How to use carpets to change the decor of your home to welcome the holy month of Ramadan

افكار رائعة لتجهيز ديكور رمضان بطرق بسيطة

How to use carpets to change the decor of your home to welcome the holy month of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the holy and dear occasions for Muslims, and when it accepts its spiritual atmosphere and its warmth that pervades homes, family members, the eldest and the youngest, gather around the Qur’an, and as soon as the sighting of the crescent is announced, everyone goes to the mosques, carrying special prayer rugs to join the first prayer Taraweeh after longing for a whole year.

Most families like to equip their homes with distinctive Ramadan decorations before the advent of this holy month, which comes dear and leaves quickly, so they treat it well in their homes and hearts as much as possible, and the most important elements of these decorations are furniture and carpets.

Perhaps you are confused, and you would like to get beautiful ideas to decorate your home and prepare the decor for the reception of the holy month, whether that is with carpets, furnishings, luminous electric ropes, ready-made or handmade lanterns... and other ideas, we are here today to help you with that, we ask you to continue reading To know more...

Do I allocate a special carpet for Ramadan?

The answer is: Yes, we will talk about the importance of this for us as Muslims, and how this will affect the performance of worship, the commitment of children and all members of the household, and the celebration of the holy month.

When Ramadan begins in the Arab countries, all people, even non-Muslims, pay attention to its advent and its specificity, because of the great spiritual energy that it affects cities and streets, and because of the religious incantations that fill the markets and means of transportation, and because of the sounds of prayer, reading the Qur’an, and the Qur’an carried in the hands of people everywhere. .

The truth is that the furnishings that are spread in Ramadan of various materials, types, or items are striking, especially in Ramadan, and if you acquire them, you will find yourself compelled to change them after the end of the holy month; This is in order to preserve the privacy and aesthetics of the holy month.

And because we know that not everyone will be able to single out special carpets for Ramadan and all other occasions, we will suggest, next to our proposals for carpets, some decorations that are added to furnishings, furniture and carpets, so that you feel that you have renewed it for Ramadan in particular.

The many details in Ramadan decorations start from the streets, the facades of houses and shops, and the sales booths dedicated to Ramadan, its food and its furnishings, and extend to changing the decorations and the spirituality of souls and hearts and completely renewing them in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Proposals to change the decor of your home in preparation for the advent of the month of Ramadan

First, when you think about changing the decorations of your home in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, you must determine the general taste that you would like to dominate the place, and determine your budget with which you will purchase things and preparations. Secondly, and finally, based on the two previous considerations, you will determine the places from which you will buy your supplies.

And most importantly, all family members, the mother and father, share with the children and the grandparents as well... and all those who share homes, it is preferable that they participate in preparing and preparing the house for Ramadan, so that everyone feels the greatness of the next guest and the beauty of its atmosphere and notes.

Here is a variety of different ideas and suggestions that help you prepare your home and different spaces to receive the holy month of Ramadan:

1. Setting up a Ramadan tent

There is no doubt that you have heard about the tent materials or inscriptions attributed to the term Ramadan tent, which is a term given to a place resembling a tent, and therefore it acquired this name. On many creative, religious, entertainment, educational and other paragraphs.

You can set up a Ramadan tent in the garden of your house, on the roof, on the balcony, or even in an empty room in the house, and you can, according to your capabilities, get your own Ramadan tent in the utmost beauty, then receive family, visitors and friends in it, and spend Ramadan nights full of remembrance and spirituality.

Determine the place where you will set up your Ramadan tent, and start preparing its walls and corners with carpets and tent fabrics, or plastic and leather mattresses that serve the purpose, and cover the floor with a carpet of Islamic carpets engraved with Islamic geometric shapes and motifs, Ramadan shapes such as crescents, stars, interlocking geometric shapes, domes, arches...etc.

Provide the place with some high or low tables, according to the mattresses or seats that you allocate for the place. Some prefer floor mattresses and mattresses, and others prefer high sofas or plastic or wooden chairs.

Place beautiful tent cloth tablecloths on tables and on the backs of chairs, choose pile leather rugs or fur rugs in appropriate colors for the setting, and choose white with any other colors of your choice to use to show off the lighting cords.

After distributing the pieces of carpets, he distributed pillows with gilded and silver Ramadan embroidery over them, and others with Khayamiyya material.

Provide the place with prayer rugs that are arranged, folded beautifully, and arranged on a platform of their own, and add some Qurans to them as well.

2. Equipping the Ramadan worship corner with Islamic carpets

Allocate a corner in the house for worship, and place a sign bearing its title, and let it be: (the chapel) or (the mosque), then start preparing it in a way that befits the worship of Ramadan and the humbling atmosphere, and do not exhaust yourself with thinking, costs and details, it is enough to allocate for that goal one of the corners in the living room or in the hall the home.

Spread an Islamic-style carpet on the floor, and choose a shape similar to mosque carpets, made of polyamide that will last for many years and withstand heavy use.

