Practical guide: how to buy carpets online


Practical guide: how to buy carpets online

With the swipe and click of a button, buying everything online is possible, and carpets are not far behind. Buying rugs online is definitely a smart choice as it enables you to browse through hundreds of options from the comfort of your own home, while allowing ample time to find the perfect rug.

Whether you want to grab the offers offered by online carpet stores, or you suffer from the scarcity of carpet sales centers near you, or you want to save time and effort, online shopping is the right solution for you.

Since buying something visible and tangible online can be difficult for some, in this article we have taken care to demystify how to buy carpets online to help you make the right decision without any confusion. Consider the answers to the following questions and do some research first before adding rugs to your cart.

First step: choose the appropriate format

The shape of the room determines the shape of the carpet, so it is one of the primary considerations when buying carpets online. Think about the type of space that needs carpeting, is it a large area such as the hall and the majlis, or a small area such as the entrance to the house or one of the corners, or carpets for narrow corridors between rooms.

Also keep in mind that the default option for the rooms is the rectangular carpet, which gives a sense of order and consistency with the clean lines of the rectangular room, and that the circular carpet is also an opportunity to add some softness and relaxation to the general appearance, especially if it is used as a carpet in the dining room, for example, so choose what suits your preferences .

For example, visit Weft Carpet Store and then select the appropriate option as in the picture (large area, small area, circular, pedals, treads), in order to narrow the search for the appropriate quality.

Step Two: Select the correct size

Online rug stores have a wide range of sizes, so the important step now is sizing your rug to find the best fit. Think first, do you prefer the carpet to extend from wall to wall, or do you want it to take up a certain area in the room? The answer to this question will save you the hassle of lifting heavy furniture whenever you want to put or remove rugs.

In light of the previous answer, determine the size of the carpet according to where it is placed in the room. If you intend to place it from wall to wall, leave about 45 cm of space between the edge of the carpet and the wall, which provides comfort to the eye and an illusion of room spaciousness. You may need to reduce a few centimeters if the room is relatively small, so rely on your intuition to determine the appropriate space between the carpet and the wall.

But if you intend to put carpets in a specific area in the room, it is preferable to use the adhesive tape for paints to distinguish where to place the carpet and measure the area easily. Keep these standard rug sizing considerations in each room:

  • Bedroom: Carpet should cover the space on both sides of the bed to provide a soft landing for your feet when you get up from it.
  • Living room: At least two feet of all furniture (sofa and chairs) should be placed on the rug.
  • Dining room: You should be able to slide the chair back away from the table without its feet rubbing against the edges of the rug.
  • Corridors: The carpet should be slightly narrower than the corridor and slightly shorter than it.

After selecting the appropriate size, use the filters on the website to choose the required size, if the size is not available, choose the larger or smaller size directly, and if you feel confused, choose the larger size, as the largest is always better in carpets.

Third Step: Decide which method you prefer

By style, we mean to think about your preferred taste in rug design. Do you prefer classic, modern, bohemian, or sadu style? By default, it is recommended that the design of the carpet style be chosen according to the style of the entire room or to its most prominent element or central piece of furniture. For example, if the room is decorated in a bohemian style, then the fringed rug will blend in easily with the room's decor, like this Bohemian Rawabi rug from Weft.

However, in some cases it may be required that the carpet complement the other furniture and accessories in the room, for example the following cases:

  • If the walls and furniture are plain without a lot of patterns, then modern carpets with bold shapes would be an appropriate choice, as well as ornate oriental carpets such as the classic red Scheherazade carpet from Weft.

  • If the walls and furniture are full of ornaments or contain large patterns, choose soft-designed carpets, such as plain carpets or classic carpets in neutral colors.

