Spanish Colonial Interior Design

الطراز الاسباني

The wonderful "Spanish Colonial Design" blends the style of architecture with the style of interior design. This style is one of the oldest design styles in the United States of America, and it was popular there 400 years ago, starting with the Spanish settlement of Florida, California, and a large part of the southwest. He caught up with this style over the years, but he kept his amazing aesthetic as always. In this article, we will explore the history of Spanish Colonial interior design and how you can incorporate it into your home décor.

The roots of Spanish colonial interior design

Over the course of about 200 years from the seventeenth century to the nineteenth century, this style spread throughout the United States of America and was popular after the Spaniards brought architectural and design elements with them from their original homeland, and this style was inspired by different eras of Spanish design such as: the Spanish Baroque era and Moorish Revival, and combined with North American styles and styles such as Mexican, Mayan, and Aztec as well.

Although this style has disappeared in many regions of America over the years, it is still common in California and is almost synonymous with its architecture. In addition, many California buildings were designed in the style of architecture inspired by the churches built by Spanish settlers in the state. .

Spanish Colonial Interior Design Elements

Visually, Spanish Colonial interior design is similar to Mediterranean interiors. The color palette for this style usually includes blues, greens, and neutral colors like white, brown, terracotta, red, and orange are used in this design a lot, whether it's floors and countertops, or just plain tones. terracotta.

Spanish Colonial interior design makes extensive use of terracotta colors

The Colonial Spanish design style is also characterized by a lot of texture and visual depth, and wall finishes provide a visually interesting look, and contain many elements, such as iron, stone, ceramics, pottery, and copper.

Spanish Colonial design uses decorative items such as pottery and vases

Spanish colonial decor

Spanish colonial design uses materials such as pottery, urns, vases, plants extensively in the design, and we can also find glazed tiles and mosaics, which are used in Moroccan interior design.

If the home is in the Religious Missionary Revival style, you may find stained glass windows. Textiles are of greater importance in this style, and are hung in the walls as murals, or covered with furniture such as the dining table, living room sofas, and there is no doubt that you will find carpets on the floor because the antique Spanish carpets make the design authentic and historical.

The Spanish colonial interior features rugs and tapestries

You can emulate the Spanish Colonial architecture style in your interior decor even if your house is not built in this style, either design an entire space, or go further (design your entire house in this style) using some elements that you may use as a source for inspiration,

And the best way to incorporate a little or a lot of this style is with a Spanish rug!

At the end of the article, we collected examples of beautiful Spanish rugs for you:

antique spanish rug

Antique Spanish rug with animal design

Antique spanish rug for room decor

Antique Spanish pile rug

Large Antique Green Spanish Savonnerie Rugs

Square antique Spanish rug

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