The use of earthy colors in the dark rooms of the house

تنسيق الالوان الترابية

earthy colours

Brown or earthy is one of the most common colors in nature, and also one of the most versatile. While brown may not seem like an exciting choice, there is a universal appeal to this color and its various shades.
In this article, we present an example of a dark room, which is the second image below, which we will assume that you have previously furnished it with a light carpet, and you found that it did not suit your taste. This carpet gives you the opportunity to experiment with brown or earthy colors and try to improve the appearance of the current space.
So we will give you examples of six rugs that you can design with to have the best possible experience with these distinctive colors.

  1. In the two rugs below, for example, which are lightweight rugs by the way, their colors are medium-toned and can create a very nice contrast in a room.

2. As for this rug in the photo below, it has a somewhat unusual pattern, but its design is attractive, which adds an artistic dimension to the space.

3. The three rugs below are beautiful and make a great decorative addition to a room, especially the dark rug. Which one do you think is more appropriate?

In fact, any of these carpets can be a suitable option, but it is important to think in the long term, as we may use the carpet in another space, or we may have to change the furniture later.

Earthy colors, and neutral-colored carpets are an ideal choice because they pretty much complement everything, and the key is to have enough furniture that is soft in texture and appearance when choosing this type of carpet, so that the decor does not look dull and dark!

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