Spring carpets, joy, freshness and lightness that fill your home with life


Spring carpets, joy, freshness and lightness that fill your home with life


Spring brings with it all beauty, bright colors, delicate materials, and refreshment in a moderate atmosphere. It is undeniable that spring is sweet to keep up with it and be in harmony with the colors of nature in it, whether in clothes, furnishings, and others.

Many of us do not find enough time to enjoy the atmosphere, nature and spring colors outside the home, so they bring the atmosphere inside their homes with decorations and furnishings, and the distribution of spring plants on balconies, windows, corridors of the house, and even kitchens and bathrooms.

In this article, we will help you coordinate your home and prepare it to keep up with the spring, and create your own beautiful spring inside the house with suitable furnishings and modern colors. We will also talk about colors, shapes, and materials suitable for spring, to help you decorate your home spaces with ease.

Choose cheerful spring colors

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about choosing the spring season is that you will not have to follow strict laws and rules in everything related to carpets. Rather, you will only follow your taste and mood in choosing the colors that make you happy, and choose what suits your budget, needs, style, and models that you prefer, and you will not have to search in dozens of laws and guidelines.

Get rid of the gloom of winter and change its colors directly, stay away from anything dark, completely exclude dark colors, and let your home and spaces shine in the welcome of spring, to feel its wonderful atmosphere, its light and gentle materials, its refreshing scents and its delightful fragrances.

When you start the spring cleaning campaign in your house and your spaces around the house, in the balconies, entrances, corridors, gardens, halls of the house, bedrooms, living rooms, and rooms in general, and this is in itself a pleasant and refreshing thing, it must be at this time that you will start thinking about spring decorations, and you will think about how to add A bright spring look in all the nooks and crannies of your home, after more than 6 months in which you got tired of the gloom of autumn and winter colors and longed for the joy of colors here and there.

You can choose light rugs made of nice cold materials, and stay away from heavy, insulating carpets. To allow the fresh spring air to seep into your home and spaces, look for rugs and carpets made of cotton textures that match the lightness of the season.

And about the spring touches that can be obtained using spring colors, we recommend: light colors in general, such as pink colors in different shades, cold violet and lilac color that enhance the feeling of psychological comfort, calmness and depth, sky blue, greenish turquoise blue, and light green or cool green in particular, Yellow and orange in cold degrees, as if they were mixed with white to extinguish their warmth and heat, and even their ignition, while avoiding the bright ones completely. Choose carpets that bear spring paintings with very light gray floors, and very light white or earthy stripes that carry the color of the earth in a calm and cool degree.

As for dark colors, we advise you to stay away from them completely. When choosing carpets and rugs for the spring season, try to escape from black and navy pieces and avoid choosing carpets in red, dark brown or petroleum colors, as well as dark gray and dark red or purple colors, as all these colors still carry the atmosphere of winter with their closure.

Materials suitable for spring carpets

Spring is unique in soft, light materials such as Chinese cotton and silk, next to kilim rugs, as well as light and practical plastic rugs or treads, and other leather rugs decorated with luxurious silk pile.

As for natural carpets made of Chinese cotton, it is the softest material, and it is soft, suitable for the lightness and touch of spring, very easy to clean, versatile, with a casual appearance, and is available in endless colors, and its patterns are numerous, and its designs are many and varied. Very simple and thin, finally it can be folded, washed, stored and replaced frequently without problems.

Tips for choosing spring carpets according to the place

While most people prefer to keep homes without mattresses or carpets on the floors, especially at the start of the spring season when warm weather begins to infiltrate the area, we find others, as we mentioned above, who like to bring the atmosphere of spring into the house.

In the spring, we choose the shape and colors of the piece according to the place in which we will furnish it, and according to its exposure to air currents, the sun, and traffic on it, and it is taken into account that light colors, despite their great joy, are quickly polluted, pick up dark colors, and leave foot and shoe marks on them, and this is not pleasant, but it can be dealt with, of course. or avoid it in one way or another.

Below we talk about the appropriate pieces, colors and materials according to the place to be covered with carpets in the spring:

Outdoor spaces and open spaces

Beautiful weather means more opportunities to sit outside and enjoy nature up close, but to choose the appropriate carpet we suggest the following, bearing in mind that carpets for outdoor spaces complement the landscape of nature and do not cancel it, so let's move away from the many details.

There are carpets made of artificial grass or “grass” of green color, and some of them can be laid and used in the outdoor spaces, and the various balconies around the house, whether on the upper or lower floors, or even on the roofs of the houses. Green in the spring, this type of carpet gives them its feel and is generally not very expensive.

As for the wide balconies or the so-called “roofs”, more than one piece can be used, whether of artificial grass, or cotton carpets and rugs made of light materials such as kilim, silk carpets, and leather, and they are distributed according to the general decoration, and whether there are swings or rocking chairs in that balcony. Or bamboo or plastic seats... according to the taste, mood and personality of the population in general.

