Top 5 great shapes for handmade rugs

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Top 5 great shapes for handmade rugs

There is a secret in carpets that everyone loves since ancient times and in different places of the world. Carpets have provided comfort and beauty to our homes. They have been considered an authentic piece of luxury in many cultures. The right rug can add visual cohesion to your space, while making it appear larger or more comfortable, and if some areas in the house, especially very large ones, are able to accommodate all forms of rugs, then this is not the case for your entire home, and choosing the model may be The right thing is difficult, especially with the multiplicity of sizes, colors and shapes in addition to the type of materials and others in light of the huge diversity in the carpet market..

If you do not know what shape to choose according to the different shapes of furniture, we invite you to take a tour in the wonderful world of carpets in its various forms, to give you many secrets about the world of carpets, and some ideas and rules to guide you, and to help you choose the best!

How and why did carpets appear?

A carpet is a structure made of textile fibers that is used as a floor covering. It was invented more than 7,000 thousand years ago, and was originally woven to protect people from the harshness, cold, and heat of the earth. The shapes, types, colors, and thickness of the carpet and the materials it was made from have varied over the years. Carpet texture mostly into two categories:

  • Turkish Knots Turkish Rugs Due to the presence of symmetrical knots, these rugs are considered to be strong and more durable.
  • Persian rugs woven with Persian knots, these rugs have a thick weave, which makes them more dense and may have the advantage of having a longer life.

Carpets have been hand-woven since ancient times, but after several decades, carpet-weaving machines were invented, and many machine-made carpets entered the market to replace handmade carpets, but the latter still retained its status and charm, and hand-woven carpets are made of natural wool, cotton, and fibers Silk, but machine carpets are mostly made of acrylic fibers, and of course, these days, machine made carpets of natural fibers are also available in the market, which have the same quality as handwoven carpets, but at lower prices.

The fibers used in weaving carpets are pre-dyed. The color used in dyeing the fibers has a direct impact on the quality of the final carpet. There are four types of colors used for dyeing the fibers: natural plant colors, animal colors, synthetic colors, and metallic colors.

Over the years, the carpet has become an indispensable piece in every home, regardless of its value, shape, and type, but why is the presence of carpets in the decor so important?

The importance of carpets in our homes

Carpets have many functions and great importance in the decoration of our homes. It can be said in the first place that the carpet is effective just because we walk on it, and it is a design element whose mission is to protect the people of the house from the cold floor, and to welcome guests in a healthy, pleasant and reassuring atmosphere. Here are the most important reasons that make carpets one of the most important Pieces in our decor:

  • Carpets are added to the spaces due to their aesthetic role, as it is nice to see a beautiful carpet in the middle of a room, and the beauty of any decor cannot be complete if the space is devoid of carpets, as the carpet can add a touch of originality and modernity to the home decor, and for diversification, the carpet can be placed on floors or on the walls. In recent years, it has also been popular to hang carpets on the wall, and this allows you to decorate the walls in an original and warm way.
  • A rug is also a source of space heating. Regardless of its shape, material, and color, a rug maintains room heat, adds comfort and texture to a space, and makes it a warm and welcoming place.
  • The rug also has soundproofing capabilities and is ideal for large rooms that are lightly furnished with decorative objects or furniture, as it works to reduce room echoes and absorb sound.
  • In general, adding carpets at the entrance to the door helps us get rid of excess dust coming from the outside, and rather at the level of humidity, the entrance carpet will play its role as an auxiliary factor, to prevent the spread of dirt, and it can also be used to maintain the heat of the house inside and prevent the cold from leaking under the door.
  • Putting a carpet in the bathroom is an important feature, to absorb water, to keep your feet warm, and also to prevent falls, it greatly improves the comfort of users when leaving the shower or bath, and ensures our safety from slipping due to wet feet on the wet floor, and here it should be noted that the best The types of carpets that are used in the bathroom are the waterproof ones.
  • Not only is the rug used to complete the decoration and to warm the house, but it can also be used as a rug to hide the imperfections of the spaces (illuminated tiles, damaged floors for example)
  • The rug is one of the important parts of creating a feeling in the home space and there is no dispute about its importance. It is an organizational, decorative and practical element, so choosing the right model and type is very important.

How do we know a good carpet from another?

Good carpet properties

Regardless of its shape, we all want to get a special deal when buying carpets, but finding a suitable model among the many products that exist in the market may be difficult amid the endless options, so it is necessary to understand the quality of the carpet, and the most important characteristics of a good carpet, Here are some important characteristics that determine the quality of a carpet:

