reducing noise.

There are many reasons why buying a rug is a good idea, so it is important to take all of them into consideration so that you can get inspired when furnishing your home.

Top reasons why rugs are important

If you are trying to make a change to the floors of your home, but do not have enough budget for it, you can simply add carpeting to the floors in certain areas.
There are many reasons why adding a rug to your home is a great idea, which is why it is important that you take these reasons into consideration to give you ideas while furnishing your home.

Here are 20 reasons why every homeowner should consider purchasing carpet.

1. Lighting a dark room

Wood floors have become a beautiful and popular staple in contemporary homes, however, they can drain a lot of light from some spaces, especially in hallways that don't have windows or lights.

When adding corridor rugs (mats) in a light color, this will help break up this type of flooring to give you the best combination of airiness and richness of appearance. A traditional patterned rug such as this one that contains white can be placed with a light touch to brighten the space without the possibility of showing dirt spots.

In a room with dark furniture and walls, place a large rug in light colors. This rug, for example, features cheerful orange accents and a simple, eye-catching geometric pattern. Add a light rug over a dark rug to help brighten the look of the living room.

An important benefit of the rug is that it is very versatile, and you can move it from room to room! They are perfect if you like to change up your décor frequently, allowing you to redecorate with the latest trends whenever you feel like it.

2. Change the style and design of the space

If you want to change the decor of the room easily and quickly, all you have to do is add a carpet, as it is known that carpets have multiple uses, as they not only provide a soft and luxurious surface under the feet, but they can also divide the room into areas, and it is sometimes used as a basis for planning and determining colors In the room, and when placed after furnishing, it contributes to highlighting the colors and existing furniture.

You can do whatever you want in changing the style of the floor simply by placing different rugs. Use your favorite rug as the basis for the room's color scheme. On the other hand, if you add them after your furniture is in place, you can use them to accentuate your existing colors or tie them together.

A rug has the ability to add (or change) the color scheme of a room, easily changing the mood of a room. So it may be worth buying two different styles of rugs for your living room: one for summer and one for winter.

3. Improve your decor

People usually think of a rug as a way to enhance home décor, and for good reason that rugs come in all colors, designs, materials, and shapes that we can imagine.

For example, a colored or brightly colored rug gives a bold look to the room, while a neutral or traditional patterned rug may serve as a perfect complement that supports the other decor elements of the room. A dark rug on a light floor can add a beautiful contrast. As for a rug rich in drawings and motifs, it creates Attractiveness shows the furniture on the one hand, and on the other hand it adds dynamism to the space.

4. Welcoming visitors

Whether you call it a foyer or an entryway, whatever you call it is one of the great outdoor spaces in your home. In fact, the hallway is not always easy to design and decorate with carpets or rugs, because you should not only think about the natural elements in the decor, but also the style of your home and tastefully combine the two.

The entrance to the house is certainly exposed to dirt when someone enters, or when food or drinks left by children fall, or dirty footprints when the occupants return to the house, but that does not prevent the entrance rugs or mats from being a great way to make visitors and guests feel welcome, for example placing An attractive and beautiful design mat at the entrance door is a nice way to greet guests when they enter your home, in addition to giving them a convenient way to wipe their shoes, which also helps in keeping your house clean.

5. Increased safety

You may be afraid every time your little one falls while they are learning to walk for the first time, a rug can be an ideal way to protect the head, knees and little hands during this most important stage of a child's life.

Rugs are an ideal way to support our steps, reduce slips and falls, reduce injuries when falling, and provide protection and safety for all family members, but especially for young children and the elderly.

Carpeting can help reduce the risk of slipping injuries indoors. If your home has a long hallway and you have small children in the house, adding walkway rugs in the hallway can help prevent injuries. Likewise, if you notice that part of the floor has become slippery after cleaning it, you can put a rug over this part to prevent slip hazards.

Make sure to place felt under the rug (if necessary) to keep it firmly in place. You can also add a rug in the shower to absorb water and prevent slipping after a shower.

6. Cover up blemishes

If the floor of the house or room has defects, or a defect, such as broken tiles, for example, the quick solution is to hide those defects by using a carpet, as the carpet can fit well and blend with the rest of the furniture in the room, and you can move it with you if you move to another house.

An unsightly spot or blemish on your parquet floor can be a distraction or trip hazard, giving you more than good reason to cover that part of the floor with a rug.

