Inspired by Poets and Artists: Learn more about bohemian rugs


Inspired by Poets and Artists: Learn more about bohemian rugs

How do you turn your home into a painting or a short story that you feel that you live with your being, not just watching it? The answer we find among poets and artists: it is the bohemian style. The Bohemian carpet invites itself into your home, making it feel like it is in its place immediately without any alienation. It is characterized by ease of design and comfort, so it is an ideal way to tell your own story based on its colors, features and attractive feelings that it leaves in everyone who sees it. Find out with us how is that?


  • What is a bohemian rug?
  • Types of bohemian rugs
  • Criteria for choosing a suitable bohemian rug
  • Ways to decorate the house with bohemian rugs
  • What is a bohemian rug?

    Bohemian rugs are rugs that are famous for their intricate details, geometric shapes, and color combinations. Bohemian carpets are a unique blend - not found in any other type of carpet - of traditional carpets with a modern touch, giving the place a cheerful and antique look at the same time.

    Bohemian style in the language of decoration means a design that departs from traditional styles but in an innovative way, so it basically does not depend on one specific style, but rather celebrates antique colors, organic textures and artistic spirit that appreciates traditional Persian motifs, tribal symbols and geometric shapes, Bohemian style also loves natural inscriptions Like palms and flowers, Bohemian rugs are no exception.

    The origin of the word Bohemian goes back to the former Bohemia region, now known as the "Czech Republic", and to it the Bohemian gypsies who migrated to separate regions of Europe were concerned only with their art and strange rituals, so they chose to live for creativity rather than earn money and love luxury.

    In light of this, they often lived in the poorest areas so that they could afford the cost of living there, but their deteriorating financial condition did not prevent them from adding elegance to their small homes, so they made their own pieces of furniture, designed paintings, sculptures, furnishings, and handmade furniture, and sold it to their fellow creatives in exchange for goods or services.

    The wonderful colors in bohemian carpets in general are neutral colors with areas of warm and bright colors such as red, orange and yellow that add a touch of warmth to the place, in addition to blue, which is a popular choice because it gives a feeling of relaxation when you are close to the water. One of the most popular colors of bohemian carpets is the black and white contrasting pair, because the great contrast between them gives the room a special elegance and elegance.

    The ideal decoration for bohemian carpets is the bohemian decoration that was named after him. For example, adding accessories made from natural materials or having bright or very unique colors, or those that you acquired from a previous trip, are ideal additions to the room that contains bohemian carpets.

    Nevertheless, the congruence of the two styles is not a condition for the room to look great, as it is possible to use modular accessories, modern furniture, or monochromatic furnishings, so that the bohemian carpet is the only natural piece in the room that adds texture, shape, or attractive color that captures all the attention. To balance the effect of the carpet, other pieces of decor can be chosen so that they have some common denominator with the bohemian carpet, such as shape, color, size, etc.

    Types of bohemian rugs

    As we have indicated, Bohemian carpets do not depend on one style only, but rather every time and place sees it in its own way, and sometimes it is made by machine and sometimes it is a handmade carpet . Here are the most common types of Bohemian carpets:

    • Auto carpet

    It is the most widespread type that is produced in specialized factories for weaving carpets. This type of carpet is characterized by a wide variety of colors, designs, and reasonable prices. Designers rely on quoting bohemian ideas in designing and mixing bright colors together.

    • natural carpet

    It is a carpet made of natural plant fibers such as jute, sisal, bamboo and hemp. The colors of this type of bohemian carpet are often earthy colors, but its texture is very distinctive that strengthens your relationship with nature, and it is characterized by its low price, which makes it suitable for the buyer with a limited budget.

    • oriental carpets

    Between classicism and bohemianism, there is a struggle for possession of oriental rugs, whether it is Persian rugs as pictured above or Turkish rugs , and these valuable handmade carpets blend easily with both classic and bohemian styles. Oriental rugs are characterized by ornate designs and an antique feel, but the original pieces come at very high prices. It is recommended to be added to high traffic areas such as the living room in order to benefit from the shabby chic yet elegant feel it gives off.

    • Moroccan rugs

    Moroccan carpets are of particular interest to fans of the bohemian style, as they are distinguished by their bright colors, intricate and asymmetrical designs, rich textures, drooping edges, and an exotic appearance at first glance. Moroccan rugs are an ideal choice if you want to add a rustic feel to a room or want to soften hard concrete or marble floors.

    • Sheepskin rugs

    This type of bohemian rug is made of 100% pure sheepskin wool, and the large pieces of it add a sense of comfort, elegance and luxury to the home. It is in itself a unique and modern piece of art that is well suited for softening tile and wood floors and resting spaces such as the bedroom and living room.

