How to choose the perfect carpet for a refreshing summer


How to choose the perfect carpet for a refreshing summer

Summer has come, and with it the desire to go out, visit the beaches, enjoy swimming pools, travel to different summer resorts, and the expected trips after a long winter, which was like a prison for summer lovers.

Summer needs equipment and changes in homes to suit its intense heat, especially in Arab countries, and to reflect its scorching sun; In order to keep the house in a climate suitable for living, as is necessary to achieve this, suitable furniture and furnishings that do not retain heat in order not to overheat the house.

In general, it is commonly believed that summer does not need furnishings - or carpets for floors in particular - and that carpets are only suitable for cold seasons. This belief may have spread because the carpets used in winter isolate the cold air coming from the floors and outside the house, but the truth is that you can Give your home freshness, pleasure, and tranquility by using certain styles and materials of carpets. Carpets that retain heat in winter are able to keep hot air outside the house in summer, while keeping air-conditioned coolness in rooms and homes most of the time.

Below we review the best colors, designs and materials suitable for carpets in the summer, and we will also provide you with some tips and ideas to spend a refreshing summer using the appropriate furnishings, inside and outside the house.

What should you consider when choosing a rug for warm climates?

When looking for a rug suitable for a warm climate and sunny weather, adopt low-pile rugs; In order not to absorb more heat, it is preferable for carpets made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool and jute, as these materials are cool under the feet, and allow air and light to penetrate the floors as if they are still exposed.

- Carpets made of jute

And jute - for those who do not know it - is a natural fiber that is very light and moderate in price to a large extent because it does not require effort in cultivation, as it grows without fertilizers or pesticides and is irrigated by rain, so it becomes a completely environmentally friendly material, and it is called in some Arab countries (straw threads, or burlap) and it is one of the cheapest and almost beautiful materials, but it consists of strands that are braided and braided after drying them in beautiful and practical ways; In order to become suitable for various industries, and to enter the decoration industry, carpets and various home furnishings.

It may not occur to anyone that carpets or rugs made of jute may be a luxurious or luxurious thing, but we assure that they are especially so if they are well-made, and often those interested and gourmets will find them suitable for outdoor spaces, such as the area around bathtubs, in home gardens, and corridors the exterior of homes and even in kitchens, bathrooms and balconies; It gives a very beautiful appearance and special touches to the rest of the décor and coordination, as its colors suit many colors of the decor and furnishings in general.

Recently, the designs of jute carpets have risen to a great extent until they are suitable for guest rooms and different rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms under the dining table, in the entrance of the house, and other places, as it is a material that is not very high, and it is also very practical and can bear the traffic and the many movement in the room. Crowded places inside the house, as well as cleaning them very easily with a suitable vacuum cleaner.

- Carpets made of natural cotton or wool

Also, clothes made of cotton, linen, and cold materials are suitable for wearing. In the summer, this applies to carpets as well. It is possible to choose distinct materials of natural wool and cotton to be cool underfoot in the summer.

Mostly these types of carpets are woven by hand and are more like rugs, and are based on their manufacture by skilled craftsmen, who produce them in a unique variety, simple and suitable for all tastes and levels; To be available for the summer months and accessible to all.

Everyone knows that cleaning and washing these types of carpets is very easy, and possible in all circumstances. Because it is light and made of natural fibers that do not deteriorate quickly, and it is also low in pile, so that dirt does not penetrate to a great depth.

Polypropylene carpets

Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly fiber made from recycled plastic bottles, and it is a very durable industrial material, very hard and resistant to staining and damage in hot weather, so it is very suitable for outdoor areas and in the open air, as it is a very soft material like cotton and very light It gives a clear look of luxury around the pool as well as in the corridors of bathrooms and kitchens, rooms or homes with pets that are constantly moving over the furnishings.

The collections of polypropylene carpets come in beautiful, refreshing, and varied summer patterns and colors, giving you a wide choice.

How to choose the right carpet colors for a warm climate:

I will tell you a secret that you are interested in knowing about the colors and designs suitable for a warm climate. In fact, just seeing the shape and color of water makes you feel cool and refreshing. Try to see a scene or a painting of water droplets distributed over fruits, leaves of trees, or on faces. You will automatically feel very cold and perhaps goosebumps. If you see something yellow or orange like the shape of a burning fire, wood, fireplaces, even if it is just an image, you will feel hot and warm.

Did this fact inspire you something? Yes, absolutely, the colors and designs that you choose for home decor in the summer contribute greatly to giving the people residing in them a lot of freshness if they are chosen carefully, carefully and intelligently.