  • The first feature that makes a carpet of high quality is the quality of the carpet fibers. The carpet will be of good quality when the fibers used in the warp and weft are of high quality. Therefore, when buying a carpet, be sure to pay attention to the type of fiber and evaluate its quality.
  • The second most important point is "density", as the density and type of thread used are among the most important factors affecting the quality of the carpet, and the pattern of the woven carpet is more clear, and you can understand this from the weight and texture of the carpet. You can understand that the carpet is of high quality when it provides It feels better when walking on it, and the more knots there are on the rug, the more effort goes into it.
  • The absence of substances harmful to health. The quality of the carpet can also be measured by making sure that non-harmful materials are used in weaving or dyeing, which is a very important point for health. It is always better to choose carpets made from natural materials and natural dyes.
  • That the carpet fibers are antibacterial, so that they do not cause allergies and do not harbor microbes, which is very important for your children and your health, and it is one of the factors that must be taken into account more than others, especially for those who suffer from breathing difficulties.
  • The quality of raw materials for carpets for weaving the carpet, the higher the quality of the raw materials, the higher the quality of the product we get, the materials used have their own technical characteristics, for this reason, the type of material is an important factor that meets the needs you expect from the carpet, in factory carpets, it is generally preferred General types of polyester, triple, nylon, olefin yarns, and in handmade carpets: silk, cotton, wool, and sisal yarns are preferred.
  • The type of carpet also plays an important role in determining its quality, whether it is a manufactured carpet or a hand-woven natural carpet, as it is one of the important factors that affect its quality over the years.
  • The quality of the brand and the warranty period are important indicators of the quality of the carpet that has met certain standards, as one of the most important indicators that the carpet is of high quality is that there is a well-known brand behind the manufactured product.
  • Another characteristic of a good carpet is its standard dimensions. Of course, the dimensional standards for different carpets will be different. Between different carpet shapes, each shape has different dimensions. Respecting the accepted dimensions is one of the most important signs of carpet quality.
  • It can be said that the carpet that meets certain technical specifications (shape, size, pattern, material, etc.) and that best meets your needs is the most useful carpet.

When we get the carpet of the quality that we want, we go half way to enjoying this piece, but, to enjoy choosing the best and ideal carpet for decoration, it is necessary to understand how to use it in decoration in the right way..

How do we use carpets in decoration?

It is not enough to buy a carpet and spread it anywhere in order to get a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to take into account some important criteria, in order to get a satisfactory result and a beautiful appearance in the end..

In a messy space, carpets can be used to divide large spaces into more comfortable areas, and you can even choose a carpet that makes the small area of ​​the room appear larger, and all this depends on the size, shape, and location of the carpet in the room, and we can make nice arrangements using carpets, and create a beautiful visual effect in the space Here, we offer simple, practical and great tips for using different shapes of rugs perfectly in home décor.

  • To create diversity in the space, you can use rugs with different designs, shapes, and colors. If you use two rugs in the same room, keep in mind that rugs of the same size can visually divide the room into two halves, and rugs of different sizes are used to create a sense of diversity.
  • It is best when using more than one carpet, to make sure that the carpet complements each other in terms of style and shape, because if this is not the case, you will encounter an unpopular effect, and to know how to place carpets in a space in the house, try to create a focal point, that is Use the rug as a focal point in your room, as the rug can have a great impact on home decor if you use it as a focal point for designing the decor of any space.
  • When you buy a room-sized rug, it is best not to cover the entire space with carpets, and you should leave part of the top and bottom of the rug empty to make the room look wider, and smaller rugs are not always appropriate, for example, when it comes to living room rugs, you should You know that carpets of small size in general will look visually disturbing, and make the space appear smaller, while larger carpets make the room look spacious and more comfortable.
  • Use your favorite carpet as a basis for design and color in the room, on the other hand, if you add it after placing the furniture in the house, you can choose the color of the carpet according to the color combination of your furniture, and be sure to use the carpet to create visual relaxation for the room, and if the furniture and wallpaper in the room contain a pattern Decorative, choose a thin rug.
  • When the walls and sofas are completely dark colors, you can try a simpler pattern in neutral colors for your rug, and never assume that the rug should be rectangular in shape. Round or oval! Circular and oval carpets can be suitable for relatively round furniture, and here there is no need to always adhere to rectangular carpets.
  • If you want to use a few same rugs in the room, the easy way to make it look nicer and more modern is to buy rugs with a simple pattern, in this way, this pattern is repeated on the surface of the room and the uniform flow will not put pressure on the space used but, if you If you want to use rugs in different designs, buy rugs that have similar shades but not quite the same. Using neutral colors can help create a harmonious effect between the rugs.
  • An important point in using carpets in decoration is the color of the carpet you choose; Because it can make the room look bigger or smaller, your sense of beauty should be a guide when choosing a carpet according to its color, shape and texture, but if you want to know whether the carpet you choose should be lighter or darker, and what is the best color for the carpet for each room We invite you to read this article: ( The Amazing History of Carpet Colors ).
  • There is no reason for the furniture and carpets in the interior decoration of a space to have the same color and designs, rather it is better to have a conflict between these pieces, for example, if you put a carpet with crowded designs in the living room, then the furniture or curtains should have a simple design in soft colors, This choice creates good harmony in the space and is more visually pleasing.
  • If your home decor is covered in a mixture of different colors, then consider the most used color as the main color of the decor and buy a rug in this color, but, if you have things with crowded and mismatched colors, the best color for the rug to choose is neutral colors, in this case, You can be sure that there is a proportional harmony between the rug and other objects.
  • In order for the carpet to look better in the interior decoration of the house, it must be stable, for this reason, to maintain the stability of the carpet, you can use carpet adhesive, carpet glue, or add padding under it, in which case the carpet will look more beautiful.
  • If you have large areas, let your imagination run wild, as you can mix as many shapes as you want (rectangle, round, square), patterns and colors for your rug.

