How do you choose living room rugs?

طريقة وضع السجاد في المجلس للمزيد من الأناقة

The living room or hall is considered the most important room in the house, as it is the place where the family meets and exchanges conversations, and the preferred place for rest and relaxation. In the design, the size of the room, and other other factors. Let's explore the considerations to consider when choosing a living room rug.

living room rug design considerations

The rug complements the décor

In the beginning, let us agree that not every carpet is suitable for every room in the house, so it is necessary that your choice of carpet be in harmony with the decor, design and function of the room. The carpet is considered a piece of art, so it should not clash with the design (unless you want to have a transitional decor). There are so many beautiful designs, colors, and patterns of rugs on the market today (you'll find some of the best pieces in Weft's online store), so you'll have no problem finding the right rug for your living room. Consider colors and patterns in your design to make sure the rug coordinates with the decor.

Choose the right carpet

The living room carpet is usually characterized by warmth and attractiveness, regardless of the interior design style, and the carpet should be comfortable and welcoming, and not cold or of a special personal nature. Comfortable and warm look.

Long pile or thread rugs give the room a cozy look

No matter what style of interior decoration you prefer, be it classic, modern or industrial, find the right rug as if you were looking for a piece of art suitable for the room decor, take into account the color and pattern options for the rug and the decor together, in order to get the perfect rug that matches your room.

Living room rug size considerations

the size

Before choosing living room rugs, you should decide what size rug will suit the room area best, you may want one large rug to cover most of the space, or you may want a smaller rug, or go a step further (get two). If you want to cover the entire area of ​​the room with a single rug, make sure it is not so large that it touches the walls on each side, and adhere to the rule of leaving about 46 centimeters between each edge of the rug and the wall, so that the room does not appear too cramped or crowded.

Consider the size of the room when choosing a living room rug

Positioning the rug

If you prefer a smaller rug than a large one that covers the entire room, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Place the rug in the middle of the living room, centering the furniture around it.
  2. The carpet should not be too small, because the small carpet amidst the large furniture suggests that it is in an inappropriate place, so make sure that it is of the appropriate size compared to the size of the furniture around it, and that the front legs of the pieces of furniture are on the carpet.
  3. Choose the shape of a carpet based on the size and design of the living room, and the arrangement of the furniture. If the living room is long and contains furniture distributed in the space, it is better to choose rectangular carpets. If the room is smaller in size, then the square carpet is the ideal choice for it, and if you have a round coffee table Or another piece of furniture, the round rug will look great under the table.

If you're looking for the perfect living room rugs for you and your family, Weft's online store can help you find the right options for your budget, color preferences, design, and size restrictions, to help you find the perfect one for you.

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