For lovers of authenticity: your comprehensive guide to classic carpets

اشكال سجاد كلاسيك

For lovers of authenticity: your comprehensive guide to classic carpets

Classic carpets are the most common types of carpets that testify to one of the oldest crafts in the world, which is carpet making. Every nation has excelled throughout the ages in making its unique and distinctive patterns in carpet design. The classic carpet was the heir of these patterns to this day. Some even see it as a historical masterpiece in itself.

What are its types and how can it be coordinated with different home decorations? We will discuss these ideas in the following lines.


  • What does classic carpet mean?
  • Learn more about Arabic carpets
  • The difference between classic carpets and modern carpets
  • 7 tips for perfectly laying classic carpets
  • The right way to use a classic red carpet
  • How to mix classic carpets with modern decor

    What does classic carpet mean?

    Classic carpets are carpets with a distinctive traditional design that includes intricate motifs, flowers, decorations, large details, and distinctive borders. They are dominated by bold colors such as dark blue, dark red, and rich gold. They are usually made of wool, silk, or cotton.

    Classic carpets are divided into different categories, such as Arab carpets, Persian carpets, oriental carpets, and other classic categories from different geographical regions. However, these categories share that their historical roots go back centuries, as they began to appear in the royal eras that these countries went through.

    This great diversity enriches the classic carpet market with many pieces, one of which is sure to blend with your home decor effortlessly. Classic carpets can be placed in different places of the house from the balcony to the kitchen, as it gives the floor softness and comfort in a unique way, and it also gives a formal appearance. To the room but warm at the same time, this explains why the classic carpet piece often occupies the floor of the reception and living rooms more than anywhere else, and it also integrates with the decoration that is in the furniture in a unique and elegant way.

    Learn more about Arabic carpets

    Arab carpets are one of the basic categories of classic carpets, as they are famous for their bright colors and complex designs, and are characterized by interlocking geometric shapes, floral motifs, palmettes, and flowers, which are styles not found in other regions of the world. To this day it remains an integral part of interior spaces throughout the Islamic world, even in its simplest form, the prayer rug.

    The diverse borders of the Islamic world over the centuries and the various external cultural influences from Persia and Turkey to Europe and the countries of the Levant left their mark on the carpet industry. In addition to the local designs of the Bedouins who moved from one region to another, they picked up different designs through their travels.

    Arabic handmade carpets are one of the prominent handicrafts that are passed down from generation to generation. It also occupies a prominent place in folklore and mythology. We notice this in the story of Aladdin and his flying magic carpet.

    The design of Arab carpets depends mostly on a central component that is divided into a group of smaller and more complex sections within the design, which in turn are gradually divided into smaller sections. This model results in a unique degree of depth and complexity that gives it a captivating appearance for fans of originality to this day.

    The difference between classic carpets and modern carpets

    One of the most important questions people ask when buying carpets: What is the difference between classic carpets and modern carpets? They inquire about various aspects such as texture, colors, design, appropriate interior design style, etc. In the following points, we will make a quick comparison between the two types to help you make the right decision:

    • Weaving: Wool is the main fabric for making classic carpets, while cotton and silk are the most common fabrics for making modern carpets.
    • Colors: The classic carpet is characterized by calm and rich multi-colors, while the modern carpet includes two or three colors at most.
    • Design: Traditional and ancient graphics and regular edges are the most prominent features of classic carpets, while huge and spaced geometric shapes are the most common shapes in the design of modern carpets.
    • Decoration style: Classic decor with wooden furniture, traditional curtains, and many details is the best choice for classic carpets, while modern decor that cares about making the space appear larger is most suitable for modern carpets.

    7 tips for laying classic carpets in a perfect way

    If you don't know how to start blending your classic rug into your home furnishings, here are 7 tips:

    1. Place them where furniture has gentle curves and soft edges, the same goes for wall paintings, chandeliers, and sconces. If the classic carpet has a bold design, it should be paired with distinctive pieces of furniture in order to harmonize with each other, but if its colors are soft and neutral, then quiet furniture is the ideal match for it.
    2. The feminine touch in classic carpets is related to the complexity of the details, while the deep colors and dark graphics impart a bold masculine character to the carpet.
    3. Choose furniture with a square and rectangular shape instead of triangular or L-shaped shapes, and if the furniture is small in size, place it on one end of the carpet so that you can freely employ the side spaces of the carpet.
    4. Green plants inside a tall, gold-tone metal vase are the perfect addition to a classic rug as they will brighten and enhance the deeper designs of it.
    5. If you compare classic carpets with modern carpets, make sure that the classic carpet is the basis of the decor.
    6. Choose colors so that they complement each other, for example, if you used beige carpets , add some purple accessories to achieve balance.
    7. For the rug to act as the focal point of the room, choose a rug size that leaves some space and doesn't cover the entire floor.

