Beige carpets: a strong comeback in interior design


Beige carpets: a strong comeback in interior design

Abandon the traditional image in your mind of the beige color, as it has returned strongly again, especially on the floor of the room, as the beige carpet gives way to choosing any decor because it blends easily with other colors. Experts agree that the trend towards colors inspired by the great outdoors, including beige, will make a comeback in interior design.

This trend is in harmony with the well-known Chinese art that considers that the five main elements to achieve a sense of balance in the home are metal, water, fire, wood and earth, so a balanced home should contain earthy tones such as beige.

What is beige carpet?

Beige carpets are neutral-colored carpets that give the place a delicate, warm, and elegant look at the same time. It creates a calm and soft atmosphere, and is in harmony with various interior design styles, including contemporary and modern, traditional and formal. It also represents an ideal addition to home and office rooms, but also institutions such as schools and companies.

As a neutral color, beige carpet does not distract attention from other interior design components, rather it is easy to blend with a variety of furniture and furnishings.

Beige carpets come in many shades, such as cream, latte, honey, camel, and sandy. It may also be plain, or it may be more attractive, where beige is the main color and other complementary colors mix with it. The colors take the form of drawings of all kinds: modern, such as geometric shapes, and classic, such as motifs.

As with light colors, the beige carpet gives a larger room to the room, whether it is the dining room, the living room or the bedroom, and it is abundantly available in children’s room carpets as it represents safety and elegance together, and it also integrates easily with shades of red, black, yellow, purple and orange.

The beige color has been on the throne of the most popular carpet colors over the years, but gray carpets have displaced it from its throne for some time. According to a study that analyzed search volume on Google for carpet colors at the present time, beige has returned to the list of the most popular carpet colors, as it ranked seventh with an average of 7,690 monthly searches .

Beige carpets: light or dark?

Some people feel that the beige carpet looks dull and overwhelming, but the way it blends with other decor components may make it more lively and warm. At first, we should differentiate between two shades, which are the most common in beige carpet cutting:

Dark beige carpet

It is a carpet with a warm tone, with cool tones of other colors to balance this warmth. If you want a more elegant and modern look, mix light gray tones in the walls and furniture, these light shades will add luxury and openness to the atmosphere of the place.

Light beige carpet

It is a great shade to make a room brighter and more spacious, especially in small spaces. This effect can be strengthened in the walls and furniture by using cream, white and ivory tones. You can also make the most of the lighting that radiates from these light tones by adding mirrors and furniture made of glass or reflective surfaces such as the coffee table, in addition to the silver color in accessories such as picture frames.

Once again, the gray color can enhance the feeling of comfort in the place and give a modern atmosphere, especially if

7 ideas for placing beige carpets in the bedroom

Bedrooms are naturally calm, so beige is often an ideal color for bedroom carpets . Here are a variety of great ways to coordinate with more than one taste and style, choose what you prefer:

  1. Beige everywhere

The beige color is one of the most comfortable colors ever, so in this idea, the beige color will be used in most of the components of the bedroom, for example the wooden furniture (bed and small wardrobe), the bedspread, the wall paint, and the color of the chandelier lighting. The secret of the success of this idea lies in the use of different shades of beige, such as light beige, medium and dark beige.

  1. Bright lighting

Lighting is not meant for units such as chandeliers, lampshades, and windows, but rather focusing on choosing a bright color that is white as a color for wooden furniture such as beds and chairs, and a color for furnishings such as quilts and sheets in addition to the walls to make the small room appear larger. The explanation for this is that the degrees of light that radiate throughout the room will reflect sunlight, giving a feeling of airiness and openness.

  1. Bohemian style

The beige color harmonizes easily with tropical colors such as lime green and orange, so it can be made as a basis for the bohemian style that focuses on bright colors by adding these colors to the decor in components such as pillows, paintings and small cabinets. The only note that should be paid attention to is that the carpet is a mixture of the two colors. beige and black.

  1. Coastal atmosphere

If you love the coastal atmosphere and want to live it from inside your bedroom, you can put a circular beige rug and choose the color of the bed wood so that it is one of the dark beige tones, then incorporate the turquoise color in other components such as the bed sheet and the vase.

