Gray is here to stay: How do you use gray rugs in your décor?

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Like never before, grays have taken over the design world in the past decade, and the reason is the variety of hues, tones, and colors that make it a versatile choice for those seeking neutrality.

The "grey" trend has become a staple rather than just a passing trend.

Gray carpet for gray lovers

Gray is used in all rooms of the house, in all styles from modern to traditional. There is a wide variety of gray rugs to choose from to complement other grays in home decor, to provide a neutral grounding for complementary colors, or for anything you might desire, including fluffy rugs.

Advantages of gray

Here are a number of reasons why gray is not out of fashion!

Although gray is associated with clouds and rain, it is a calm and relaxing color. Gray presents itself as the perfect background for any style from classic to modern. All furniture styles look appropriate with gray and all kinds of colors from pink, blue, purple and other colors.

Interior designer and color specialist Jennifer Ott says: “Using gray as a neutral color is like wearing blue jeans that can be worn with almost any blouse. Fits any of them."

Gray has a wide range of shades, some of which are warm when combined with beige tones, while others are cool when combined with blue and green tones.

It doesn't seem like the interior designers' celebration of the gorgeous shades of gray will be waning any time soon, as this color can blend in with all styles and colours. Have you ever used gray in your decor?

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