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What is the first step in preparing a new home? Coordinating carpets first or furniture? In order to find yourself in the midst of a creative design, you have to know where your steps begin. Some designers suggested that the choice of carpet should be based on the color of the furniture, and not the other way around, because there are multiple options in the world of carpets. Coordinating carpets with sofas, walls, and curtains takes over the most focused space for women to live A painted painting that includes her preferences in style and colors. Follow the following words to be more able to determine your home's furniture needs. .

What is the importance of carpets?

The carpet is the most prominent piece of furniture that directly affects the general appearance of the place, as it falls under the category of coordinating the interior decoration with the wall between dark and light to create a bright space and create a link between all the pieces such as sofas in the boardrooms or bedroom furniture with colors and patterns in If it is present on the wall with the material of the brushes and the pattern that suits it in the desired space, in addition to the other benefits of the presence of carpets:

1. It gives warmth and comfort to homes, offices, schools, and everywhere in it

2. It reduces the possibility of damage to the floors underneath and can save you money in the long run.

3. Thermal insulation by trapping air between its fibers to help keep a room warmer in cold times

4. Sound insulation and noise reduction while walking, especially in crowded places such as schools and offices

How to coordinate the carpet with the wall

Both carpets and walls are among the most important factors affecting the aesthetic appearance of any home’s décor, so it is essential that they complement each other. When you choose a carpet for your room, take into account the color and pattern that matches perfectly with the wall. This will help you design a cohesive look instead of ending up with you. The matter is an inconsistent space. This does not mean that the wall must be matched with the furniture in the same style, but you must choose consistent patterns between the two elements to reach a satisfactory result. The following points explain how to coordinate carpets with all types of walls:

1. Carpets that match decorative wall tapestry

The decorative wall cladding gives any space a sense of luxury, and on the other hand, the various carpets with patterns such as striped carpets or with strips that complement the decor and draw attention, for example, the geometric rhombus pattern matches very well with the rectangular wall panels that appear in the picture, while the striped carpet looks The grille is great with the vertical panels.

2. Carpets that match lightly painted walls

Coordinating the home's light-colored walls creates variety in the space, and a rug in darker tones matches it to create a contrast with the light walls. Also, light-colored carpets harmonize well with light walls to create a bright space. Another option is to have the walls in the same color family as the carpet to achieve a monochromatic look, such as the blue carpet and the blue-gray wall shown in the picture. The same applies to shades Beige and gray in the bohemian rug that's paired with the taupe wall.

3. Matching carpet colors with dark painted walls

Walls painted in dark colors give a bold look and are usually the focal point of the space, and in order not to overpower the dark color in the room, a light-colored carpet can be added to create a contrast in colors, or a carpet that contains a little wall color, and blends it with the general appearance, Like a black and white rug in a black and white room.

4. Carpets that match the wallpaper

Similar to dark painted walls, wallpaper is the first thing to notice in a room, especially if the wallpaper pattern is loud and colorful, so a plain or ombre rug is a good choice.

5. Carpets that match the brick-clad walls

The exposed brick walls are a classic architectural element that adds a distinctive character to the space, and all of it requires planning to design its decor. If you want to add a comfortable feel, usea Persian or classic style carpet in the room, but if you want to get a feeling of enjoyment, you can incorporate a carpet in shades of red. And burgundy, or if you prefer a more modern look, paint the bricks white, which coordinates with contemporary carpets.

6. Coordinating carpets with wooden walls

Wood paneling gives the home a rustic and earthy feel and is best suited for rugs that suit country style. Wood walls also suit bold black and white rugs that stand out especially against the natural colours.

7. Rugs that match the two-tone walls

When you have a wall of two different colors, it is better to mix several other colors in the space so that it does not look crowded. Use a carpet of the same color group as the color tones on the wall so that it looks intentional and not mismatched.

8. Carpets that match the murals

Murals (a painted wall) are a bold design choice that will undoubtedly be the center of attention in the room. Use a rug that complements the artwork without distracting from it. Rugs with subtle geometric shapes are a great fit for this style.

We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you discover the type, pattern, and color of the carpet that matches the color of the walls of your space, to get the aesthetic look you dream of for your home decor. You can also shop directly online at Weft and choose the best carpet at very reasonable prices.


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