How do you try dark colors in your home?

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You may feel hesitant about using dark colors when it comes to your home décor. Although using these colors seems like a bold choice, adding a carpet or a distinctive carpet in grainy black, blue, charcoal gray, or a luxurious dark purple can add distinction to the space from other spaces. other in your home.

It's fun to combine shapes and dark colours, as you can make the space warm and welcoming, but also functional.

There is a common misconception about using dark colors that they make a room look smaller and dreary. Although it is not easy to use, this does not mean avoiding its use. The key to success in integrating dark colors into the decor is the place, and how to use the carpet or rug.

Here are the top tips for using dark colors in home decor:

  • Flooring often determines the style of a room, so adding a dark color rug in this space gives you plenty of options for incorporating contrasting colors in paints, furnishings, and interior accessories, all you have to do is think differently.
  • Dark tones are well suited for a boutique-style bedroom design, so don't be afraid to combine dark floors and walls to end up with a rich color palette, and with the addition of suitable furniture and furnishings, you get a romantic design (add for example taupe tones with shades of red) or go for a more mysterious feel by adding a blue rug!
  • Do you think the darker tones of the carpet will look "heavy" on the eye? That may sound true. The solution here is to furnish the room with light and bright furnishings, as neutral tones such as white and soft gray, and light tones on the wall help balance the space.
  • If you're not into blacks and grays, intense aubergines or reds make the same effect, especially in an entryway.

You can add a dark carpet to your home without worrying about it clashing with the rest of the furniture if you do it the right way. Search the Weft online store for the best rugs in multiple patterns and colors to suit different design trends.

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