Think outside the rectangle: How to add a circular rug to your home décor

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Think outside the rectangle: How to add a circular rug to your home décor

Our homes are full of straight lines and right angles, and the furniture is often straight, square or vertical. Is there a way to bring some life with curved pieces to this world? Adding a circular area rug may be the solution. Most people tend to think of rectangular or square rugs which makes sense since they are the most common and there are endless ways to style them in your home.

But if you decide to use a circular carpet, it will not be a matter of delving into the seas of the unknown. On the contrary, we will discover in this article how this form of carpet can be used so that it is consistent with your space? How do you make sure you put it in the right place?


  • What is a circular rug?
  • 4 unique advantages of round rugs
  • What are the appropriate places to put a circular rug
  • Basic rules for coordinating the circular rug in your home
  • What is a circular rug?

    A circular rug is a round rug that is one of the most modern types of rugs. It plays the role of the center of the room, not just a floor covering. They can be used as a focal point to bring a room's furniture together or they can be used to divide large spaces into smaller sections.

    Often the circular rug is the solution in isolated, curved or narrow spaces, and it also helps to expand the area of ​​​​the room and make it appear larger and more open. The circular rug has the ability to balance the sharp square geometric look of the rooms by adding softness and flow to the design.

    If we compare the circular rug with the rectangular and square rugs, we will find that the circular rug easily stands out and draws attention, especially if it has a unique color or design. Unlike rectangular and square rugs that are characterized by strong colors and more modern designs, the circular rug features classic designs and motifs.

    On the other hand, it may be difficult for some to determine the dimensions of this type of carpet, but measuring it is easy if the diameter of the carpet - which is the largest part in the circle - is taken into consideration, not the length or width. Common circular carpet sizes range between 140 and 200 cm in diameter.

    Unique advantages of round rugs

    How did the circular carpet make itself a prominent presence among the most common forms of carpets? These unique features explain how it happened:

    • Draw attention to round furniture

    If the home furniture contains furnishings that include the shape of arcs, or there are some round or oval mirrors, or other round shapes such as a table, window, or chandelier, then the round carpet is the ideal shape to resonate with these curves and then highlight them as a component in the design that often gets unattention. Adequate.

    • The suggestion of breadth

    It is not an exaggeration to describe the circular carpet as giving narrow rooms an illusion of spaciousness, as many interior designers rely on this piece when designing narrow spaces. The explanation for this is that the circular shape creates specific blocks of space and focuses the gaze on a specific piece, which causes an illusion of depth.

    Not only that, but the main problem with the rectangular rooms is that the four walls do not have enough visual space around them, while the circular carpet succeeds in providing this space through its circular edges that create a sense of distance between it and the walls of the room.

    • Bring warmth to the main family gathering

    In today's fast-paced world, the family no longer gathers at the dining table, so it is necessary to take care of this inclusive space so that this precious time becomes warmer and more attractive, which is the same role that the circular rug in the dining room plays in providing an intimate atmosphere.

    • Treatment of deficiencies in rectangular carpets

    In some cases, the rectangular carpet may not fit with the size and location of the furniture in the room, with construction obstacles such as columns, or even with the space required to move the door of the room freely without being hindered by anything. In these cases, the circular carpet plays the role of a savior, as its curved shape efficiently covers the uneven space in the floor, and allows any challenges to be addressed easily and without anyone realizing them.

    What are the appropriate places to put a circular rug

    Here are some examples of where the circular rug can be added and how it can be arranged in these rooms:

    1. Round rug in the living room

    The living room of our homes is often filled with rectangular shapes and sharp edges such as the coffee table, TV screens and the sofa, while the round rug would soften the edges of the room and balance the sharpness of the room’s furniture. If you have curved pieces in the living room such as a circular table, chandelier, or curved sofa, placing a circular rug underneath will produce neat symmetry and alignment.

    But if the living room has a large area and an open plan on the upper floor, for example, the large circular carpet will help highlight the central space in the room. In this case, it is important to place the table in the middle of the carpet, while making sure that most of the carpet is exposed to highlight its beauty.

    There is a different use of the circular rug in the large living room which can accommodate new additions of furniture. Its aim is to attract attention to one of the sides or some pieces of furniture, for example, place it on the floor of a small corner consisting of a short table and two chairs as in the picture above, or in the reading corner, provided that it is in contact with the wall and the furniture takes up a small side space from it and the rest of the carpet is clearly exposed.

