Carpet stores: What are the most popular models currently being sold?

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Carpet stores: What are the most popular models currently being sold?

We expect that you are now in the process of changing the carpets of the house or perhaps you want to buy carpets for your new home, and you would prefer to have a good overview of what you will find in carpet stores, and it would be preferable if you found someone to help you choose.

The task of this article is to guide you when you are in the process of buying from carpet stores, so that you know well what are the currently popular styles that you will find waiting for you and how to choose the right carpet for you.

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  • Popular carpet trends right now
  • How to choose the right carpet style for you
  • How do you measure carpet quality?

    Popular carpet trends right now

    When you stroll through rug stores both offline and online, you are bound to see these trends everywhere:

    1. Aesthetic antique rugs

    This type of carpet still occupies the first place in the list of the most present pieces in carpet stores, as its beautiful appearance adds a special character to the room and depth to the floor. It is also characterized by ancient graphics such as motifs, flowers, and distinctive regular and graduated frames in size.

    1. Muted neutral rugs

    Muted neutral rugs are rugs with neutral colors and a faded pattern that blends easily with any decor. This type of rug may not look eye-catching, but it is elegant and versatile at the same time. If it is carefully coordinated and well planned with the surrounding furniture, it can be a simple charming piece that reflects the accuracy of the choice and the splendor of consistency.

    Muted neutral rugs are distinguished by the variety of shapes and color palettes available that are not limited to beige tones as some might imagine, but also include neutral shades such as gray, white, black, ivory, silver and gold.

    1. Animal skin rugs

    Animal skin carpets mean carpets that are inspired by animal skin, such as zebra stripes and leopard skin stripes. It is considered one of the forms of neutral carpets, but it is not completely silent like the previous type. On the contrary, it is characterized by bold graphics in carpets that immediately catch the eye, and is characterized by softness and a luxurious appearance . Animal skin rugs are expected to continue to be a strong presence in carpet stores, due to their amazing ability to blend easily into any room while giving it a special character and personality.

    1. Geometric shapes

    It is expected that you will see a lot of geometric shapes in carpet stores these days, for example various shapes such as diamonds, herringbone, arrows and small prints. These geometric and decorative patterns will continue to remain and are not expected to disappear soon.

    This type of carpet is distinguished by adding another dimension to the carpet that ordinary carpets do not have, despite that the few elegant lines do not distract attention from other pieces of furniture in the room’s décor, so it is a quiet and elegant piece at the same time.

    1. flat carpet

    Flat rugs or flat rugs are the most easy-to-clean and practical rugs for all parts of the home. They are an excellent choice for both indoors and outdoors, for example patio, garden and balcony. They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and hallways.

    How do you choose the right carpet style for you?

    When you search for the perfect carpet for the home in carpet stores, you will encounter three basic types of carpet design styles, namely: traditional carpets, contemporary carpets, and transitional carpets. Almost every carpet store has one or more pieces for each of these three styles.

    When you decide which style to choose, you first need to understand the differences between each style and another in order to choose the carpet that best suits your taste and the furniture that is already in the room as well.

    First: traditional carpets

    Traditional carpets are carpets that include various types of classic carpets , such as old European carpets, Persian carpets, and Arab carpets. They are characterized by exquisite motifs and details, as in the picture above, and sometimes depict a scene or snapshot of a life situation that has its roots dating back centuries, since the royal eras in many countries. country.

    At first glance, the traditional carpet gives a formal look to the room and blends comfort and luxury together, and it goes with warm wood colors and bronze decor in addition to luxurious ornate curtains, and it also goes with furniture with gentle curves and soft edges.

    Traditional carpets may come with a feminine character, depending on the subtlety of the design of its intricate details and colors, and may reflect a partially masculine appearance if its colors are deep and its shapes are dark. In the event that your home contains ancient wall paintings, chandeliers hanging from its ceiling, or decorated with crystals, candlesticks, and flowers, then traditional carpets will be an ideal choice that blends seamlessly with these luxurious pieces.

    Second: modern carpets

    Modern carpets are the carpets that emerged as a result of the twenty-first century’s human liberation from following the traditions of ancient methods of design that go back hundreds of years. Each piece of modern carpets has a unique character that reflects the personality of the person who buys it. It is easy to notice modern carpets immediately because it does not look like traditional carpets. It is characterized by simplicity and devoid of complex decorations.