Step Four: Choose the carpet material

Carpets are made of different materials , so when buying carpets online, you should think about the material of the carpet and not just its design, because the material will strongly affect maintenance, cleaning, and price. Since you will not be able to pass your fingers on it, read the material written in the product specifications, then choose the appropriate material in the light of the following tips:

  • If the rug is going to be in a location with heavy use, or the family is big, or you are obsessed with cleanliness, or you have children, consider choosing a material that does not get dirty easily so that it can withstand the many activities that will be involved in it (children playing, cooking, eating, etc.). Synthetic fibers such as polyester and acrylic seem to be a better choice because they are easier to clean and stain resistant.
  • If luxury, warmth, and style are your top priority, consider wool, which is more expensive and requires professional cleaning.
  • Acrylic carpet gives a luxurious look, but it comes at a reasonable price. It is soft, durable, and resistant to pollution and staining.
  • Polypropylene is the most popular material for carpets online. It is durable, easy to clean, and fits anywhere in the home and comes in endless designs.
  • Cotton is a time-honored natural material, like wool, but it's affordable and easy to clean.
  • Silk carpets are soft and smooth, yet delicate, so they are suitable for quiet places like the bedroom.

Step 5: Thickness, deep or flat?

When choosing rugs online you will need to think about the way they are woven according to them, is it made to be thick or flat? In the carpet properties on the Weft Store, you'll notice a "Carpet Thickness" field that shows how thick the carpet is or whether it's flat. Both deep carpets and flat carpets have distinct characteristics, which are known below:

deep carpets

The greater the thickness of the carpet, the more luxurious you will feel, in addition to that the long fibers will be softer, more comfortable and more flexible, as it is warmer and has a higher ability to insulate sound, so deep carpets are suitable for the bedroom and living room.

Some pieces of thick carpets are woven at different heights to highlight the design and suggest an attractive carved effect and a three-dimensional appearance. The large thickness makes the complex design easier to implement. For the price, the thickness of the carpet is usually reflected in its price, as it is sold at a higher price, but it lasts for a long time.

flat carpet

Flat carpet consists of short fibers and is therefore a suitable choice for high-traffic areas, such as hallways, entrances to the house, and in front of doors, so as not to hinder them in opening and closing. Flat carpets are also an ideal choice for placing under furniture because they are more resistant to shattering.

Flat carpets are also a safe option if someone in the house uses a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair, as it provides low edges that are difficult to stumble upon, but if the décor style includes a lot of brick, metal, and wood, flat carpets will blend easily with these hard surfaces. .

Step Six: Think about your color palette

Now, with one of the most important criteria that you rely on when buying carpets, which is choosing colors, you can browse carpets online based on their color. For example, if you are looking for carpets of a specific color such as red, blue, black, or multi-colored, choose the desired color to filter the search to this. the color.

There is more than one strategy that you can adopt to determine the appropriate carpet colors:

  1. Choose a light carpet color to give the illusion of spaciousness

Light colors generally give a sense of openness and spaciousness, so they are suitable colors for carpeting small rooms and narrow corridors.

  1. Choose a dark color to hide the spots

Despite the splendor and splendor of light colors in carpets, their main drawback is the clear appearance of stains and dirt among the light pile fibers. This is why dark-colored carpets are very practical if you do not want to worry about repeated stains due to spills, stains, or the presence of children.

  1. Choose colors that are in harmony with the room's furniture

The harmony of carpet colors with room furniture indicates elegance in choice and high taste in coordination, so carpet colors can be chosen to be in harmony with room furniture. There are two directions in this context, choose what suits you:

  • The first trend: This trend prefers to rely on neutral colors and small delicate patterns that act as a piece of white cloth, with which any color of pillows, lamps, covers, and the rest of the colorful components of the room merges, such as white, black, beige, and gray neutral colors.
  • The second trend: This trend gives carpets the helm in defining the room's color inspiration palette, so the colors of the room's accessories are chosen to match with it, such as pillows, wall panels, and chandeliers.


In conclusion, buying carpets online saves time and money instead of going to multiple stores, just remember while you are shopping to enjoy decorating the house and to choose a carpet that you like to use for a long time, and enjoy it.



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