The 3 most important criteria when choosing a rug

طريقة اختيار السجاد المناسب

Sometimes choosing a carpet for a space is a complex task, as this may lead to an unexpected result. When choosing the wrong carpet, the whole design of the room will be affected, but by choosing the right carpet, it can brighten the space and increase its aesthetics, and the reason is that the carpet is the center of the space, and it is also a large design element that covers most of the floor and governs the visual mood in one way or another..

You shouldn't feel puzzled when you want to buy a rug, weighing your options using the following categories will simplify the process and give you confidence in your decision-making.

1. Color

Color is the first reference point in choosing a carpet. If other design elements (furniture, lighting, paint, etc.) If you want to use a darker pattern and multiple colors, it's best to place that piece first, then add the rest of the decor using the rug as a reference piece.

In general, if the furnishings and wall coverings are installed, it is easier to use a neutral color tone or a carpet of natural fibers such as jute or anything with a simple pattern similar to the color of the wall, but, do not be afraid if the decorative carpet is bold, and its shades suit the aesthetic of the space, use it because it may It is the only piece that elevates a room's design from ordinary to convincing.

2. Texture

Texture is often ignored when choosing a rug. Of course, most people do not ignore color and pattern, especially when shopping online. However, attention to appearance is essential, as a well-coordinated texture will add depth and beauty to the design of the space. Use pieces that contrast with existing textiles. If you have a sofa Very soft upholstery Use a low-pile rug made of a material such as sisal If your space includes softer surfaces like sectional leather or a chair, use something plump and fluffy Apply the same principle with smaller décor pieces like pillows and throws to create a rich, layered feel .

3. Size


Measuring a centerpiece is a relatively straightforward part of the process, but don't break the rules because an attractive rug isn't available in the right size. A smaller rug size will make the room look small and awkward. Generally, covering the seating area is standard, but at least make sure the front legs of the chairs are in place. On the rug is a satisfying compromise, and most importantly, your feet should touch the rug when you sit.

For the dining room rug, we must make sure that all the chairs occupy enough space to pull them out from under the table while they are still on the rug. The shape of the rug should also be taken into consideration. Rectangular rugs suit rectangular spaces while square rooms look natural with square or circular rugs. This may seem obvious but it is easy to be tempted to pay attention to the right size when you find attractive rugs that are not available in the correct dimensions.

Keep these three factors in mind when buying a rug, and you will have a simple, stress-free experience, and the results will be exceptional. It is generally a good rule to have controls during design, and limiting choices frees you up and prevents the endless cascade of options. It is a concept that can be applied not Not only for the choice of rug, but in the design of the space as a whole.

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