A comprehensive guide on how to wash carpets at home


A comprehensive guide on how to wash carpets at home

How can carpets last for many years serving the home and family, serving as a sponsor of warm family sessions, a comfortable cushion for lively children, and a hospitable piece for dear family and friends? There is no substitute for cleaning and maintaining it regularly and continuously to keep it as long as possible. This does not mean that you need to resort to professionals, but you can wash the carpets yourself at home. Keep reading to find out how to get clean, bright and fresh carpets.


  • Basic information before you start
  • Steps to wash carpets at home
  • How to remove common carpet stains
  • How to remove odors from carpets
  • How often should I wash carpets?

    Basic information before you start

    First: For which carpets is this method suitable?

    Basically, these instructions are useful for washing the most common types of carpets, such as those made of polyester and polypropylene, or a mixture between one of them and wool or cotton. As for very large or thick carpets, it is best to resort to a carpet cleaning company in order to clean them properly and effectively as well.

    Second: What are the required tools?

    The tools required for carpet washing are as follows:

    1. Vacuum cleaner: used before washing to suck out as much dirt and crumbs as possible.
    2. Old toothbrush: used to focus on removing tough stains.
    3. Soft carpet brush or sponge: It is a cleaning tool that is used to scrub carpets and distribute shampoo.
    4. Carpet cleaner or dishwashing liquid: It is an effective and gentle cleaning agent at the same time on carpets. It is diluted with water first. If you use dishwashing liquid, make sure that it is free of artificial colors so that it does not negatively affect the light colors of the carpet .
    5. Stain remover: A cleaner designed to get rid of tough stains. You can use a carpet type or any stain remover for clothes.
    6. Water: An essential ingredient for soap dilution, carpet washing and rinsing.
    7. Garden hose or bucket: A source of water, especially when the carpet is large.

    Steps to wash carpets at home

    When stains have accumulated or dirt has taken root in the depths of the carpet, or when it has been a long time since the last washing, it is time to deep clean the carpet with a thorough washing with soap and water. Now that you've got the right tools, here are the step-by-step instructions for washing carpets at home, from start to finish.

    The first step: prepare a suitable place

    As large as the area of ​​the carpet is as large as the space required to clean it easily, choose a wide place to wash the carpet, whether in the open air such as the patio, or like the bathroom, bathtub, or any other place that includes an outlet for water drainage, exclude washing carpets in the garden of the house so that the grass is not damaged by cleaning materials And make sure that the carpets are washed on a sunny day when no rain is expected.

    Step two: vacuum up

    Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, then turn it on the back to remove any stuck dust or loose crumbs. Cleaning the back of the carpet will rid it of a lot of crumbs and accumulated dust and prepare it well for the deep cleaning process.

    Step Three: Clean tough stains

    If you have a tough stain, work on it first before washing the carpet completely. Read and follow the instructions for using the stain remover. Often, the cleaner is applied to the stain and then left for some time, followed by rubbing it with a damp cloth or a soft brush such as an old toothbrush.

    Step 4: Apply shampoo and start washing

    Wet the carpet liberally with a garden hose or pour over a bucket of water so you're ready to add the carpet cleaner . Follow the directions on the package. Then, using a soft-bristled brush or sponge, begin to work the shampoo all over the carpet and scrub until a lather forms. This step needs a lot of rubbing, lathering, and focusing on heavily soiled areas for several minutes, so make sure you wear appropriate clothes.

    If you use dishwashing liquid instead of carpet shampoo, add a generous amount of it mixed with warm water, and make sure the water temperature is not too high so that the fibers don't shrink or the colors come off.

    If you are concerned about the quality of your carpet cleaner, test it first before washing on an inconspicuous part of the carpet, such as a small section in a corner, to make sure there is no damage to the texture or colors.

    Step Five: Rinse the carpet

    After you've washed all of the carpet, rinse it well with a garden hose. Make sure the carpet has been rinsed completely, the suds are gone, and there are no more shampoo residues, then use a mop to remove the excess water, pressing it firmly into the carpet and pushing it out in the direction of the pile to get as much water out as possible.

    After you've finished rinsing the top, start rinsing the back by rolling the rug together like a roller, then pressing it with your feet with each turn to get rid of excess water.

    Step Six: Dry the carpet

    Choose a suitable place for the carpet to lie on until it dries. Think of a place that is durable because carpets are usually very heavy after washing, for example short walls, window railings, or benches, or tie a thick rope between two trees in the home garden. Eliminate clothesline from your options, as it is a very weak medium for holding wet carpeting.