If you are a fan of the classics, you can create a more elegant coastal atmosphere by adding a rich brown color in the cabinets and the frames of the large glass windows, with a touch of milky color as a paint for the wall frame and columns, bringing the sea into your room.

  1. pink femininity

Pink is one of the light colors that harmonizes beautifully and easily with beige. A feminine look can be given to the bedroom by using soft pink shades, whether dark pink or dusty pink, in various components of the room such as pillows and wall decoration, as well as choosing the color of wood to be closer to pink degree.

  1. Gray neutrality

Gray is one of the cold colors that can be mixed with beige to give a luxurious hotel atmosphere to the bedroom, and it can be used as a color for the bed and curtains, in addition to some gray vases, like the previous picture.

  1. daring blue

This idea gives a masculine atmosphere to the room, as it relies on the use of the grayish-blue color to make the room look dark. The warm-looking beige carpet will bring balance to the interior design, and the final result is an elegant masculine decor.

The most harmonious living room furniture colors with beige carpet

The beige carpet has not lost its popularity and charm as one of the prominent choices for living room carpets, as it adds, with its softness and neutrality, a welcoming atmosphere to the place. Almost all colors succeed in harmony with the beige color, but some colors and degrees are more elegant and attractive than others, which we will discover together:

white furniture

The white furniture indisputably creates a soft, comfortable and elegant look more than any other color, which made it harmonize with the soft and also comfortable beige carpet easily and makes it more modern. Choose the sofa, curtains and vases in white, while adding beige to the living room tables and wall panels frame as well as the rug.

brown furniture

There is no doubt that beige and brown blend together flawlessly because they are two different shades of one color, but the remarkable note here is that beige makes dark and bold furniture such as brown furniture become more prominent, as in the previous picture. Other colors can be mixed into this color duo, most notably:

  • Yellow: The yellow color reduces boredom and monotony that radiates from beige and brown, so it can be added to the living room in small pieces such as pillows and paintings.
  • Blue: The secret of the success of this triple combination: beige, brown, and blue lies in the fact that the blue, with its coolness, balances the warmth emanating from beige and brown. Like the above, small blue pieces can be chosen, such as a pillow and a wall panel.

gray furniture

Gray furniture makes the room look more modern and elegant, so it is a suitable choice for fans of the modern style in decoration, in addition to that the cold appearance of gray balances the warm appearance of beige, so some neutralization occurs.

As for the medium shade of gray, it is the most similar to beige, so the medium gray furniture blends perfectly with the beige carpet, while at the same time it is still slightly different from it to break the boredom in the room's appearance. If you want to get a pretty feminine look amidst this pair of earthy colors, choose a light and dark shade of pink for some small furniture pieces such as a pillow and a wall panel.

How to choose the right wall paint color with beige carpets

The basic rule when choosing paint colors for a room that contains beige carpets is that there is a difference of at least two degrees between the color of the carpet and the color of the wall, in order for the parts of the room to be distinguished from each other and not appear to be less spacious. When we think about suitable paint colors, the options are endless, as beige goes with almost any color, so we will focus on the 4 best color options to narrow down your options and make it easier to decide on the color of the wall:

gray paint

Gray is the half-brother of beige, and it goes well with many colors. This means that you will have the highest possible freedom in choosing the rest of the room’s components, and the light shades of gray paint will suggest the room’s spaciousness, making it appear larger than it is.

blue paint

The various shades of blue add a sense of joy and balance the neutrality of the beige carpet. So it's a nice trick to introduce a new color into a classy, ​​non-bold frame. Choose lighter shades of blue paint to create a sense of openness.

white paint

If you like the open and clean atmosphere in your room with beige carpets, then white is the right paint color for it, as in the previous picture. The combination of white walls and beige carpets will make the space of the room seem extended and endless, and to enhance this impression, make sure that there are many windows to be an outlet for entering an ample share of daylight.

green paint

Green paint in shades such as pistachio, spring green, and turquoise is a beautiful way to make a room that has beige carpets look bright, and it blends with beige easily. To enhance this feeling of radiance, place a group of green natural plants in the place.


The beige carpet in all its shades, whether light or dark, gives a sense of comfort that no other color provides to the same degree. Beige has returned to the fore as a modern, neutral color that does not restrict your color choices in other pieces of furniture and blends easily into any design environment.



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