What makes some carpets nicer than others?

اجمل انواع السجاد

The carpet features an endless range of colors and designs, and you will definitely find a carpet that suits your taste, whatever your favorite style: classic, modern, bohemian, or a mixture of all of these styles. Your eyes may fall on a breathtaking carpet but you can't find an explanation for it! So what makes some rugs nicer than others?

Humans and artistic beauty

Humans began drawing on the walls of caves about 40,000 years ago. Some of the drawings were symbolic and showed aesthetic aspects only, while other drawings revealed some meanings. During that period, the concept of art developed and the concept of art emerged. And when we think about the history of the carpet, we will discover that its main purpose was utilitarian, as it provides a floor covering in order to protect the feet from the cold, or for other more utilitarian uses... However, carpets are widely viewed as art as well, especially carpets that are considered masterpieces. Like the works of professional historical weavers such as Ustad Mohtashem or Hajj Jalili, from here it becomes clear to us that oriental carpets have become much more than just a floor covering used to ward off the cold.

One of the early beginnings of concept art was cave paintings

We should explore the aesthetics of the art world if we want to know what makes a carpet unique from others. Carpet weaving is an artistic process like painting, sculpture or pottery making, and this industry has limitations, controls and advantages.

When we look at a beautiful work of art, we feel enthusiasm, awe, fascination, admiration, or even gratitude. That work of art may evoke different feelings in us, or make us touch what goes beyond the human experience. It is not strange that you go through these experiences when you see a knotted and woven silk carpet with details Accurate, it required many years of work to weave it, and the carpet may be more beautiful for one person than for another, and this relative appreciation of beauty remains within the scope of personal tastes. In this article, we share with you some works of art that seem to be unanimously considered to be amazing and beyond the bounds of beauty.

The silk carpet can be considered one of the agreed masterpieces

Beautiful carpets - but which is the most beautiful?

To answer the question of what makes a particular carpet look more beautiful, we must answer (what distinguishes beauty), when we see something beautiful we feel without being able to determine what makes it beautiful, you realize that it is beautiful only when you see it.

Formal art schools focus on developing students' abilities to produce pieces that are likely to touch the soul, if we compare them to those works produced by untrained artists, or folk artists. Some students do this more than others, and even with training, they will develop unique talents that allow them to produce stunningly beautiful designs.

Scientists and artists have been trying to crack the "code" around the issue of designing visually appealing pieces for decades, but they're nowhere near a solution. When it came to designing a piece of art, it meant hitting the right mix of color, texture, and design. But, when it comes to defining those qualities here. Confusion occurs.

The Bauhaus School of Art had a tapestry workshop

In the laboratory to study beauty

An experiment was conducted in a recent study conducted by a psychology professor at Manhattan College, where he tried to determine how simple shapes interact with the brain to determine “beauty.” In this study, study participants were presented with a series of four polygons and asked to rate them on a scale of 1 to 7 according to their vision. level of ugliness or beauty.

The shapes were a collection of shapes that you wouldn't normally come across in real life, one was a random shape, the second had mirror image symmetry and the final shape had rotational symmetry as the shape was rotated around a point either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The study authors found that the participants spent more time looking at the symmetrical polygon than other shapes, and preferred the mirrored image over other shapes.

Participants also preferred symmetrical shapes when viewed vertically rather than horizontally or from an angle, but in the world of rugs and carpets, this would make it seem as if producing a stunning design would be as simple as designing a vertical rug with a symmetrical design, and we can certainly find some examples of wonderful and unusual carpets that are used This principle.

Medallion carpets are one of the most common examples, which use horizontal and vertical symmetry that is executed with precision, this type explains the reason why people do not see the horizontally oriented design or put it in an angle, and many believe that this will not be possible in the vertical weaving loom, but it may be possible but you You never see it for some reason, and it just doesn't look right from an aesthetic point of view.

Symmetrical shapes are often considered more beautiful

Beauty and the human element

Although we can find examples that can use the principle of symmetry to weave wonderful carpets, there are also many examples of amazing tribal carpets that do not follow that formal rule of color combinations or symmetry. Its decorations, and even with some defects, we tend to like this type of carpet that resembles the innocence and simplicity of a child, so why are these beautiful rugs breathtaking like the official designs of schools?

The answer to this question is summed up in the word "sympathy". When we see these "imperfect" carpets, we see the man who woven them. It is a reflection of the elements that bind all of humanity. It is about building bonds between the human artist who weaved it and the human artist who watches it, because we realize that Human hands woven the fibers of the carpets, picked the plants for the colours, and the sheep that produced the wool, we see the human being behind every element of the carpet design.

The beauty of a great rug is that you can connect with an artist who no longer walks the earth, but you know they are there because you can touch and feel their work, you can stand on the same threads where those from the past stood and touch a part of their world, you can understand them a little bit more through the colors and the designs that they chose, by doing this, we can understand ourselves a little more also, we have come back to why millions of visitors every year visit simple cave paintings in France, this is the same reason we should have carpets produced during the Ottoman Empire, it is about with human connections and having something that transcends our place in time and history.

Even an unfinished rug can be considered beautiful

One last thought on beautiful rugs and even prettier rugs

In this article, we have presented two different methods to discover what makes some carpets more beautiful than others, through a scientific approach and a human approach. So what is the correct opinion? The answer is that both are correct, and both are incorrect, not always at least, because some people tend to formal carpets that achieve perfect symmetry and symmetry, while others prefer the imperfection that they find in primitive tribal carpets..

So there is no right or wrong answer, because everyone has different perspectives, and in these differences lies the essence of the beauty that makes us human.

Translated by: nazmiyalantiquerugs.com


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