How to light up the entrance of the doors with beautiful runners

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How to light up the entrance of the doors with beautiful runners

The pedal is the first thing that the one who comes to the house sees, and it is a cheap way to light the entrance of the house with a beautiful design, which contributes, along with other external pieces, to the formation of the first impression of it, so it is necessary that it be a reason for giving a feeling of happiness from being in it.

This small piece of carpet does not receive enough attention, but it plays an important role functionally and aesthetically together, and therefore the choice of rugs and their placement in the home requires attention comparable to the attention given to choosing other carpet pieces in the home or office.


  • What are the pedals
  • What are the types of props?
  • 5 benefits of pedals
  • How to choose the right mat for the space
  • When should the old pedal be discarded?
  • What are the pedals

    The mats are the small carpets that are added to almost every entrance in the house, whether it is front or back, its mission is to trap dust, dirt, and any other plankton inside it and prevent it from entering from outside the house into the interior through shoes. In addition to this common and important use of the pedal, it also plays an important role in decorating the house and creating a good image in front of the guests.

    Synthetic fibers are often included in the composition of the tread fabric because they are less susceptible to decomposition, precipitation and rotting due to weather factors to which the tread is heavily exposed, for example rain in winter that leads to wetness and continuous exposure to the scorching sun in summer. These manufactured fibers not only extend the life of the mat, but also make it easier to clean in light of the heavy entry and exit movement of the household and guests.

    The mats differ from the regular carpets in terms of purpose, place and size. The mat is used primarily for the person who enters to rub his feet on it. It is often placed at the entrance to the doors and comes in small sizes, while the regular carpet is placed under or between furniture on the ground to provide a soft and comfortable layer for the feet. Various rooms and comes in medium to large sizes.

    What are the types of props?

    Not all pedals are created equal, they are categorized into different types each with a suitable purpose and location as follows:

    Ordinary pedaling

    It is the most common simple household type, its main task is to capture the smallest particles of dust and dry feet, it is characterized by its beautiful designs to suit door decorations and interior home furniture, and it is an indispensable necessity to preserve the floor of the house from severe dirt and wetness.

    Rough tread

    This type of mat is characterized by its high density, which makes it able to absorb and retain dust to a greater degree. It is a suitable choice for commercial places, as it comes in a relatively large size that covers the entrance floor in the first 10:15 steps taken by visitors to the store.

    The pedal is durable

    This pedal is characterized by protrusions or gaps that cover its surface. It is made of very strong, solid materials, which allows it to pick up the largest debris such as rocks and sand and prevent it from passing into the interior. It is the perfect choice for large buildings whose floors need the greatest degree of protection and comes in large sizes of approximately 5 meters in length.

    Logo pedal

    They are the props that are specially designed to be used for corporate promotional purposes. They may include the company’s logo or an advertisement for one of its products, and occupy a strategic place for customers to see it easily and continuously, so that the brand image is imprinted in their minds, for example the waiting area, the reception area, in addition to the entrances, corridors and even in the elevator.

    Medical prosthesis

    Its purpose is sterilization and protection against pollution in medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals. Sterile materials are used in its manufacture. Among the advantages of this type of carpet are the resistance to slipping and the reduction of noise and vibration.

    4 benefits of having mats at home

    Everyone looks at the pedal as a stereotypical piece that sits in its place, but in fact it plays important roles that make it an indispensable piece for more than one reason. Here are the most important benefits of mats that they provide for any space you occupy:

    1. Facilitate the cleaning process

    The shoes are responsible for bringing most of the dust and dirt from outside the house into the house, which makes it necessary to repeat the cleaning of the floor well at regular intervals, and since the mats pick up this dust from the soles of the shoes because of their fluffy surface, a smaller amount of them is transferred to the house, which means a more cleaning process. Ease and less mess.

    Other than picking up dirt from shoes, the mats also act as a barrier to dust and bacteria that the outside air carries in as they pick up these tiny particles from the door. Without the mat, dust will easily transfer to the floor indoors and under carpets.

    1. Clean air at home

    Based on the above, the pedal plays a role in keeping the air in the house clean from dust, dirt, and small particles that may cause allergies, such as pollen and mold spores that stick to shoes without being seen by the naked eye. This means that the pedal is one of the factors for purifying the home atmosphere and keeping it healthy. Especially safe for allergy sufferers.

    1. Anti-slip protection

    The chances of slipping and falling increase whenever the ground is wet, as the shoes become less cohesive with the ground, so the pedals play an important role in making the ground safe by protecting it from getting wet and ensuring that water is absorbed from the shoes and collected in the fabric of the pedal.

