Furniture Joker rectangular rugs how to use them in the most elegant way

قطعه سجاد مستطيله الشكل

Furniture Joker rectangular rugs how to use them in the most elegant way

Stability, balance, reliability, strength and efficiency, all these and other meanings in the design language are expressed by the rectangular shape. The rectangle is the template that is strongly present in life. We see it in books and homes, screens and websites, doors, windows, tables, and carpets as well. Rectangular carpets are very popular because of the variety they are characterized by, as the measurement of longitude differs from latitude, and this difference leaves an attractive effect that is easily familiar to the eye.

We understand the many choices you face when choosing rectangular rugs for your home, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed with no easy way out. That is why we have dedicated this article to help you choose the right piece for each room in the house.


  • Why rectangular carpets?!
  • The most important types of rectangular carpets
  • Rectangular carpet sizes
  • How to use rectangular rugs in stylish ways
  • How do I coordinate the rectangular rug with the table?
  • Can you mix rectangular carpets with other forms of carpets?
  • Important considerations when purchasing rectangular rugs
  • Why rectangular carpets?!

    Rectangular rugs are one of the most popular shapes of rugs on the market today. Fits almost any space from the bedroom to the foyer, from the deck to the guest lounge. The familiar shape of the rectangular carpet made it easy to blend with different pieces of furniture. For example, it can be spread completely in front of a desk or next to a children's bed, or placed under a bed or sofa in the living room or table in the dining room.

    Not only that, but the rectangular carpet matches different styles of home decor. For example, if you have a classic taste, the rectangular carpet is the shape that sits on the throne of the traditional, ancient and formal design style alike. But if you have a contemporary taste, it is an indispensable piece in the modern design style. In the event that you are practical and seek comfort above all else, then rectangular rugs are an essential part of the minimalist design style.

    Rectangular carpets come in all colors, materials, and sizes. It is a great choice when you need to decorate a long and narrow space such as the hallway and kitchen. It is also a good choice in large spaces such as the living room, sitting room, and office room. As for areas with high traffic, rectangular carpets are the most efficient carpets for this task, as they combine durability and elegance.

    Types of rectangular carpets

    The multiple uses of rectangular carpets are reflected in their different types, as they can be divided into 6 different categories as follows:

    • Area rugs: It is the most common type, and it is intended to cover a large percentage of the space in the room, and the sizes of this type vary between small sizes that fit small spaces, and large ones that fulfill the emptiness of large spaces.
    • Madat: Madat is one of the types of rectangular carpets that combines length and thinness at the same time, as its dimensions: length and width differ from each other by a large difference, as in the picture above.
    • Staircase carpets: Similar to the treads, this type of rectangular carpet is characterized by its length and thinness, and is intended to cover the steps of the stairs, so it is characterized by durability and slip resistance.
    • Kitchen carpets: It is the first choice when thinking about covering the empty space of the kitchen floor because it often takes a rectangular shape. The design of this type of rectangular carpet takes into account comfort and practicality together.
    • Unique pieces: a new style of rugs that come in exotic shapes and textures and are used to add fun to the look of the floor or to decorate a small area. Its dimensions are rectangular in shape, but it is characterized by curves and sinuous edges of irregular shape. These unique pieces may be made of cowhide, sheepskin, or even velor, adding a warm spirit to the room.
    • Outdoor carpet: It is a piece intended for the outdoor patio or roof, characterized by durability and resistance to sun and rain, in addition to its ability to combat dirt and insects. Outdoor carpets may be made of natural fibers or synthetic materials, but the second option is better due to its ease of cleaning and resistance to mold.

    Rectangular carpet sizes

    Be assured that every space in your home has the appropriate rectangular carpet size for it, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Common ratios in manufacturing are 3:5 and 3:4. For example a rug 120 cm wide by 170 cm long. However, as we have indicated, there are other standard dimensions that can be chosen when purchasing rectangular rugs.

    Small sizes start from 60 x 120, followed by 100 cm x 200 cm, which are suitable sizes for the bedroom and office. The larger sizes range from 250cm x 350cm to 300cm x 400cm and are perfect for the living room, dining room and master bedroom.

    In addition to the previous sizes, there are many other dimensions that cover all needs, such as 75 * 140, 80 * 140, 80 * 150, 100 * 300, 100 * 400, 120 * 170, 120 * 180, 130 * 200, 150 * 230, 160 * 225, 160 * 230, 160 * 235, 175 * 285, 200 * 270, 200 * 285, 200 * 290, 240 * 340. This wide variety of sizes allows you to choose the right carpet whatever the area you want to cover.

