Using carpets on rugs in home decor

 تثبيت السجاد على الموكيت

If you are going to design an area using a carpet, it is likely that you will use it on a wooden floor, or you may use it on a hard floor such as tiles or even in the patio, but most people did not think of using it over carpeting despite it being one of the most popular forms of decoration recently that reflects a remarkable development in gourmet.

Why do we use carpets on rugs?

The carpet, which covers the entire floor from wall to wall, often appears boring and unattractive, so adding a small carpet helps to liven up and add a beautiful visual dimension to the space in which it is located. Here are some of the reasons that motivate that:

  • Room division : One of the uses of carpets is dividing spaces, especially large ones, and defining distinctive areas, whether the floor is parquet, porcelain, or other types of flooring.
  • Improving the color scheme : If the carpet is of neutral colors such as beige or gray, adding a small carpet on top of it helps to make the room more lively, and it also gives an opportunity to show the colors of the furniture and other decor items.
  • Creating a visual arrangement : One of the most important parts of a good interior design is creating a sense of order, so treat the small rug as a focal point to center the room, which helps create borders around the outside of the space, and imparts a strong sense of geometric design.
  • Designing Unique Patterns : Placing small rugs on the rugs helps create some great design patterns that would not have been possible without it.

Beautiful rugs add a bit of order, comfort and design.

Some considerations for placing rugs over rugs

Laying a rug on top of a rug is certainly not as easy as laying it on the floor. Here are two considerations to think about before placing a small rug on top of a rug.

1. Make sure the rug is the correct size

To get an appropriate look in any space, first make sure that you use the appropriate size of the rug. This may be more accurate when using it over carpeting, and make sure that the rug is large enough to reach the furniture instead of appearing to float in the room.

If the carpet covers a larger part of the carpeting, change its size by measuring the carpeting and decreasing 60 to 100 cm on each side, to leave appropriate boundaries for the room.

2. Consider the color consistency between the rug and the rug

When we talk about colors, the relationship between the carpet and the rug should be complementary, that is, the colors complement each other. The matter is not easy here, so the general advice is to place the rug with bright colors over the rug with neutral colors, and vice versa, and this is also subject to the design of the rug and rug, as there is no rule. It is valid for every case, but it should be experimented until a consistent and beautiful appearance is reached.

We hope the above ideas helped you explore how to use small rugs on rugs in home décor, if you have room design experience in this regard, share it with us in the comments below.

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