In general, it is necessary to know how to coordinate the decoration using carpets, but in particular, it is also necessary to know the most important forms of carpets, the features of each form, and the appropriate place for it..

The five most common shapes of carpets in our homes

Depending on where it is located in the house, the ideal shape of the carpet will be different, and over the years man has created many different types and shapes of carpets, below we will discover the most common and used carpet shapes in our home and office decorations:

1- Rectangular carpet

When we hear the word “carpets”, the first thing that always comes to mind is “rectangular carpets”, which were woven in this way from the past until today, and were used in all areas of the house, and carpets were not available in different shapes as they are now!

Rectangular rugs are very classic traditional rugs, they are available in an infinite number of reproductions, materials, patterns, thicknesses and fibers, there is certainly something to suit all tastes and all styles, rectangular rugs are the most popular in homes, and when you buy a rug for your home, most of the time it will be a rectangular rug The look without the feel, which is completely normal, and not only is this due to the very ancient history of rectangular rugs, but because it is simply easy to place rectangular rugs in different spaces in your home, they stand out under the coffee table, in front of the sofa, or under the bed in the bedroom .

Rectangular carpet features

  • Today, the rectangular rug continues to present itself as a unique and faithful piece to your home decor. Thus, whether its color is modern or contemporary, the rectangular rug available in different shapes and colors can add character to the decor.
  • The rectangular rug has a traditional shape and is suitable for large spaces (living room, reception room, office), if you intend to create movement in the space, then the rectangular rug will be the best choice, and the large rectangular rug is an ideal choice for large receptions.
  • Classic and timeless, the rectangular rug adapts to all types of rooms; such as hallways and bedrooms; Or the kitchen, which is practical and considered a safe, ideal option that gives a unique geometric effect to any space.
  • What distinguishes these carpets is their geometric shape with distinctive lines, which has the advantage of structuring the space, and because they are often large in size, they bring visual cohesion to the space, and they are a very modern decorative alternative to define any room, for example when using rectangular carpets, guests can distinguish The living room, although there is an open kitchen.
  • The rectangular carpet is the best in resisting the succession of trends and the fluctuations of fashion, as it does not suit all styles and trends only, but is considered a bet and a safe investment throughout the ages, and the rectangular carpet, known in this way for thousands of years, has not lost any of its attractiveness over the years, and it will not Never worry about how it looks or where you put it, no matter how many years pass.

Rectangular carpet sizes

The rectangular rug is available in many sizes, from the smallest to the largest, to the medium size, and the size and dimensions of this rug vary according to your needs, and you will have the opportunity to choose between different and wide sizes, such as 60 x 110 cm, 80 x 150 cm, 140 x 200 cm, 160 x 230 cm, 200 x 290 cm, or even 200 x 300 cm, among many other sizes.

Tips for using rectangular rugs in decoration

Here are the most important tips to be able to use this rug perfectly in your decor:

Rectangular area rug

The rectangular rug is considered the basic model for highlighting the decor. If the home decor or the space to which you will add the rectangular rug is classic, then the traditional rectangular rug is the ideal choice if you want to commit to creating balance in the room, as the traditional and elegant rectangular rug blends beautifully with the classic decor; But they are also perfect for adding elegance to modern, contemporary or rustic decor.

Suitable rooms for placing the rectangular carpet

In most cases, the rectangular rug often has a discreet design, so it has the peculiarity of being able to adapt to different rooms in the house, and it can often be used in living rooms, and you can also use it in various other rooms and spaces such as the kitchen or even the balcony, because it is easy to handle With its shape, and depending on your decor, you can choose to place the rectangular rugs wherever you like, in order to enjoy the comfort.

rug size

You should take into account the size of the space you intend to add rugs to, and make sure that the rectangular rug is neither too big nor too small, for example a rectangular living room rug is usually placed under a sofa or an armchair, or even under a table coffee.

If you have a large space in the dining room, you should choose a large-sized rug, because it is not appropriate to use a small rug under the dining table for example, in addition, a small rug will only partially cover the floor and will block the way, and if you choose a rectangular rug, you must Its surface should be larger than the table and chairs once the guests are seated, if you have a table with 6, 8, or 10 or more seats, the rug should be quite large, and the guests should feel comfortable moving their chairs, moving forward or backward, getting up from the table, etc. till then.

Since many rooms are rectangular, it is wise to choose rectangular carpets as a safe option. But, how do we act if we have a square room or we want to change the decor with carpets of a different shape, for example?


2- Square carpet

One of the most important rules of thumb that you should keep in mind is the shape of your room when choosing the best rug shape for your space. When the rug is the right size and shape, the entire space will instantly harmonize. If a rectangular rug is not the answer, a square rug will replace it, and square rugs It is another bold choice in the space of the house that makes the space out of the monotony, and far from the ordinary.

The square carpet is one of the different types of carpets in terms of shape, which can help improve the layout of the home by using it in the right place and can be used in the most beautiful way possible in the home, although the handwoven square carpet is not as abundant as other models, but it has become A favorite of many homeowners who prefer unique and different designs.