    How to use rectangular rugs in stylish ways

    Below we discuss a set of guidelines that will help you add rectangular carpets to home décor in the most appropriate and elegant way:

    1. Rectangular carpet is the appropriate choice for a rectangular room, and it is also the modern choice for square rooms, as it goes with the modern home décor.
    2. When placing the rectangular rug in large rooms such as the living room and dining room, make sure to place the rug so that its long sides are parallel to the long walls of the room. In the same vein, do not use short, chunky rugs in large spaces, as rooms with scanty carpets and those in which a large area of ​​empty floor appears lack attractiveness and look as if something is missing. Instead, use a rug that is close in size to the empty space while maintaining a constant distance from the walls on all sides, as in the image above.
    3. The rectangular rug is the most suitable form of rug for the office room because it can withstand people walking around the office all day. The same applies to other places that are heavily crowded and that are characterized by a high intensity of movement (the kitchen, for example), because the rectangular carpet is the most durable form of carpet and bears the abrasion that results from heavy traffic.
    4. If you have a narrow space that needs to be given the illusion of spaciousness or someone with special needs who has limited mobility such as wheelchair users lives at home, then rectangular rugs are the right rug shape for this.
    5. The last advice is related to the color of the wall paint. There is no doubt that both the walls and the carpet are among the largest components of the furniture area, which necessitates the necessity of harmony between the color of the carpet and the color of the wall paint. Here comes the role of color contrast. For example, if the color of the wall paint is a bright color (strong and bright), then the best choice is to choose a white or light-colored rectangular carpet. The contrast in this case would make both the wall color and the carpet at the top of brilliance and radiance.

    How do I coordinate the rectangular rug with the table?

    Coordinating carpets with the table is a common challenge, especially in light of the variety of shapes, sizes, and functions of tables. When you think about buying a rectangular carpet to cover the floor of the table, this question will appear: Is the rectangular piece suitable for my table?

    The basic rule here is to match the shapes, whether it is a large dining table or a small table in the living room, which means that a rectangular table also calls for a rectangular rug, but mixing shapes is also possible, but with some care. what is it?

    Let's illustrate with an example: if you want to use a rectangular rug under a round table, make sure the two pieces complement each other and don't clash. Integration here means that the size of the rectangular rug is greater than the size of the table, so that the rug is large enough so that the seats do not go beyond the edges of the rug when moving it after eating and leaving the table. To be precise, make sure that the size of the carpet is at least 30 cm larger than the table. This integration creates a balance in the overall appearance of a room.

    Another important thing that enhances the cohesion of the decor pieces together is the repetition of colors in the different elements. If you can choose the colors of the carpet so that they are similar to the colors of the seats, the room will look at its best, and you will feel more comfortable while sitting in it.

    Is it possible to mix rectangular carpets with other forms of carpets?

    The short answer: yes. For large areas such as the entrance to the house or the living room, it is possible to mix rectangular carpets with other forms of carpets. For example, you can place a rectangular rug in the seating area where the sofa and chairs are, and then complete the design with an oval-shaped rug in the dining area.

    Mixing rectangular carpets with other forms of carpets would create a nice transition between spaces for guests to walk in, so feel free to mix different shapes together to achieve a unique, non-stereotypical look.

    Important considerations when purchasing rectangular rugs

    There are some important considerations that you should pay attention to when purchasing rectangular rugs, here are a set of guidelines that will help you find the right choice:

    • Determine the shape of the area the rug will cover

    Use your imagination to draw an outline of the room to make sure the empty space is rectangular. Use the vertical perspective in the drawing, as interior designers do, so that the scheme comes out simulating the placement of furniture in the room.

    For example, the centerpiece of the living room might be the TV table, with a triple sofa and two chairs on one side, and a double sofa on the other side. The empty space between the furniture will show a shape, look at the diagram and make sure that the shape that best represents the empty space is a rectangle.

    • Choose the right size accurately

    As we have noted, rectangular rugs come in many dimensions, which makes it easy to take advantage of this feature and create a perfect look in which the rug size looks like it was designed specifically for the room. Therefore, measure the empty space covered by the rectangular rug, and purchase the exact size piece.

    • Use it as a fix for furniture imperfections

    If you suffer from a contrasting piece of furniture or the room is full of tools, then choosing a rectangular patterned carpet that includes colors that are consistent with the components of the room will create harmony between the floor and the furniture. This consistency eliminates any contradiction in the place and everything appears to be intentional and carefully selected.


    Now that you have discovered how the rectangular carpet can play the role of "joker" in your home decor, as it is suitable for placement in any room, under any table, and whatever the size of the area to be covered, you are no longer restricted by its coordination. Let your imagination and creativity run wild in the arrangement and think about combining it freely with any room you like to add a touch of elegance, just don't forget to choose the rug that suits your taste and personality so that you feel comfortable at home: the place where you spend most of your time. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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