The basics of pre-buying carpet

اساسيات مرحلة ما قبل شراء السجاد

The warmth of the corners of the houses is often increased by the beautiful family gatherings, the breaths of the lovers, and the touches of the mothers, when the ovens are turned on, the bread is prepared, and the cooking is warm, in addition to woolen quilts and beautiful heavy blankets. Also, closing the openings through which cold air leaks increases the warmth of the house and prevents air leakage. There is no doubt that the need for home furnishing is inevitable for the purpose of warmth besides the aesthetic appearance that each of us dreams of having in his living space, among the following words you will find your desire to have a beautiful and warm place filled with love and family life in all its details, we will focus on carpet furnishings in particular While it is one of the most important winter furnishings that creates touches of luxury and increases the beauty of the house, it is distinguished by the diversity of its materials between what is suitable for summer or winter, which is known for its love of colors and warm materials that radiate heat and warmth.. Certainly the carpet contains a soft, textured layer that when trampled by the feet, the walker feels Above it with comfort and warmth, and most importantly, it traps warmth inside the house and prevents cold air from leaking from outside to inside and vice versa. It also prevents warmth from leaking into the house. out.

In order to achieve this, you must know the most important basics that determine the most appropriate before buying carpets:

The basics of pre-buying carpet

1. Carpet materials

  • The material differs from one type to another, as well as the patterns, in proportion to your own taste and the world of decoration, which is constantly changing until you find yourself in front of a group of ideas to search for what matches your preferences. In the winter, for example, you need carpets with the ability to home insulation and equipped with With multiple layers to serve the purpose, such as wool carpets, given that carpets made of wool are the best carpet materials and are a natural insulator, in addition to that thick carpets with multiple layers and high texture provide the best insulation ever, and give comfort, warmth, and softness underfoot and during touching or walking. above it.
  • Many experts also recommend adding a thermal base layer for more insulation, and this trick extends the life of the carpet. The underlayment protects the rug from wear and tear and prevents slipping and movement that may adversely affect the rug.
  • In the event that the carpet made of wool is too expensive for the budget of many, then experts recommend replacing it with the best types of carpets made of nylon or acrylic materials, although it does not have the advantages of its counterpart made of wool, but it serves the purpose in some way, and it can be provided at reasonable prices.

But we always suggest woolen material and carpets made of woolen fibers, even if it costs a lot. Because wool in carpets has advantages that are not available in other materials and fibers.

2. The size of the rug or carpet

The size or measurements of the carpet is one of the first and most important things that you should consider when choosing a carpet to fit the floors, and accordingly, you can prefer large carpets that cover all - or most - of the floor surface in the winter, and experts in international carpet houses recommend taking advantage of the offers In providing wool and fiber rugs in a wall-to-wall floor covering.

But if the large or large carpets that cover the entire floor are impractical, or not suitable for the shape or budget, you can suffice with coordinating several medium or small carpets, and matching them with the shape, colors and practical method suitable for your home furniture and the open spaces available for your furniture.

3. The density of the carpet texture

Paying attention to the density of rugs or carpets is essential when you are looking for a carpet to warm rooms, reception rooms and guests in cold periods. Look for those in which the number of textile stitches increases and their density increases than others, because the greater the number of stitches in the carpet or the greater the number of needles - as is common - Its density increased, and with it the degree of insulation it provides to the place, and indicates that a carpet with a low density will not prevent the cold or provide the required warmth, as does a carpet with a high number of stitches or with a large weaving density.

4. The weight of the rug and its underlayment

  • Additional cushions under the carpet increase the quality of the carpet and its suitability for the winter season. it increases insulation and raises the percentage of warmth in the place; Because it traps the warmth inside the house and prevents the cold rising from the floors from leaking out.
  • And carpets with a lot of density and many close stitches often reach an appropriate weight, given that residential carpets are supposed to weigh between 5 to 8 pounds per cubic foot.

5. Carpet thickness and suitability for your floor type

  • According to the instructions and opinions of the expert (Jim Kasser), the thicker the carpet and the cushions attached to it - or its lining - the thicker the greater the insulation and heating ratio, you can check the thickness by asking a specialist or looking and searching a lot before buying to decide what suits you best.
  • However, it should be noted that you have to choose carpets that are suitable for the type of floors in your home or the place to be carpeted. You can also read and view videos that enable you to determine the appropriate materials and thickness for your floors, whatever their type: marble, tiles, ceramics, parquet... or others.

You can provide your home with the carpets it needs according to your budget and according to the materials that suit you thanks to the Wift carpet store , as it provides you with the best types of luxurious carpets in various shapes, colors, and manufacturing materials from Turkish, Ajami, Egyptian, and more, in addition to the national carpets , after studying the matter well and determining all your needs, make your decision And start buying our carpets online at the right price so that your vision of the beauty of your home is complete.


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