    The right way to use a classic red carpet

    The red carpet appears to be the master of the classic carpet and its main address, however, upon its acquisition, you may feel confused as to how you will design your room around this bold piece. Review these practices to help you design the room with delicate balance:

    First: Choose the appropriate sub-colors

    Each classic red carpet includes other sub-colors in its design, so before buying a red carpet, think first about what colors prevail in the room, then choose a carpet with at least one or two of these colors.

    Second: Choose a rich color wall paint

    Safety may matter and consider choosing a white color to paint the walls of the room, but this rich red carpet needs a rich paint color as well (olive for example). If you decide to use patterned wallpaper, place it on only one distinct wall adjacent to the window to allow enough light to enter.

    Third: Choose neutral large pieces of furniture

    The eye needs to feel relief from the brightness, boldness, and rich textures that the red carpet has. Therefore, make sure that the colors of the large pieces of furniture (for example, the sofa) are neutral colors.

    Fourth: make some commonalities

    In order for the classic red carpet to blend gracefully with the room, choose the colors of the accessories to match the sub-colors in the carpet, for example the vase, the pillows, etc.

    How to mix classic carpets with modern decor

    In light of the overwhelming popularity and the great revival of modern décor in recent times, the concern of everyone who wants to buy classic carpets is how to mix them with modern furniture so that the two look great? Here's more than one way to mix the classic rug with modern furniture to get an attractive and sophisticated decor at the same time:

    Reduce the intensity of the modern

    If you are a fan of the modern style so that it has become the only type of decoration in the house, then you face a great challenge, which is monotony. Add a classic carpet to the place in order to solve this challenge easily. The carpet will be an eclectic piece that gives the decor distinction and gives a special, intimate character to the cold decor, as well. in the previous photo.

    Add them to a monochromatic room

    It is a dramatic way to place a classic carpet with modern décor, for example, choose white furniture so that it is a monochromatic background for the classic carpet, which will add a strong splash of color to the design.

    Put opposites together

    The contrast between shapes and colors is one of the successful ways to mix modern and classic designs together, for example, round-shaped furniture with a classic square rug, a white palette with color gradations with a classic bright-colored rug, furniture with a hard plastic surface that contrasts with the soft texture of the carpet, and so on.

    Mix rugs

    There is no problem in mixing different types of carpets to finally get a compatible and elegant look, for example, put a modern carpet with zebra stripes on the stairs, then use a classic oriental carpet in the entrance overlooking it, make sure to link the two carpets together by choosing the color of the wall paint So that looks like both of them together.

    Another method for mixing classic carpets with modern carpets is to pair the two, whatever the components of the design (flowers, patterns, and classic motifs versus modern geometric, abstract, and irregular shapes). The important consideration in this case is to ensure that there is a common color denominator between the two.

    Modern panels are a perfect friend of classic rugs

    Modern decor relies on carpets and paintings as an outlet to add colors to the room's neutral appearance, so add to the decor a modern rich wall painting to form, along with the classic carpet, a color harbor to entertain the eye. This idea will be particularly successful in monochromatic white or ivory rooms.

    Small rugs have a special character

    Use small classic carpets in distinctive modern spaces such as the guest reception room or the marble bathroom floor. Small colorful carpets will add vitality to them in the midst of the cool modern atmosphere.

    Neutrality also works

    The wide variety of classic carpets allows you to find a carpet with neutral colors. This carpet is suitable for modern decor with neutral colors as well, as it gives it warmth and some visual appeal.

    Balance warmth with functionality

    Classic carpets can be an appropriate addition to places that contain a lot of electrical appliances, such as the kitchen. These places are characterized by metal surfaces and modern storage units that make you feel separated from the interior design environment of your home. Here comes the role of classic carpets to add personality to the place and some warmth. and interconnection with other rooms of the house.


    Classic carpets have their lovers, and they are many. No matter how diverse and modern carpet formations are, classic carpets still have a special elegance with charm and beauty from the past. Putting a classic carpet in the house, whatever the interior design style, is no longer a challenge, as it only needs to take into account some subtle factors, as we mentioned above, to become an antique masterpiece that decorates the house.




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