Rules for coordinating carpets and furnishings with furniture

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The carpet is one of the pieces of furnishings that most affect the decor in the home, and this reflects the importance of choosing the style and color of the carpet, and it may be more difficult if you want to add more than one carpet in the same room, whether you have an open space, so you can see all kinds of different carpets in each An area of ​​your home, or you simply wanted to add a different style by combining more than one carpet in the same space in a way that breaks your usual traditional look, you can learn all the necessary tips about the rules of carpeting in the same room.

1. Use matching rugs

You can furnish the reception or hallway carpets by combining two pieces of the same pattern so that the appearance is more consistent, especially if the appearance of the carpet is remarkable and distinctive. Therefore, it will give your home space an organized style of furnishing while maintaining its consistency with the sofa decor and wall colors to add different touches to the room if you have it. The two rugs, or you want to find a new rug with a matching pattern, or combine and match your rugs by using the same pattern, this may mean adding many Persian rugs, floral rugs, or geometric rugs. A desire for change, do not hesitate because beauty is in the simplicity of appearance as long as the rugs are of the same pattern Or the design itself, and it will look compatible with adding diversity to the space and reflecting a kind of inner richness that expresses you in the same place, as it is suitable for the kitchen, living room and dining room.

2. Choose carpets from the same color family

One of the most important rules of the art of carpet furnishing is relying on color consistency so that the mixing between carpets is correct and decent and does not cause chaos in the eye of the beholder. Relying on the same color palette is also a good option, as this allows you to add two different carpets without the appearance appearing separate, and therefore It will create a cohesive look.
If you are a fan of bolder colors, such as green rugs or blue rugs, or decide to mix with neutral colors, such as brown rugs or black and white rugs, coordinating rugs according to the same color palette will create multiple rug patterns within the space.

3. Multiple rugs in different shapes

Combining multiple rugs in different shapes is one of the creative carpet etiquette methods and is a great option that adds variety to the space. Whether you choose two rugs with different patterns close in color or try one of the other ideas mentioned above, try combining a circular rug or corridor rugs with the larger area rugs. To provide more visual excitement in the space.

4. Determine the budget that suits you

It is natural that before taking any step in furnishing the house and choosing the carpets and rugs that you dream of, you have to determine your budget so as not to exceed it during the purchase process and choose what suits your taste at the planned cost. The size of the rug and the higher the quality of the material, the higher the price.

In the end, you should know that there are a lot of different options and ideas that allow you to combine two carpets in one space without making your space look chaotic or separate in the budget level you desire, and now which ideas will you choose??


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