Coastal decorations inspired by beaches and coastal towns are suitable for the summer atmosphere, as they make the home look like an ever-renewing and green oasis. Therefore, when buying summer carpets, we advise you to consider gradient colors between: sandy / earthy beige, stone gray, calm blue, tree green, and turquoise blue, And the adoption of marine patterns and waves that turn the house into a beautiful resort.

List of summer colors

  1. Ivory / or white: It is an excellent color in the summer and a very attractive and popular choice in unique home decorations. Because it is a suitable base for the rest of the colors.
  2. Cold yellow: It is also a color that gives a distinctive contrast that draws attention and suggests sunflowers and cornfields. It is recommended to use it in a simple degree with cold colors, as it gives a striking and vibrant touch.
  3. Marine blue: The blue color generally has a calming and refreshing energy in the place and design in which it enters. It is suitable for outside the house, around swimming pools, at the entrance of the house, and rooms in particular bedrooms.
  4. Grass green: In addition to beautiful carpets and snowy green or grassy accents on top of it, the house can be furnished with many natural plants in unfurnished areas; In order to replenish oxygen all the time and give a more refreshing look.
  5. Earthy brown: We talked about jute, which gives the earthy look par excellence, whether with baskets, tapestries, or wall panels, and all of this adds a beautiful summer atmosphere to the place.
  6. The charming pink: Try using pink in summer decorations in general, give yourself an unrepeatable visual pleasure, and experience the pleasure of entering the aura of the pink feeling that spring roses and blossoms give in decoration.

Popular and on-trend summer rug patterns

Interior designer Oscar Bravo, blogger at Oscar Bravo Home, says: "The look of gradient and undulating colors gives touches of rich beauty and pleasure, and is often durable and affordable." Bravo recommends cream, bronze, white, gray, and blue colors. Mopping in organic patterns, jute textures and handwoven rugs are also recommended.

Here are some ideas suitable for summer carpet patterns that achieve your goal of renewal and change in the summer season:

  1. The mandala rug: You cannot find anyone in this time who did not stumble upon the art of the mandala, and was not attracted to it and its beautiful details and refreshing colors. The good news is that there are many pieces of carpets with charming designs and circular shapes, including what is astral, or in the form of a flower with unclear features, The colors are wavy or distributed in a unique pattern that is unlike any other, and most importantly, it is suitable for various places inside and outside the house.
  2. Kilim carpets: or kilim rugs, which are carpets that give your home the beauty of antique Persian decor, and these rugs are widely known and very popular in this era for sure, and give a very lively feeling, which can adjust the mood thanks to its distinctive shape, and it can be placed outside or inside the house such as rooms and kitchens And bathrooms and all its corners.
  3. Jute carpets: in the interior and exterior areas, gardens, balconies, house entrances and corridors, there is nothing more beautiful than the beauty of jute and the carpets made from it with its distinctive braids and gradient colors in the color of the earth, which suggest the coastal atmosphere, the atmosphere of the field and the forest, and give a comfortable appearance and the utmost simplicity to change the features of any empty area in your home.
  4. Geometric print carpet: This type of carpet is vibrant and gives a more seductive look to any corner of the house.
  5. Custom-made carpets: This is a suitable option offered by some carpet and furnishings houses, and it provides homeowners with an opportunity to choose neutral patterns and colors that give a calm atmosphere and materials that they choose themselves, especially if they are afraid of adventure and do not prefer to conduct experiments without previous experience. This option is suitable because it is customizable. With abundant and many patterns that they define according to their choices, and often in shades of earthy colors, and gray.

Consider the size of the rug:

When choosing a specific carpet for an area in the house, it may not only be about choosing the color, pattern, and material, but the size of the carpet used will also play a role. In this, expert Bravo says: “It is preferable that at least the front legs of the furniture be above the carpet.” The chosen carpet covers most of the space or Even the entire exposed area, and he recommends going larger to cover all the floor between and behind the furniture.

You can seek the help of an interior design expert before choosing to guide you to what suits your spaces and home decorations, and share with you the latest styles and exhibits suitable for you to choose from what complements the décor atmosphere in your home, and gives you a feeling of comfort.

In conclusion, do not forget that your taste in choice is important, and that you always base your choices on what your home contains of furniture and decorations, providing it with what is in harmony with it, and do not venture into random selection according to the budget only, or according to what suits the seasonal season, the general atmosphere, or the available exhibits.

Finally remember that your comfort is very important, so when choosing what relieves your pockets and your budget, think about what suits your mood, and makes you feel renewed and refreshed in your home; Especially since the home is the place of comfort for all the individuals in it, and you also need the participation of the parents in what suits them when it comes to choices of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.


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