Even if you are a renter, you will definitely want your home to look beautiful and to be able to show it off to others, using carpets is a great way to hide those imperfections and make the floors look less rigid.

7. Tie the elements of the room together

Many people think that the rug is the “finishing touch” that we can put in the space and this is not true, the rug is a perfect piece to start the journey of decorating and that can give you a good color palette to start from.

Rugs can also divide rooms that don't have a defining wall, and will help you differentiate areas when you place them from wall to wall.

Rugs come in almost all sizes, colors, patterns, and materials that a person can imagine. This makes it easy to find a rug that can be considered a focal point for your room, and that you can use to unify color schemes. A rug will make everything cohesive in a room, and can make it look even better.

8. Less cleaning

It is likely that the floor of your home is exposed to a lot of dirt and stains every day. If you do not use the carpet, you will find it difficult to do the daily cleaning, but with the presence of the carpet, you will be able to clean more easily and effortlessly.

Carpets are known to be easy to clean. The fibers in the carpet help in vacuuming it easily. Regular vacuuming once a week can help remove dust easily.

If something is spilled on the carpet, be sure to remove it immediately. This can be done by using a dry cloth to absorb all the liquid, then remove the stain. It is recommended to use cleaning tools and follow instructions for carpet cleaning.

9. Protect your wood floors

Wood floors are a popular option for many, but they can be expensive! Therefore, you will have to protect these floors in high traffic areas, such as the area under the dining table where scratches appear on the floor due to chairs, whether you have hardwood floors or a large carpet, laying a small rug can help protect the floor from spills, stains and scratches.

You can use (rug mats) to prevent the possibility of marks on the floors due to shoes, in addition to the ability of the carpet to protect the floor from any microelements that may be attached to the shoes when returning from outside the house.

It may seem good to have a smaller rug covering the floor in a sitting area, but, if you want to protect your hardwood floors in a larger area, you will definitely need a larger rug. Place rugs in high-traffic areas like the living room, or in areas where people play. The kids eat it.

10. Use more than one rug

If you want an expensive rug in the size you need, it might be ideal to use two rugs, find a neutral colored rug in the right size for your room and then layer a smaller size of your favorite rug on top.

Layers and patterns have become a popular trend in modern flooring, and rugs are a cost-effective way to add these trends to your home décor. The decor of your home and takes you far beyond the mainstream in interior design.

Sometimes one carpet may not suffice, but if you put a small carpet on top of a large carpet, you may end up with a strange look, so coordinate the sizes in proportion to each other, if you have a large carpet, you can put a smaller carpet on top and it will not look Bad looking.

11. Controlling the spread of sound

Some people make noises while walking, especially children who feel like they are walking to the beat of a drum, especially if you have hardwood floors. Fortunately, carpet can do a great job at muffling sound, especially with the addition of thick carpet felt.

Open floors and large rooms are a constant in many homes now, these spaces have many advantages that homeowners prefer, but sometimes these large open areas are not good due to high noise levels, if you have tile or wood floors In a large room, you may have noticed that sounds spread in the space, so adding carpeting helps absorb sound and calm the noise in the room.

12. A floor for furniture

Rugs help give any space a special character. When placed correctly, a rug can help anchor the room's furniture, helping to create a warm and intimate space.

For example, the carpet for the living room or the family room should be large enough so that we can place the main pieces of furniture (sofa, chair, coffee table...) on the carpet, or at least put the front legs on the carpet to stabilize the furniture.

The second reason why rugs can help build a space is that they provide a resting place for both the body and energy. According to Chinese Feng Shui, the energy that flows through a home can be slowed down. Therefore, when we add carpets to the house, we get a sense of calm in the space of our home, according to the interpretation of (Feng Shui), an effect similar to slowing down the energy in the place.

13. Carpets as a work of art

More than ever, contemporary rugs look more like works of art. From herringbones, flicks and oscillating lines to wild, creative and even printed motifs, there is no limit to what a skilled rug designer can do.

Rugs can literally be considered a work of art, not just a piece designed to be walked on. A bold, patterned rug can be a focal point for a room's décor, and a rug designed in just the right shades can tie the colors of curtains and upholstery together.