Square carpet features

A square rug is an uncommon form of carpet, but its presence can add an unparalleled effect to any space. Here are the most important features of a square rug:

The right room for the square rug

Square rugs are the best complement to rooms and square spaces with cubic architectural features, if you have a square room, try using a square rug for the best decoration in your room and see the wonderful effect created in its view.

Coordination with designs and colors

Square rugs help refresh your home décor, and by using square rugs you can revive your floors with the variety of color and design combinations of the original square rugs.

Square carpets and furniture

Due to the symmetry in the designs of the square rugs, it creates a psychological order in the place, and it can help create a safe and calm atmosphere for family gatherings by spreading the square rugs in the center of the room and arranging objects and objects around it to be a focal point in the room.

In addition to rooms with cubic dimensions, the hand-woven square carpet is also suitable for long and rectangular reception halls, and in this case the furniture is arranged in a square shape in order to fit and coordinate with the shape of the carpet, and to create a visual balance.


Square rug dimensions

These square rugs have various dimensions including 9 square meters in length 3 meters in width 3 meters in length, in these rugs, a design is usually used where there is a central square and the designs are shaped in a circle around it, the handwoven square rug can also have a flower design, meaning That the patterns will be scattered throughout the rug.

Tips for using square rugs in decoration

  • If the space looks small and crowded, the classic square rug is a good choice to reduce the clutter, at the same time, by choosing this rug, you can make the space look larger, and other large items will also look better and more beautiful, before, it was not easy to find There are a variety of designs and colors everywhere, but fortunately, today there are different designs and colors of these rugs available in the market, and it is enough for you to choose the right rug for your space and not worry about its style and design.
  • Perhaps at first glance, square-shaped halls are the best place to use square-shaped carpets. This is certainly true, but, these carpets can be used in any hall of any shape, for example, if you have a rectangular living room, and you allocate part of it as a reception area and another part as a living room. Living, you can use a square rug for every part, and the same goes for the office room.
  • The square rug can be used in both a reception hall and in more informal spaces such as the living room or bedroom, these square rugs can be used in both a teen's bedroom and an adult's bedroom, a luxurious square rug with designs for kids can also be used in a child's bedroom, and can be placed The square rug in the corner of the space that you allocate for breakfast, under the square dining table, and with the furniture and chairs in the square living room, and if your salon is somewhat small, arranging the sofas around a square rug will be beautiful and attractive.
  • A square carpet can be matched with a square table, creating a comfortable atmosphere in your square room. It can also be added on the corridor floor and next to the shoe box. It is necessary to choose a square carpet with suitable specifications for these places.
  • The dimensions of the square rugs are the first parameters to consider, and in fact, your square rug must be proportional to your interior space and to your décor furniture as well, in order to create a perfect balance, and if you have a large space, a large square rug will be ideal.
  • It is important to remember that the size of your rug should never be less than the width of the sofa, and to use the correct measurements and dimensions, put newspaper sheets on the floor to imagine your rug, then remember to record the dimensions, when using square rugs, it is better not to put the legs of the sofa on it, and on the one hand On the other hand, the legs of the sofa should not be too far from the edges of the carpet so that the carpet shows its beauty, and there is a great idea for designing an attractive decor, which is to use a square carpet with a round dining table and a suitable color.
  • If you want to spread this rug under the dining table, the entire table and chairs must be on the rug and not outside the area of ​​the rug, which means that you must choose a large square rug that is sufficient for both the table and chairs .
  • If you plan to use this type of rug in a baby or child's room, place it right in the center of the room and don't let the furniture crowd the carpet as much as possible unless your rug is big enough to see through.
  • Square rugs can be used to separate very large spaces, including large halls, and in this way, by using the square rug, it is possible, for example, to separate the large hall into the living room, reception area, and dining area and make the space diverse.
  • The use of square rugs in large places and official offices is a very good choice because in these places the rug is just to show beauty and to complete the decor.
  • Since the square rug will be the center of attention in the decor, it is necessary to be careful in choosing designs and plans that match the décor, furniture, curtains, and other elements.

If you think that square and rectangular rugs are not suitable for your current orientation, let's discover together the "round rugs"..

3- Round carpets

It can be said that if you want to give a different touch to your home decor, the round carpet is the ideal choice to achieve this, and we can consider the round carpet as another good alternative to the rectangular carpet, as this distinctive shape provides more originality and elegance to your home, given that its circular shape is more accessible. To subdue the eye, and to give your space an air of softness. Round carpets began to be known in Egypt, according to some research. The oldest round-shaped carpet comes from the sixteenth century, to be a Mamluk model from Egypt, as a carpet decorated with medallion shapes and geometric patterns.

Often times, round carpets are more aesthetically pleasing than rectangular or square carpets in decoration, because they can easily fit into odd, curved or narrow spaces, and it is an ideal element to mitigate the sharp lines of square rooms, and in fact, the round carpet does not soften the lines Designed as a focal point rather than other shaped rugs, small and large round rug models will attract attention no matter where you use them in the home.

So, what are the other features of round rugs?

Round carpet features

Round rugs are very elegant and are an excellent and very attractive way to decorate any room, one of the big advantages of a round rug is that it fills the space, but also defines it, here are more features of the round rug:

Diversify the visual effect

Adding round carpets is necessary to diversify the visual effects from one place to another in your home. Round carpets add variety and elegance to the space, whatever its dimensions. The round carpet is suitable for decorating both small and large spaces if you use it appropriately. Special visual for the room.