It is preferable that the carpet floor also be equipped with felt, which provides thermal and sound insulation and protects against slipping and movement, thus increasing the atmosphere of reverence in this corner, and we choose the color that everyone agrees on and prefers, and it is equipped with some beautiful Islamic inscriptions.

If you do not allocate a special rug for this corner, whether with an Islamic inscription or plain without any inscriptions, then provide the place with prayer rugs that will remain furnished all the time on the floor or on the previously furnished rugs or rugs.

Put in the place a small library with some Qurans, and you may also add religious books and simplified stories of the prophets if you have children, and do not forget to put Quran holders in the place as well, and add one or more chairs for the elderly who cannot pray standing.

Distribute some cushions to place the Qur’an on top of them as well as a kind of decoration, and let the cushions be covered with tent or white bedspreads embroidered with gold and silver, with shapes such as domes and minarets, or stars and crescents, or lanterns and words of blessing on the advent of Ramadan.

Some paintings or “tablets” can be placed on the walls, which constitute verses or hadiths about the virtues of the blessed month of Ramadan and about the virtues of fasting, worship and night prayers. Gilded decorations can also be placed bearing phrases such as: “Ramadan Mubarak” or “Every year, you are closer to God.”

Do not forget to provide the place with drinking water only, with the need to prevent food from entering this corner completely, so that it remains for worship only. Add some water for those who need it to use it after breaking the fast and during the qiyam prayer or remembrance and recitation during the nights of Ramadan.

Provide in the place a small corner or a special hanger for hanging coats, hats, veils, and prayer robes used by women and girls.

It was agreed with all family members that each member should prepare an Islamic lesson periodically (interpretation of a verse, the story of a prophet, a story from the biography, a story from the followers’ stories, a reason for the revelation of the verses, an explanation of an honorable hadith of the Prophet ... etc. of ideas) to explain to others in This corner is in a family circle that is held daily in the holy month.

3. Ramadan decorations and furnishings

Preparing the whole house to receive the blessed month of Ramadan must be a very beautiful idea.

You may not be able to make a Ramadan tent, or even prepare a large center for worship, but you can still give your home a great atmosphere in the blessed month of Ramadan, and in order to create this beautiful atmosphere, we will give you some suggestions:

- Choose some pieces of Islamic carpets with Islamic motifs between arches, doors, crescents and stars, or beautiful architectural shapes and distribute them in the living room, guest rooms, bedrooms and the kitchen.

A suitable piece of leather carpet with fur and leather can be placed on the dining table, and on top of it some suitable decorations such as gilded lanterns, vases, or dishes for the table.

Place heat-resistant placemats over the dining table with a Ramadan pattern or small-sized rugs made of jute, rattan, or even wool.

- Distribute some Ramadan tablecloths on the backs of table chairs, the backs of sofas and seats, and on the edges of various pieces of furniture.

- Choose some dishes and household utensils that bear the shape and shape of Ramadan: dishes in the shape of stars, dishes in the shape of a crescent and a dome with a minaret, trays bearing pictures of lanterns and mosques... and others that increase your feeling of the month.

- Distribute some bright lanterns with colors suitable for the colors of your furniture and decor, and do not forget to decorate the kitchen in which women stand a lot during Ramadan. The whole house can also be decorated with ropes of light in white, yellow or colored colors according to your taste and what is available.

Gift relatives, friends, and some of the needy with Ramadan decorations and some aid to share with them the joy and the atmosphere.

You can wrap the Qur’an in leather or cloth Ramadan covers embroidered with beautiful Ramadan phrases, or even with the names of household members.

Tips to help choose the right Ramadan rugs


  1. The Islamic system or style was adopted in choosing the carpets suitable for receiving the holy month, which are decorated with drawings and geometric shapes that are brilliantly intertwined, in addition to stars, crescents, mosques or domes with minarets and arches of mosque gates.
  2. You can diversify the colors and choose what you like and like; Because Ramadan carpets will be used for a specific time, then lifted and hidden for the next Ramadan, and Islamic carpets in general are made with excellent techniques and durable materials.
  3. If you do not renew your carpets or customize carpets for the holy month, you can get pieces of different carpet coverings and distribute them over your regular carpets, in your kitchen, entrance to your home, in the reception room and under the table, it does not cost much, but it does the trick.
  4. Also, do not forget to prepare prayer rugs of various sizes, fold them, then perfume them and put them in beautiful Ramadan wrappers to distribute and use at home.


The month of Ramadan comes and leaves with a glimpse, and that is why we try to live it with all possible details, and we try to receive it with a wonderful reception that befits its spirituality and reverence, but at the same time we prepare our hearts and ourselves morally to be pious, so we increase our acts of worship and obedience in these numbered days.

The true Muslim is keen in this atmosphere to combine the beauty of the place and the form, and the beauty of his worship, fasting, morals and remembrance.

Happy new year, blessing and closeness to God

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