Interior spaces and corridors

It is known that the corridors are the most frequented places in the house, and the movement over them is often repeated all the time, whether during the day or at night, and therefore we choose the colors of the spring carpets that will be placed in them with caution and attention to these matters, and in order not to be exposed to pollution all the time, so we have to wash them more than once It faded and lost its freshness.

In this regard, we suggest that you follow one of two methods: the first / which is to choose more than one piece of small size and place it in an aesthetic way that does not cover the whole place, with bright, delightful colors, but to move away from white and very light colors, while the second method / is to allocate colored rugs with overlapping colors, or pieces Leather mats with plastic or silk and cotton fabric over them, for daily use, with other bright spring colors to be placed in times of interruption of visits or rationing of movement over them.

Bathroom and kitchen rugs

It is preferable to allocate more than one mat for bathrooms, with bright colors that withstand use, or colored rugs in overlapping colors, but with a preference to provide more than one piece or more than one set for each bathroom and each kitchen. Because the use of kitchens and bathrooms in general is different from the rest of the house.

Grass green, cold violet, sky blue, beige, pink with white are preferred. Gray can be included in all colors of bathroom carpets. As for kitchens, non-bright yellow and orange colors or any bright color that is in harmony with the colors of kitchen decor in general is preferred.

Living and bedroom carpets

Parents spend most of the time in the living rooms, and therefore it is suitable for them in the spring season, carpets in which bright colors pronounce and overlap in a beautiful practical way, and that withstand frequent use, especially if the room’s furniture is dark in color and with the presence of television, the children study sometimes and eat some snacks between time And another, since most of the family's activity takes place in these rooms, especially if the number of family members is large.

As for the bedrooms, light cotton carpets with bright colors can be satisfied with them. They are mostly used only during sleep or during cleaning, and therefore they remain one of the cleanest places, hence the choice of cool colors is appropriate for these rooms, such as carpets with coastal colors, bright colors such as cold pink and violet, turquoise, and tree green, which are The right colors that give a unique vitality to the bedrooms in the spring.

Guestroom carpeting

The guest rooms are unique with spring carpets pampered with silk, and if the area of ​​​​the guest rooms is large, they can be provided with more than one piece in the seating areas, table tables, and chairs distributed for sitting.

It is preferable to choose bright colors that are in harmony with the colors of the sofas, furniture and curtains. It is also possible to place more than one beautiful piece of carpet at the entrance of the rooms to the seating areas. It is preferable that they be in distinctive colors and shapes that act as a passage for guests heading towards the sofas and seats.

Choose from spring designs that resemble your personality and express you

Because spring is the starting season for most plants and flowers, and the season for the proliferation of creatures and animals that were completely hidden during the fall and winter seasons, personalities who love life, release and expression are worthy of designs that overflow with life and are in fact suitable for spring, such as: blooming flowers, and bold roses in expression About beauty, openness, the desire to hike, and the love of life.

There are also many designs that express the most daring and outgoing personality, which highlight their preferences with special designs and automatically choose them, such as intricate flowers and overlapping panels in bright and cheerful colors, as well as medals and rare pieces, in clear and bold pink colors, cheerful yellow colors, or more clear blue colors .

Even in the bold clear spring; There are somewhat mysterious personalities, such as these personalities who choose the mysterious beauty, which needs interpretation, such as surrealist paintings, and marine and coastal paintings that contain a hint of an anticipated adventure hidden in the details, as well as spring rugs that carry overlapping colors and do not express anything clear in particular.

Tips for maintaining and cleaning spring carpets

  1. You must know that the weight of the furniture may affect the carpet and cause unwanted marks, so it is recommended to keep the legs of the furniture slightly away from the carpet.
  2. Vacuum the carpet daily, or at the latest weekly if the carpet is not exposed to daily use. Vacuuming is most effective if the vacuum bag is less than half empty or full. More than that makes it less efficient.
  3. Remove unpleasant odors first, choose fresh essential oils, and spring suits those scents that resemble sugar, fruits, and vanilla. You can add two drops of essential oil to baking soda, then sprinkle it on the carpet and leave it for ten minutes, then sweep it to enjoy the beautiful scent, and keep the rest of the mixture in a box glass to use when needed.
  4. Never give up on deep cleaning Every once in a while, don't miss out on our deep cleaning tips and deep clean your spring carpets according to their material before storage to prevent the growth of mold, mites, and upholstery bugs.

Spring is finally here, what are you waiting for? There is no more suitable time than this to renew your relationship with life and change the place around you with simple and inexpensive means and movements that make you feel alive and help you overcome the gloom and closure of the winter season. Fill your home and spaces with life and joy with the colors and materials of spring.



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