Suitable for all spaces

If you are confused about the areas that can be suitable for a round carpet, then surely it can be said that the first thing that should come to your mind is the entrance to the house, because round carpets are especially able to make narrow spaces appear wider, and if your home has a relatively narrow entrance or if you want To feel like you are in a spacious area as soon as you enter the house, you can achieve this by using round carpets in the entrance of the house.

Matches the existing tone in your home

In contrast to the straight angles of the majority of the furniture that covers and decorates the spaces of the house, the round shaped rug never fails to attract attention, and the aesthetic touch of the multi-colored round rug enhances its decorative strength without reducing the comfort and vitality of the place, as you will find the round rug blends easily with the color And the tone located in the atmosphere of your home.

Diversity in space

The round carpet is distinguished by its unique aesthetic diversity. The importance of demand for round carpets prompted designers to compete in creativity. You will find a round carpet suitable for every room in the house that gives it complete harmony with its world through different patterns, colors and designs. You can find a different round carpet for the living room or bedroom. Bedroom, children's room or even in the office and in the entrance, taking into account the specifics of each location.

To be noticed

One of the most important features of a round carpet is that it draws attention. Place a round carpet under the piece of furniture that you want to highlight to make it the center of attention and focus attention in the room, for example if you want to draw attention to a coat hanger, put a small round carpet under it, and if you want your guests to sit at a table Tea as soon as they enter Put a round rug under the legs of the table, and you will see how they will tend to gather around it, because circular shapes have a certain charm that draws us towards them, which is why they are so popular in Eastern cultures.

A round rug can also help open up a floor plan in a small living room because it draws eyes away from the walls to create the illusion of more space in the room, and the rug keeps the focus inward but still visually complements distant seating areas.

 Break the monotony

Round carpets help break the monotony of any space, as traditional homes are usually somewhat monotonous, regular and unattractive, due to the pattern of rectangular designs that indicate sharpness and solidity, and here it is possible to add some vitality to the traditional decor by using round carpets, as it is enough to put a few carpets Circular around the room to completely change its aesthetic.

More flexibility in space

In a room filled with many sharp corners, a round rug has the effect of adding flexibility and softness to the space, for example, what better way to separate the reading nook from the rest of the living room than with a charming round rug? Enhance the comfort of where you go to curl up with a good book by adding a round, fluffy rug.

Round carpet dimensions

To determine the ideal size of a round rug, it is necessary to consider the type and shape of the furniture that will be placed on it. If it is round furniture, you just need to add between 75 cm and 100 cm on each side of it. This will help you know the ideal size for your round rug, on the one hand. Elsewhere, when it comes to square furniture, the size of the round rug is determined by adding 100 cm to each dimension of the table.

Tips for using round rugs in decoration

The round rug has more opportunities to show off its graceful shape and fill the room with unique style. Here are some tips to use the round rug perfectly in your home décor:

  • If the living room in your home is rectangular or square, as is the case in many homes in terms of architecture, the decoration using geometric patterns can dominate the living room, however, the geometric patterns in the decoration can sometimes tire the eyes, for this The reason is, round rugs are a lifesaver in areas like the living room, if you want to, you can place a round rug in the middle of the living room that suits your style, and you can get a more cozy look by softening the decor a bit with this round rug, in addition, if There was a separate area for the dining table in the living room. You can choose to create an eclectic style by using a rectangular rug in this section, and a round rug in the other part of the living room.
  • The round shape of your carpet will give your bedroom a comfortable atmosphere. The round rug is neatly placed at the bottom of a rectangular bed, which reduces its sharp appearance, so you can choose a carpet with long pile and natural material for more comfort, and another nice aesthetic touch can be added by hiding half of the carpet under the bed , if you want to have a nice semi-circle rug look.
  • You can make your bedroom atmosphere more comfortable with a soft round carpet to pamper your feet when you step on it first thing in the morning, and if your bedroom has a decoration dominated by geometric shapes, then choosing a round and cotton carpet will reveal the beauty of the decoration more.
  • A modern or contemporary round rug can be added to decorate the center of your desk; It will add dynamism and will adapt to the spirit of this room, and will express your style in decoration distinctively and make the office a unique space, to encourage you to go to work and enjoy the warmth that the carpet will bring to you in this space.
  • Round carpets are not only suitable for the entrance of the house and the bedroom, in general, circular models of carpets are also preferred in the children's room, for example, it can be useful and elegant to place circular carpets in the middle of the children's room and use them as a play center, and if you choose vibrant colors such as orange or Blue or yellow Instead of neutral colors like grey, you can let your child spend hours playing on the rug.
  • The round rug is the best of its kind and is ideal for decorating the living room floor, as it adds a touch of luxury if you choose it to be a focal point in the room's decor, however, special attention should be paid to the size of the living room rugs, as this room is usually the largest room in your house, And if you cannot buy large round rugs, several small round rugs can be placed harmoniously with rectangular rugs. For example, you will find several models of round rugs: 120 cm / 160 cm or 200 cm.
  • If you are hesitating between a round or rectangular rug under the table, we can say that ideally, you will put a round rug for a round table and a rectangular rug for a rectangular table unless the living room is very spacious and simple, in which case a very large round rug can have a beautiful effect under a table Rectangular or square. Another option is to use square rugs for round tables, which helps maintain proportion and harmony in the space as a whole.
  • On the other hand, you can place a round carpet under your rectangular furniture (tables, sofas, TV stand) or spread it to make a decorative transition, and the first option is more appropriate with monochromatic carpets on which the furniture is placed, while colorful carpets or carpets are placed in the pattern you desire In the second option.
  • Like any other form of rug, coordinate the color of your round rug with the decor. When you want to perfectly integrate a round rug into your room, you have to start by selecting the dominant color that matches best with your home décor. To avoid bad taste, consider coordination and harmony with your existing furniture or Your walls or accessories, whether plain, decorative, modern or vintage, all variations are possible.
  • It is necessary to make sure of another important step, which is related to the dimensions of your round rug, as you have to make sure that it finds its place perfectly, without losing its charm or monopolizing the space, if the rug is too large, it will blend with the decor and it will not be able to show its curves and highlight its originality and, on the contrary, if it is too small, it will not have the desired effect because it will be lost in space and will hardly be evident.
  • If we know that the round carpet, in addition to adapting perfectly to all rooms of the house, is characterized by its originality compared to square or rectangular carpets, we must know how to take full advantage of this potential, and strive to highlight the originality of the round carpet, and to do this the round carpet can be hung on The wall, and although the round carpet model with shaggy or thick wool is not suitable for this type of decoration, it is possible to do so using a light and small round carpet.
  • It can be said that considerations of how much floor space a round rug should occupy, where it should be centered, and what kind of space it can occupy can sometimes baffle even many professional designers, and you may get confused as you try to figure out ways to ensure a round rug will fit snugly and beautifully in your home. Your space, so you can first research this topic or consult someone with experience in this field.
  • If you have a large foyer, round rugs can create a sense of space and elegance, especially in colors or patterns that catch the eye and instantly set the design tone for your home. Place a round rug in the center under a hanging chandelier for a balanced look that exudes elegance.
  • If the living room is in the Scandinavian style, you can choose a round carpet with graphic patterns and light colors. Round carpets with geometric interior designs will add comfort to the living room, giving it a very special style and a lot of elegance.
  • A round rug is perfect in a bathroom or in the corner of a large room. With a particularly colorful or patterned round rug, along with a small practical piece of furniture, it can have a powerful and unique effect on the place.

In addition to the uniquely shaped round carpets, there is another shape that is almost close to it in features, which is the "oval carpet"..

4- Oval carpets

The oval-shaped carpet is one of the non-standard dimensions that have been used for centuries to decorate the rooms of kings and bourgeois classes, and oval carpets are among the most beautiful and attractive types of carpets because they are less popular and widespread, and the oval carpet gives a different and elegant look to the interior decoration of your home, and a unique atmosphere It is distinctive and bold on the space due to its lack of corners, and it can be used to fill in the empty corners of the room.

Oval rugs are recommended for people who love a more modern and contemporary flair, and they fit well with contemporary décor that is constantly seeking to renew itself. The oval rug has found its place among various other types of rugs and has become the preferred choice of many homeowners.

Oval shaped carpet features

Suitable for any room

Oval rug goes well with any room Perfect under the dining table accentuates the look of your table Perfect for the living room and pairs elegantly with armchairs In the hallway the atmosphere is welcoming and warm when you open the door to your guests and they are greeted by your oval rug The oval rug will easily find its place under the coffee table or in The relaxation corner in the bedroom, this rug will add a feminine touch with tenderness, and create a soft and warm atmosphere in your room, and it is the right choice for interior rooms.

Interesting rugs

Oval rugs can be used in any space to create visual interest, and are a perfect choice if you want to highlight a space or make a space unique.

more open space

An oval rug is used to make the space look more open, and it can also be used like a round rug to separate different parts of the house from each other.

Oval carpets and furniture

It doesn't matter if you're using a rectangular, square, or diamond-shaped dining table, however, an oval rug is a perfect fit if it's sized to fit the furniture above it.

easy to use

Oval rug options provide an intimate decoration for the space in which it is placed, in addition, it offers versatility with the advantage of being easy to move, clean and maintain.

Compatible with other types of rugs

The oval rug is a symbol of pleasure and comfort, the oval rug can be easily coordinated with other rug models and shapes, it can be used on large rectangular rugs to create both excellence and elegance.

Compatible with all directions

The oval rug matches perfectly with the colorful, design and modern styles, and it is the perfect rug for cool and contemporary interior decoration at the same time, and it can make your interior a more elegant surprise without being subservient to any taste or trend, and at the same time it fits all trends, in addition to They remain modern on all occasions.

Multiple choice

The oval rug is a versatile option that suits any scheme. The oval rug can adapt to all styles: from the Baroque to the more sophisticated. The primary purpose of this unique shape of rug at the time was to decorate homes with bay windows in particular. Today, This shape has become required in all rooms of the house.

Tips for using oval rugs

The oval-shaped rug has an attractive and captivating look, and if you are interested in adding it to your decor, in every pattern and design it has, but you do not know how and where to use it, let us give you some ideas and tips..