    If you have difficulty spreading the carpet because of its extreme weight, prop it up against the wall for a few hours so that all the excess water escapes from it, then spread it and you will notice that it has become lighter.

    After you spread the carpet, allow it enough time for it to dry completely. If the sun is facing only one side of the carpet, turn it over in the middle of the drying process so that the other side is exposed to the sun as well. Press the carpet firmly to make sure that there is no water left. You will also notice that its texture has become stiff.

    It may take a whole day for the carpet to dry, or more, depending on the air temperature and the thickness of the carpet. After drying, the carpet fibers will often be flattened and strange in appearance, so use a vacuum cleaner or a clean brush with soft bristles to do a kind of combing for the fibers. This process will loosen the compressed fibers and restore them. to its original appearance.

    How to remove common carpet stains

    Carpets are exposed to difficult situations in daily life, whether sudden spills or painful accidents. In order for these difficult situations not to cause long-term damage to the carpet, you need special treatment according to its type. Here are ways to treat the most common stains in carpet:

    1. How to get rid of coffee and tea stains on carpet

    They are the most common type of stain and, fortunately, also the easiest to remove. When you spill coffee or tea, wipe the stain with a clean, dry towel without rubbing it so that it does not spread, then mix a little vinegar with the same amount of water and wipe the area with it until the stain is completely gone.

    1. How to clean mud and dirt stains on carpet

    It is best to let the clay dry and then sweep it up with a broom or vacuum. If this method doesn't work, make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of salt with ½ cup of white vinegar and blot the stain, then blot it with a dry towel and vacuum over it once it's dry. If neither of these methods works, there is no alternative to using a stain remover suitable for the carpet material.

    1. How to clean nail polish stain from carpet

    Nail polish remover is the perfect solution for cleaning carpets from nail polish before it dries. Wet the dirty area first, then put the remover on a clean cloth and then blot the stain with it. If this method does not work, use window cleaner instead of nail polish remover. Spray the cleaner on the stain and then Clean it with a clean sponge.

    But if the nail polish dries before cleaning it, a different method should be used to remove it. Mix an appropriate amount of nail polish with a similar amount of alcohol solution, and use an old toothbrush to gently rub the stain with this mixture, be careful not to damage the lint, and once finished use the vacuum cleaner to suction No solid residue.

    1. How to remove wall paint stains from carpet

    This stain is one of the most difficult types of stains at all, as its treatment requires injecting the carpet with hot, strongly pressurized water, so first try using a steam carpet cleaning machine to get rid of this stain. If you are unable to do so, the most appropriate option is professional cleaning by resorting to a carpet cleaning company .

    How to remove odors from carpets

    Carpet usually easily traps odors, whether it's stains, spills, smoking or just normal use, however these odors can become noticeable and annoying over time. There is more than one way to restore the smell of carpets, most notably the following:

    • Baking soda or baking soda

    It is the most common way to improve the smell of carpets. Spread a generous amount of it on the carpet and if the carpet is shaggy, be sure to rub the powder with your hands into the pile. Leave the carpet for a few hours, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess powder.

    • Steam cleaning

    It is the most effective way to improve carpet odor. Where it relies on using a steam carpet cleaning machine to get rid of all the compounds that cause the smell, and if the smell is pungent, you can add white vinegar or a detergent, then follow the instructions attached to the device carefully during cleaning. After you have finished using the machine, allow the rug to dry completely before reusing it.

    How often should I wash carpets?

    Regular carpets need to be washed two to three times a year, depending on where they are and how dirty they are. If the carpet looks gray and faded, then there is a good way to gauge whether the carpet needs a full wash now or not.

    Clean the carpet first with a vacuum cleaner, then wipe it with a damp white cloth. If you notice that the cloth is clearly dirty, then it is time for a complete washing.

    For large-sized carpets that are difficult to move due to the large pieces of furniture above them, you do not have to wash this type of carpet at the usual pace, but you can rely on regular routine cleaning with a vacuum cleaner in addition to using a steam carpet cleaning machine or any portable machine to clean the upholstery.

    If you persevere with this routine of care, you may not need to fully wash large-sized carpets except every 3 or 5 years, but do not forget to refer to the care instructions attached with it or consult a specialist first to make sure that it is cleaned in the appropriate way.


    The task of washing carpets at home seems to be a difficult task, but if the carpets are large in size, you should seek the help of a household member to facilitate the work. Keep in mind the end result of clean carpets that have regained their splendor and radiance, so that the trouble becomes lighter.









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