    Modern carpets may come in a fun, artistic, formal or dreamy nature, and may use different shapes or geometric patterns and may contain bold inscriptions scattered throughout the carpet, or clear images of natural life, for example a plain design with a large flower in the middle that represents the only element in the carpet. the design.

    If the overall look of the house is modern and contemporary, then modern carpets are the ideal choice that will enhance this spirit in the design. But if you feel hesitant about choosing modern carpets, ask yourself what is your personality that you would like the appearance of the carpet to reflect? How do you feel when you enter the house? You may find that modern carpets have a convincing answer to these questions.

    Third: transitional carpets

    Unlike modern carpets, transitional carpets are difficult to detect easily because they contain elements of both traditional and contemporary designs. Nevertheless, it is the preferred method for many people because it does not force them to choose between two opposite sides, and it also combines the best components of both the traditional and contemporary styles. Easily matches many home decor.

    Transitional carpets have the same characteristics as traditional carpets but with a modern touch, reflecting the comfortable design of the classic style but moving away from the formal look, for example carpets with simple motifs or motifs that only center the piece without the edges, carpets with soft colors or warm wood tones, also noted The presence of fewer colors and a lighter contrast in transitional rugs, and this type of rug is considered a perfect and balanced blend between the masculine and feminine appearance.

    Transitional carpets, with their sophistication and calmness, are an ideal choice in quieter spaces such as the bedroom and the library, where they represent a haven of comfort and tranquility, but if you feel confused between traditional carpets and modern carpets, then transitional carpets are the solution because it combines the advantages of the two and is consistent with any decor.

    How do you measure the quality of pieces in carpet stores?

    When you're looking for a new piece in carpet stores, you want to buy a piece of carpet that will last and be worth the price tag of any quality carpet.

    What is high quality carpet?

    High-quality carpets are carpets in which the number of knots woven per centimeter is large and dense. You can calculate the number of knots in the back of the carpet yourself, as we shall see, but since more knots mean more time and effort, in addition to more raw material; This type of carpet is sold at a higher price.

    You can also know if the quality of the carpet is good or not by passing your hand over the surface of the carpet, as the thick texture and the high and dense pile mean that the carpet is of good quality. Notice also how the back of the carpet looks? If you notice wrinkles or imperfections in the way the fabric is stretched, color bleeding or fading compared to other areas, or you notice that the sides or ends are loose, then the carpet is of poor quality.

    This was the quick answer to how to ensure the quality of the carpets offered in carpet stores. As for the exact criteria that determine the quality of carpets, they are the following three criteria:

    • No. of nodes

    To calculate the number of knots in a carpet yourself, look at the back of it. You will notice many small squares of color on the back. Each one has a knot. Take a ruler and count the number of knots per centimeter. Count the number of knots vertically and horizontally (length and width), multiplying the two numbers will be the approximate number of knots per centimeter.

    In general, the number of knots in carpets ranges from 40 to 60 knots per centimeter, and if the number of knots exceeds 100, this means that the carpet is of the best quality. Do not be surprised if you know that some carpets of exceptional quality in the world contain more than one centimeter. than 400 knots!

    • thickness

    The thickness of the carpet refers to how high the pile is, the higher the pile, the longer the carpet will last before it frays. You will notice the thickness of the carpet as soon as your feet step on it, as you feel that the texture is deep, which means that the raw material used in manufacturing is more, and therefore the price of the piece is more expensive. The average pile height in carpets is about 15 millimeters.

    • density

    Density is the amount of fibers packed into a carpet weave, the denser the weave, the more the fibers support each other creating a stronger texture for the carpet. On the other hand, the dense texture means more difficulty for dirt to make its way to the base of the carpet and a weaker ability to crush the fibers and cut them slowly, so density plays an important role in determining the life span of the carpet, such as thickness.

    In order to measure the density of the carpet, try to stick your fingers directly into the fabric. Whenever you have difficulty reaching the base of the carpet, this is evidence that the fibers are dense.

    On the contrary, if the texture of the carpet is very soft and smooth when you put your fingers in it and your fingers touch its base easily, then this means that the pile density is weak, and it is expected to wear out quickly with high traffic. Which is subjected to heavy use, its fibers begin to expand compared to the sides of the carpet that are not subjected to high traffic.


    This was a quick guide to help you navigate rug stores both online and offline, learning about trending trends, common design styles, and some important tips before you buy. In light of the richness of the market with many shapes, colors and designs, it will be easy to find what you are looking for.

    We wish you a pleasant and successful shopping trip during which you will find the right carpet for your taste and space needs.

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