    1. Round rug in the dining room

    The beautiful round rug will rival your exquisitely designed dining table in adorning your dining room. In order to best coordinate it in the dining room, follow these guidelines:

    • If the table is round in shape, the circular carpet will reflect proportionality and consistency to a large extent, provided that the important consideration is that the size of the carpet exceeds the size of the table by at least 75 cm, in order to ensure that the chairs do not stumble and ensure their freedom of movement easily to and from the table.
    • If the table is square, you can put a round rug, making sure that the round rug is big enough. The larger the rug the better, as the rug's wide area is especially important when the table is square so that the shapes do not conflict with each other and the personality of each shape appears clearly.
    • Put the carpet at a distance between it and the wall so that it does not touch it, so the carpet appears as if it is floating on the floor, which makes it more beautiful.
    1. Round rug in the bedroom

    The bedroom needs a rug that provides a soft landing on the floor, whether on the sides or the edge of the bed, and a circular rug can do the job in a modern and graceful look. There is no place for the carpet except under the bed so that part of it overlaps under it, but the overlap ratio will vary according to the size of the carpet.

    If the rug is large, up to about two and a half metres, the rug should be pulled so that it is centered under the bed and provides a soft landing area at the sides and end of the bed. But if the carpet is of a small size, only one third of the area of ​​the carpet that goes under the bed can suffice.

    1. Round rugs in the children's room

    The circular carpet is an ideal space for the child to play and practice his activities. He feels as if this fun circular shape was specially designed to draw the boundaries of the play area for him to lie on and play with his favorite toys, especially if his room is the only spot in the house that contains a circular carpet. In addition, the circular shape of the carpet extends its life because it does not contain corners that are easy to damage, as in carpets with sharp edges, such as rectangular and square carpets.

    Make sure to choose round children's rugs that are large enough to accommodate the freedom of movement of children, their toys, books, etc. Once the room is arranged and everything is in its place, you will notice that it has added a wonderful design to the room and a luxurious place to relax. A large carpet may not fit the room’s area. In this case, choose a small circular carpet about one or one and a half meters only, so that it overlaps with the baby’s bed or chair from the edge only, while most of the carpet is exposed.

    1. Round rugs in the kitchen

    The kitchen is one logical place to place a round rug, as it will benefit from the warmth, intimacy, and intimacy that radiates from the round shape. An important consideration when choosing a rug for a circular kitchen is the texture of the rug. It should be a flat weave or braided material to withstand the heavy traffic and stains that result from food spills in this naturally crowded area.

    Basic rules for coordinating the circular rug in your home

    Don't stack furniture on top of it

    One of the most prominent mistakes that some people may make when placing a circular carpet is adding it to a place crowded with furniture so that many pieces are placed on top of it, which blurs its beautiful roundness or creates visual chaos by the repeated intersection between the straight edges of the furniture and the rounded edges of the carpet.

    The beauty of the circular rug is highlighted when an ample part of it appears, either from the edges or most of it. Therefore, if you have to put some pieces of furniture on top of it, it is recommended that they be light pieces, for example wooden or metal furniture with exposed legs instead of fully covered box furniture, as this allows it to highlight its distinctive curved shape.

    Make sure to align the circles

    If you compare a circular carpet with another round piece of furniture such as a dining table, a chandelier, or a round window, be sure to adjust the location of the carpet so that its center is aligned with the center of the piece of furniture, which creates symmetry in shape and a sense of balance and order at the same time.

    Bigger is always better

    By larger, we mean two things: The first is the area of ​​the room. The larger the area of ​​the room, the better place it is to put a circular carpet, for example, the entrance to the house, the living room and the dining room. The second is the circular carpet itself, so the larger its size, the better, because the breadth of the carpet allows its edges to be seen clearly outside the furniture, thus highlighting its unique shape.


    Round rugs are not just another type of rug, they are a great aesthetic addition to home decor and a radical solution to many other rug types issues such as durability, fit and space. However, adding it somewhere needs - as it turns out - greater awareness of space and pieces of furniture and accuracy in coordination in order to achieve the desired goal.

    Unlike rectangular carpets and square carpets, you cannot buy a circular carpet and spread it directly on the floor of the room. Rather, you should think about the appropriate space that it should occupy, so that you get the wonderful final look that you feel grateful for choosing it.




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