Carpets are often a beautiful piece, and it would be tempting to hang a beautiful carpet on the wall and enjoy the view of it as if it were wall paintings, which is an amazing idea and fine art for a fraction of the money. You can also add a carpet in a contrasting color to brighten up the furnishings or wall color, carpets can add a lot to the designs of some rooms!

By adding color and decorative elements to a room, rugs will help create a lively place.

14. A way to add warmth

If you put a rug on a hardwood floor, you will immediately feel the warmth and comfort spread in the room, and with the addition of a bedside rug, it will provide a layer of softness when you wake up in the morning.

Hardwood floors aren't just cold to walk on in the winter; They also do not help in retaining any heat in the place, however, when you put rugs on your floors during the cold winter months they will definitely help in heating the whole house.

You probably have a long stretch of wood or tile floors, and they can be slippery underfoot, especially if you have kids running around with socks, in which case rugs can add a little bit of traction where you want them, and they can do the job beautifully !

In addition to being softer, the carpet is warmer than the hard floors, and has a greater insulating value for the cold, especially if it contains a lining from the bottom, and this applies to its use throughout the house, and the value of its use appears especially in the basement, where it is The floor there is very cold.

If you have hard-surface floors such as hardwood, concrete, or tile, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort that carpeting provides to these even more demanding floors.

15. Furniture anchor

It may sometimes seem that the furniture of the living room or family room is floating in the space and is not fixed, but with the addition of a carpet you will enjoy visually fixing the furniture, and you will also enjoy changing the look of the entire room, the carpet has the same effect whether it is placed under the dining room table, or in another place in the bedroom A rug can change the focal point of a room and add a visual barrier that makes the space cozier.

Rugs make any space look cohesive. In living rooms and family rooms, use a rug large enough to fit the front legs of your furniture. If it's too small, place the rug in the middle under the coffee table.

Whether it's in the living room, bedroom or dining room, rugs will be right in the house, the rug connects everything and makes it nice and cohesive.

16. A source of comfort

If you're not the type to wear shoes when walking around your house at night, you may want to add rugs to certain parts of your floors so that your feet can enjoy more comfort, especially with cooler floors.

It's no secret that rugs are softer than hardwood or tile, and most people will agree that rugs are much more comfortable to stand on than a hard floor. Not only will rugs feel soft to the touch, but they'll also be resilient, allowing the rug to absorb some of the impacts of your step.

Sitting areas such as the living room can add to the appeal when rugs are added to it, and in certain places the rug will create a comfortable feel. The rug is a great choice in spaces where family members are together, or in areas where children often play on the floor, such as the nursery.

17. Good for allergy sufferers

This reason may be counterintuitive, however, carpets can have a positive effect on allergens in the home. For years, allergy sufferers were advised to remove all carpets from the home, but many recent studies have shown that carpets are beneficial for allergy sufferers because It traps allergens, thus keeping them away from the air you breathe. If you don't have carpet in your home and you suffer from allergies or other breathing difficulties, adding a carpet may help alleviate some of these problems.

Carpets can be the largest air filter in your home, as they improve indoor air quality by trapping dust and dirt. Carpets are actually a good choice for asthma and allergy sufferers, as it is easy to remove from the house when you want to clean it.

18. Noise reduction

The transmission of noise from one room to another or in the space of your home is disturbing, carpeting can actually help absorb and reduce noise, such as: the sound and vibration of feet while walking, or falling things on the floor, especially on hard surfaces such as hard floors.

The rug will help reduce the noise in your space significantly, as it not only provides quietness while walking on the hard floor, but also absorbs sound from the air.

You may notice that your room has a slight echo. This is because hardwood floors do not absorb sound the same way that carpet does. If you lay down a carpet you can notice the difference, because carpet does a great job of dampening noise.

19. Appearance and style

Rugs add color, texture, and appearance to a room, creating visual interest that reflects your style and personality. A rug is functional art for your floor that helps you set the mood or feel of a room.

Remember that the basic rule of thumb in design is to create an even visual balance, so, if you have furniture and decor in neutral tones, a rug with bold colors and designs would be perfect and vice versa, aside from all the practical benefits, a patterned rug can tie a space together with ease With the lowest possible effort and cost.

20. Ideas

You can enjoy many advantages when adding a rug to your space that goes beyond appearance in fact, (although the look and feel of the space is definitely important!), a rug can be functional, versatile, and beautiful. The rug is actually a great addition to any home!

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