  • Oval rugs can add extras, especially in informal spaces of the home, if the soft lines of the oval-shaped rug help make the space warmer and more intimate.
  • If you think your interior design is too strict, not modern enough, but you don't plan to completely remodel the room, the best advice we will give you is to invest in adding the oval rug, as you can't imagine what changes adding this shape of rug can make in a room like this.
  • The right size is also of great importance when choosing an oval rug, and an oval rug that is too large can narrow the space. When choosing the right size, you must also consider the design of the room. The oval living room rug that separates the sitting area from other areas not only provides convenience in terms of cleaning, It also enriches the elegance of the space, for example, oval rugs measuring 120 * 180 can be used with medium-sized furniture and oval rugs measuring 160 * 230 with larger furniture can contribute to adding elegance to the seating group.
  • If the oval rug is used away from the walls, it provides a more elegant look, because the oval rug makes a part of the room the focal point, thus giving an interesting contrast to square walls and narrow spaces.
  • Putting two small and elegant oval rugs on both sides of the bed in the large sleeping rooms supports the comfort of the bedroom, elegance and warmth, and it is possible to add elegance to the bottom of the bed with a large oval rug.
  • The bathroom is one of the most important places to use oval rugs. Non-slip oval rugs are specially produced to be suitable for use in the kitchen and bathroom. Functionally, the oval rug model helps absorb water that may come from the bathroom or kitchen.


5- Long carpets (corridor carpets)

Corridor carpets, or long carpets, are the title of elegance that you will add at the entrance of your home, which will receive visitors to your home, and tell a lot about your style in designing decoration, and it is an essential piece for obtaining a warm and modern interior design, and it is necessary for the hallway carpet to be welcoming and elegant, because it is the first Something you see when you enter your home, to be nice to see and walk on, as it gives you a warm and pleasant feeling when you enter the house after perhaps taking off your uncomfortable shoes, and the corridor carpet comes in sizes that are longer and shorter in width than the carpets in other rooms.


Corridor carpet features

welcome mat

With the long corridor carpet, you can cover all your floors in the entrance and hallways, and you can choose carpets with very elegant details that will decorate the entrance, and at the same time, the carpet will blend with the decor, colors, and designs in the rest of the spaces, and will help give the hall a welcoming and warm look.

Corridor rugs everywhere

Corridor carpets can be used in the hallway, corridor, bedroom entrance, rectangular kitchen, office entrance, guest room as well, and everywhere in the house that has a hallway, without forgetting the possibility of using this long carpet on the stairs.

Practical and aesthetic benefits

Corridor rugs carry many practical and aesthetic benefits, as they add softness, texture, and visual interest to the entrance of your home, and connect all the spaces of the house together.

 corridor rug sizes

The most important feature that distinguishes corridor rugs, which are also called runner rugs, from other carpets is the link between their sizes, while the runner rugs are generally produced in a rectangular shape, less often round or square, the dimensions of the corridor rugs are generally around 80 * 300, 100 * 300 cm.

Tips for using corridor rugs

You can make the entrance of your home more lively with a corridor rug that will accompany the harmony of the colors of the floors, walls and furniture in your home. Here are some tips on using corridor rugs in decoration:

  • When buying a carpet for the corridor, you should pay attention to the material of the floor. If you have a slippery floor such as ceramic or parquet, it is preferable to use corridor carpets with non-slip textures because the last thing people want is to slip when entering the house for the first time, and as corridors are transitional spaces, Long rugs can be used to cover your floors with an emphasis on elegant details that catch the eye at first sight.
  • Since each house entrance and corridor has a different structure, you can find carpets of different sizes and dimensions, in particular, round and long hallways are different, sometimes entrances can be round, sometimes they can be square like a room, here you can find many carpets Different hallways in a style may be suitable for the nature of your home and the shape of your home, so take this into consideration before choosing corridor rugs.
  • We expect all forms of rugs, whether circular, square or rectangular, to perform all their roles effectively. If you have a large hallway that precedes a long hallway, put a beautiful square rug in the middle, followed by a long rectangular corridor rug that runs along the hallway. If your house has an entrance Small, choose the round rug, it will give a sense of scale in your room without looking bulky.
  • Corridor rugs are made to last and it is necessary for them to be of good quality, durability and strength, however, this piece can wear out after several years, because the hallway is a busy place frequented by all family members, therefore, it is a good idea to make sure to change the carpets often to give a fresher look to the hallway every Once, an opportunity to replace old carpets with a model of other colors and different designs.
  • When choosing an entrance carpet, it is necessary to focus on its dimensions, and remember to take measurements for the hallway or entrance. This will prevent you from making the mistake of choosing a carpet whose dimensions do not adapt at all to the entrance of your home.
  • For a harmonious look in a hallway, the rug should cover the majority of the floor while allowing a small border of the floor or tiles to be seen, below, therefore, it is recommended to subtract 30 cm from the dimensions you previously measured on each side of the hallway to find the perfect size for your rug.
  • If the entrance to your home is small and consists of a narrow space, then you should definitely choose vibrant and vibrant colors such as red, brown, or blue, when choosing a carpet to put it there, you can create a more lively corridor appearance thanks to the preference for a corridor carpet with a lively color, to give you a spacious interior And very bright.
  • On the other hand, adding light-colored corridor carpets can be a real adventure, due to its great susceptibility to dirt and stains, and it is also preferable to avoid very dark carpets, as the entrance is a room in the house that is dimly lit, and adding very dark corridor carpets can make it darker.
  • Also, be sure to consider the color of the walls in the hallway. A corridor painted in blue or green matches perfectly with a carpet in cool colors, for example. Conversely, if the walls in the hallway are white, choose a patterned carpet. This will bring a little originality to the decor.
  • Entrance carpets, like all other types of carpets, turn out to be a real nest of dust, bacteria, and mites. Neglecting the maintenance of your carpet may expose family members to respiratory problems and various allergies, so you will have to maintain it on an almost daily basis, as the corridor carpet will always need cleaning and maintenance as it is the first area to pick up Dirt and dirt from shoes coming from the outside.
  • For the material of the corridor rugs, cotton carpets are especially recommended, because cotton is an easy-to-maintain material, and if its size allows, it can be washed in the washing machine regularly at a 30-degree cycle, and you can always wash it by hand with soap, and you can also choose long corridor carpets made of natural fibers such as Jute or bamboo, this is also a great option and ideal, as they are very hard materials, resist footprints well and are easy to maintain.

