How do you incorporate shades of gray into your interior design?

اللون الرمادي في الديكور
Interior designers agree that white and brown colors have received great attention in home design, but gray is often less common, although it is versatile and is one of the beautiful, comfortable and functional colors in the home!
Here's how to incorporate shades of gray into your décor.

shades of grey
If you want to use a monochromatic style, combine several shades of gray throughout the living room, for example, and you will get a very moderate, elegant and calm look, but take into account other complementary shades such as yellow, light brown and misty blue when choosing gray.
Chalky grey
This color is characterized by beauty and softness, and helps to greatly reduce the effect of contrasting walls in its design. You can choose a light pink color that complements this gray color to reach a contemporary design style between sharpness and elegance.

pink and gray
Consider adding a mixture of dusty gray and pink in the living room or bedroom. The combination may seem bold when you see it for the first time, but it has an elegant and soft effect if the right color tones are chosen. Also try gray sofas and chairs with bright pink touches.

white and gray
If you are not inclined to simplicity and want a more daring and dynamic design and are still interested in the elegance of the decor, we suggest adding gray tones to your home decor with a white pattern, then color the room with the rest of the bright and attractive colors, beautiful plants, art paintings on the wall, and try adding a shade of gray such as a vase to create a contrasting effect.
We hope these tips will inspire you to create a beautiful décor using cool and varied grays. How will you use shades of gray in the look of your design? Tell us your perception in the comments below.
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