    Criteria for choosing a suitable bohemian rug

    Whether you want to add a pop of color to a room or personalize your style yet trendy bohemian rugs are the way to go. Buying a suitable bohemian rug for a place depends on the type of room and how it is used. Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing a bohemian rug:

    What is the right size?

    Bohemian rugs come in a variety of sizes, some are small but have a strong impact and others are large enough to cover a larger amount of empty space. Therefore, the area of ​​​​the room should be considered first, for example, a large living room needs a carpet of a size large enough for its end to enter under all the furniture in the room, by contrast, small spaces such as the entrance to the door need a smaller carpet.

    What are the most suitable colors?

    Bohemian carpets are characterized by many color combinations, including bright colors and dark shades, including bold vibrant colors and nice neutral colors, for example different shades of brown, white, gray and ivory are simple shades that give a sense of comfort, while bright red gives a feeling of vitality Bold and welcoming.

    There are other common colors in Bohemian carpets, such as pink, blue, green, orange and black. If you are looking for a distinctive carpet, choose brightly colored Bohemian carpets, but if you want a carpet that complements the room's current color palette, choose carpets in neutral and calm colors.

    What is the shape of the rug?

    The standard shapes of Bohemian carpets are the rectangular and circular shapes, but the innovation and freedom that prevail in the Bohemian style led to the existence of other, more exotic shapes such as oval, square, octagonal and semi-circular.

    A circular rug softens the air and adds a welcoming feel and is ideal for outdoor spaces such as a garden, while rugs work well in narrow hallways as they define their elongated rectangular shape. The semi-circular sheepskin rug is suitable for the bottom of a bed, bathtub or desk.

    Which pattern do you choose?

    In addition to the plain bohemian carpets, there are patterned carpets, and the size and distribution of the patterns varies, including large, sprawling patterns and some of them are small patterns, if you want to choose a prominent and loud carpet, choose a carpet with a bold oriental pattern, but if you want a carpet that does not cause eye strain and can be kept on For the long haul, choose a quiet rug with a traditional design of jute.

    Ways to decorate the house with bohemian rugs

    The philosophy underlying the bohemian style is honest self-expression without regard for rules. Below, we will refer to a group of bohemian carpet arrangement ideas at home as a guide to inspire you in finding the right idea for your home:

    • Think first about the colors of the rug

    The bohemian rug can be the basis for the color palette of the room. If the rug is full of many fun colors, choose the sub-colors from it, then pull these colors into the decorative textiles in the room, pillows and wall paint. If you want a monochromatic look for the place, focus on repeating the main color. For the bohemian rug in the previously indicated elements rather than sub-colors.

    On the other hand, if the bohemian carpet is of neutral colors, then you are free to distribute the bright colors in the room as you wish in pillows, covers, etc., which gives the overall appearance a balanced appeal.

    • Place it in the bedroom as a haven of rest

    The bed is the center of any bedroom, so if you want to add bohemian rugs to the bedroom, place it just below the bed in the middle so that it extends evenly on both sides for a distance of 60 cm which is enough space to provide a soft landing for feet when getting up and down from the bed. This large rug can be replaced with a smaller rug of luxurious fibers such as sheepskin to be placed next to the bed.

    • Mix it up with a bohemian living room

    Add to the living room some bohemian pieces made of natural materials such as wood and leather that give a sense of uniqueness that blends with bohemian rugs easily, or think of elements such as lush houseplants as in the picture above, pillows, curtains, bright and bold wall paint in addition to old-fashioned lampshades .

    • Use a lot of accessories

    Bohemians - in light of the lack of money - used to search for beauty in old and worn decor pieces, as these pieces tell a story with them. For example, bohemian decor celebrates the furniture you love and the exotic antiques that you have collected from the international markets of the different regions that you visited. You can find these pieces at flea markets, vintage malls, and antique shops. Decorate the walls and tables with these artworks that pair with the bohemian rugs on the floor.

    • Lay down multiple layers of carpet

    Bohemian decor with its free style makes it easy to stack different layers on top of each other and rugs are no exception. You can add more than one rug on top of each other, for example, layer a small patterned rug on top of a larger, plain rug for an eye-pleasing look, or try placing two small oriental rugs next to each other. One side overlaps the other on the common side.


    Bohemian carpets are a unique and very distinctive addition in any place they are located, combining the traditional and contemporary style of decoration in a way that is not repeated in any other type of carpet. your personality.




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