How to store carpets to keep them from getting damaged

طريقة تخزين السجاد

At the end of the winter season, the house becomes warmer than before, and the need for floor coverings decreases. Housewives store carpets and keep them safe from mold, which can result from getting wet after washing and cleaning, and incomplete drying or poor storage, which makes them easy prey for moths and insects, in addition to The wrong storage mechanism may cause the destruction of the shape and structure of the carpet, so we will share with you some preventive measures that contribute to protecting and preserving your carpet from these risks. Some tips:

First: Clean the carpets before storage

Carpets are stored before being professionally cleaned, because the carpets contain any stains, dirt, dust or moisture, which increases the possibility of damage and unpleasant odors. It is preferable to use automatic laundries for a thorough cleaning or to use a vacuum cleaner for its ability to remove dust and dirt accumulated between the folds of the pile of carpets to ensure a safe storage process. It is reliable and does not damage the material of the floor mats.

You can also take into account the manufacturer's instructions on a label that you find on the back of the carpet. If you clean the carpet yourself, make sure that it is completely dry before rolling it up and storing it, because the remaining moisture may harm it.

Second: the correct way to wrap the carpet

Roll the carpet in the form of a tight cylinder so that the pile is facing inward, and make sure that the carpet roll is as straight as possible so that the ends of the carpet do not come out at the ends, and here you can use a wedge that helps you roll easily, or you can leave the wedge inside to help you store the carpet in an upright position .

Once the mat is tightly wrapped, you can tie the mat with string on each end of the roll, or place it inside a protective plastic case.

We also recommend using special protection balls when storing carpets – or what is called naphthalene – for long-term storage by placing some pieces on each side of the carpet before wrapping them, as these balls are sufficient to protect them from any possible damage due to moths during storage.

However, if you are going to store the carpet without a roll or a solid backing, then the solution may be to fold the carpet to save space. However, folding the carpet in the wrong way may lead to the occurrence of cracks and creases in the carpet permanently, especially in certain types of carpets.

Third: the safe storage of the carpet

  1. The correct method of storing carpets includes making sure that the designated place is valid, that is, you should be careful to put your carpet in a safe place away from moisture, it is best to avoid placing it directly on the ground without a barrier or wooden floor, and also make sure not to place anything on top of it that may cause damage rug structure.
  2. Some people forget about the impact of insects and rodents that often hide in storage rooms, and the space between the folds of carpets can be a safe place for them to hide, so they must be quickly combated to preserve carpets and furnishings in general in their full splendor.
  3. Storing your carpet appropriately, and in good conditions, will help you maintain it so that you can enjoy using it year after year while it is in its best appearance, without incurring the costs of buying a new carpet every time.


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