+ Custom-made carpets!

Perhaps you searched a lot and tried all the tricks to find rugs that fit your special space?

A custom-made, or made-to-measure rug is an excellent alternative when store-bought rugs don't fit the shapes and sizes of your home or simply your tastes. The perfect item to enjoy a perfect interior decoration according to your taste, whether it is Scandinavian, modern or traditional, it will perfectly fit the required atmosphere, and as its name suggests; Our custom made rug is a rug designed entirely with your standards in mind, so there is no chance of disappointment with your purchase.



Tips for using shaped rugs in decoration

  • In order to fully determine your needs, you must first determine where the carpet you want to buy will be used. This will help you make the type and shape of carpet that you should choose more specific.
  • Whatever the shape of the carpet that you choose to place under a piece of furniture, it is recommended to choose a prominent carpet of about 50 cm on both sides of the piece, take for example the dining table, with this margin, the four legs of the chair are placed on the carpet, which provides more balance and comfort, and as we said earlier For example, placing a larger round rug under a round table will provide a more symmetrical look. The most important thing is to give a visual balance to the space. With this in mind, it is generally recommended to choose a rug that does not cover more than a quarter of the area of ​​the room. When doing so, the decor is organized. Better and more enjoyable to use and relax in every day.

What can we say on the various forms of carpet in a nutshell?

rectangular rug

The rectangular carpet is a traditional and timeless carpet, and it is a safe and acceptable choice over the years if you are hesitant about which shapes to buy, as it is easily suitable for all types of decor, and its originality derives from its colors, patterns, material and texture, and the rectangular carpet can be classic and luxurious, depending on the style, and this geometric shape has Distinctive lines have the advantage of structuring space, and they are often large in size, they give visual balance to any space, and they are a beautiful decorative element to define places in spaces.

Square rug

It is a carpet that is able to organize the space and define the room. However, the square carpet is more original, thanks to its wise and unexpected shape. In fact, the square carpet is still very little seen in modern interiors, although it is the oldest form of carpet. Your favorite decorative items (coffee table, armchair or full-length mirror), a unique choice that accentuates certain aspects of your home décor.

Round rug

Having become increasingly popular over the years, the round rug has been used in many homes. The round rug is softer and easier to use than others, and its rounded lines with rounded corners add a warm touch that is much appreciated in a bedroom or dining area. The desk, which is elegant and perfect for all rooms, large and small, however, avoid placing it in an elongated room such as (hallway) or under unsuitable furniture, for example, the round rug under the round table creates perfect harmony and is very design.

oval carpet

The oval shape of these rugs has its attractive and bold side, and it can make a wonderful impact, no matter where the rug is placed. The oval rug provides softness and luxury for the feet to create a more comfortable feeling. The shape and boundaries of the space completely, for this reason, the oval carpet must be chosen well, when you are on a date with the purchase of carpets, because the correct coordination of sizes, textures, patterns, colors and shapes with the current furniture accelerates the elegance of the space.



Rugs emphasize the beauty of spaces with their bright colors and interesting zigzag patterns; Modern carpets are no longer necessarily rectangular, as more unique shapes appear now that can be round, oval, or in various geometric shapes such as triangles and octagons that are sometimes designed to overlap each other, carpets inspired by diamond geometry, or those carpets that reproduce the silhouette of objects Or, in general, elements from nature, such as carpets in the form of leaves, flowers or animals, to give a new meaning and shape every time in the world of carpets..

Generally, you can use rectangular rugs in a rectangular room; square rug in a square room; And round rugs to add softness in sharp spaces, and oval rugs to add change.. Thus, the common goal of the different types and shapes of rugs remains, is to bring the perfect direction to your decor, which can enhance the relaxing moments that you will spend in your home, whether alone, or accompanied by your family and friends.

We hope that this article was useful and interesting for you to learn about the different types of carpets, and to be able to choose the appropriate carpet shape when you are about to purchase a new carpet.




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