Common Home Decor Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

اخطاء في الديكور المنزلي

No matter how ready we are to design home decor, we fall into some common decorating mistakes, so it would be appropriate to know what to look for in advance to avoid these design mistakes. In this article, we offer a number of mistakes and how to avoid them to help you design your home easily!

Rug size (too big or too small)

Finding the perfect large rug for a room can be confusing, you don't want a rug that's too big or too small, you just want the rug to fit just right! If the rug is too small, it will appear as if it is floating in the room, if it is too large, it will overwhelm the room and make the space feel smaller than it is. Choosing the right size rug for your room depends on your design goal, do you want your rug to be a focal point? In space or to be a distinctive piece?

The furniture is not suitable

A common decorating mistake occurs when people buy furniture at random before measuring the room properly. Finding the “perfect” piece of furniture is about more than just how good it looks, it has to fit perfectly in the space too. If you buy furniture that is too small, try arranging it on Diagonal first, this will help fill the space better.


The length of the curtain is very important, the curtains should not be floating above the ground nor should they extend to the fullest width, measure the width of your pole and then multiply it by two, in order to get the right fullness for your curtain, if you have a sheer curtain you can multiply it by three, it will vary depending on The Look Intended If you're looking for a more dramatic window-to-floor look, measure from post to floor, to save yourself wasted time shopping for home decor.

Wall pieces hanging incorrectly

Whether it's a mirror, a framed piece of art, or a large family picture, the height at which you hang it is important. Many times, people rush to hang art pieces too high, and then you have to look up when you want to view the piece. Instead, Choose to hang these items at eye level, if you are going to hang them above the sofa, measure 15cm up and hang them.

There is no focal point

People are often afraid to invest in a centerpiece, and their rooms lack a consistent look because of this. Rooms need a focal point and one way to do that is to create a unique centerpiece that will express your personal style. Accentuating pieces can include (but are not limited to) large artworks. Or mirrors or unique pieces of furniture.

decorative pillows

Decorative pillows are a great way to add color and personality to your living room or bedroom, however, if you neglect to clean them regularly, they will look dull and flat. This is a simple design flaw that should be remedied by flipping the pillows every time you clean the room.

Too many pictures and ornaments

You may love decorative pieces and hanging pictures, but don't let them take over your home! We're not urging you to get rid of these items that mean a lot to you but just be more strategic with where you put them and how many items you display When it comes to DIY try displaying just a few on the shelf You can always rotate them throughout the year which is fun because It will make your room look new every season, there is a great way to display pictures by making your wall art gallery, all you have to do is choose some pictures and switch them up whenever you want.

the color

There are two common mistakes about color: overuse and underuse Don't be afraid to use color, because in the end you will end up getting a beautiful room, but, also remember, you don't have to overuse color in your home. When starting out, try distinctive pillows, a vase of flowers, or a beautiful rug. You can also try painting a specific wall in a bold color!

Poor quality purchase

Buying a poor quality of furniture is not a good investment in the long run and with time you will realize that it was a bad idea, and you can feel a few weeks after the purchase, that the color is fading or that the structure is weak, all of these things and more can happen when the quality is neglected at all times. Cost Don't think of a piece of furniture as expensive, think of it as an investment When you invest in quality, it will last longer and provide you with comfort and style for years to come If you think about it, you will spend less in the long run when you invest in the right piece the time The first!

very formal

There is a fine line between elegance and a very formal look. When choosing furniture for your home, make sure it is elegant and functional at the same time. You want people to feel comfortable in your home, so create a welcoming environment. This does not mean that you give up an upscale and elegant space, just incorporate Balance in form and practicality.

Uncomfortable dining chairs

Any piece of furniture, including dining chairs, should not be uncomfortable. People should enjoy a meal without feeling the urge to eat as quickly as possible so they can get up from the hard seats. Choose chairs that have nice upholstery and offer comfort to the people sitting. on her.

Improper lighting

Lighting is very important in home decor, but it is often neglected or thought about later, we advise you to carefully consider your lighting options and choose the right one for your space and practical tasks, whether it is natural, general, spotlight or task lighting!

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