    1. Extend the life of the floor

    The entrance to the door is one of the areas most subject to wear and tear due to the heavy traffic it is exposed to. If it is exposed to cracks or severe dirt, or if the floor colors lose their luster, it will be difficult to renew this small spot only, but it will be necessary to change the entire floor tiles. Instead, the mat provides protection for this strategic space and is easy to replace and buy a new mat whenever it becomes worn out.

    How to choose the right mat for the space

    When buying a mat for the home or office, a number of considerations should be taken into account that help in finding the optimal mat. Below we discuss the most important of these considerations:

    First: the shape of the pedal

    The treads sometimes come in round, oval, and square shapes, in addition to the most common rectangular shape. Experts advise adopting the rectangular shape only as the sole form of the tread, and the reason behind this is that the rectangular treads cover the entire area facing the entrance of the door better than any other shape. Square or oval shapes may cover the space to some degree but fail to cover the entire length.

    Second: the color of the pedal

    The doors are often painted in dark colors such as brown and black. These colors are in harmony with dark colors for the tread, such as dark beige (sandy) in addition to shades of gray . As for the doors with light colors, they are suitable with various dark shades, as they create an attractive contrast between the two.

    The secret behind staying away from light shades when choosing the color of the mat is that the light colors make the mat look unclean even with a few stains, unlike the dark colors that relatively hide dust and stains and the mat maintains its decent appearance despite that.

    Other considerations may go into choosing the appropriate color for the mat, for example the colors of the flowers planted in the entrance of the house. And if you live in a coastal area, marine colors such as blue seem to be a suitable option, and if you live near mountainous areas, green and brown will be the colors of the pedals in harmony with the surrounding environment.

    Third: the pedal design

    Similar to regular carpets, the mats come in many designs and different tastes, but the best design for the mat is the embossed design and the design that includes multiple color combinations because it is the most effective in hiding dust and dirt. In addition, the multi-colored design has the aesthetic advantage of drawing more attention to this small piece of carpet than the plain or monochromatic design.

    If one of the colorful mats appealed to you very much, but you had difficulty coordinating it with the door of the house, let it inspire you and borrow one of its colors as a new paint for the door.

    Fourth: Manufacturing materials

    The treads contain different types of fibers, including natural ones such as cotton and wool, and synthetic ones such as polyester, and each type of fiber has its own appropriate uses. Natural fibers are suitable for indoor mats because they provide a soft texture for feet, especially if it is a kitchen carpet , and being inside makes them less susceptible to intense moisture or deep stains that form mold over time when they interact with the natural fabric.

    Synthetic fiber-only mats are more suitable for outdoor spaces because they dry faster and resist the growth of mold and bacteria. On the other hand, attention should be paid to the thickness of the pile pile facing the door when it is closed and opened, so that the pile does not get damaged over time due to its friction with the door. To avoid this, it is necessary to choose a flat pile for the inner mat, and to ensure that there is a sufficient vertical gap between it and the bottom of the door to prevent friction.

    Fifth: the size of the pedal

    There is a certain range that experts prefer that the size of the tread not deviate from. This range ranges between a length close to the width of the door (the tread covers about 80% of the door area), and the length of the tread exceeding the width of the door by a small difference (it covers the door area and side lights).

    If the pedal is shorter than the previous range, it will not perform its function effectively in rubbing dust and dirt from shoes, and if the pedal is longer than this range, the door next to it will appear smaller than it really is. To make it easier to calculate the proper runner size, use chalk to draw the frame of each runner before purchasing so you can see the size and how well it fits the door.

    When should the old pedal be discarded?

    Before we discuss when the old mat should be replaced with a new one, we will first point out how to keep it clean. Make sure to shake the mat to shake off the dust in addition to washing it thoroughly every once in a while with carpet cleaner and water .

    The life of the pedal is related to many factors that affect its durability and endurance, and then determine when it should be replaced with a new one, the most prominent of which are the following:

    • The presence of hanging limbs from the pedal.
    • Extreme weather factors such as exposure to the sun in extreme temperatures and heavy rain.
    • Frequent use such as being in the main entrance door.
    • Permanent stains that cleaning agents do not work with, frayed corners, or worn parts of the fabric.

    Observe the condition of the pedal and check its fibers. If you find that it is dirty or worn out so that it looks bleak and unpleasant, then the time is right to buy a new pedal to replace it.


    The mats give a quick glimpse of your taste in interior decoration, and it became clear from the above to what extent they play important roles in protecting the floor, ease of cleaning, traffic safety, and providing a healthy atmosphere, and their selection is not done randomly, but rather depends on many factors, including shape, color, design, and materials manufacture and size.




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