How to choose carpets at the beginning of the fall season


How to choose carpets at the beginning of the fall season

And after the departure of the summer, with its heat and humidity, the distinctive autumn atmosphere sets in; With the look of the fireplace, warm drinks, wood decor, and beautiful woolen quilts that complete the decor, but.. the scene must be completed with the right rugs.

When autumn comes with its details and colors that give its distinctive sense to life in general, then a person needs to deepen his sense of warmth, so he prefers to surround himself with colors that suit autumn, between orange-brown colors, yellowish green, tree brown, glowing light brown, or golden and earthy brown as well. .

Autumn requires carpets of different shapes and sizes, but the common element is the autumnal color gradient, between the scenery of the autumn fields with their leaves and branches that spread the ground like a charming natural carpet, candlesticks and saddles that contain candles that add more atmosphere of warmth, pictures of wooden spoons and spices of warm colors. For kitchens and dining rooms, he engraved abstract and surrealist paintings in warm autumnal colors, and finally pictures of beautifully neglected umbrellas and wooden chairs distributed for rest here and there in front of the beaches to bear a great harmony between the scene of the fiery sunset and the coolness of the water, while containing comfort with autumnal symbols such as umbrellas and pergolas.

Tastes may differ, but everyone agrees on the warm colors and charming atmosphere of the coming fall, and we are here to offer you this article in which we help you choose the right carpet pieces for the fall atmosphere, these very days; In order to be able to prepare your home in proportion to the season that is approaching these days.


Options that save you from confusion in choosing fall carpets

In the past, people often resorted to covering entire lands with carpets or “rugs.” This is no longer widespread, especially with the expansion of options for manufacturing and equipping floors in homes. The prevalence of marble floors, whose beauty seems striking, and the spread of three-dimensional floors that are painted or designed efficiently and attractively, to other ceramic or wooden floors or what is called “parquet”.

All of these modern options have made carpets a secondary option, perhaps in the summer and spring season, or the hot and warm seasons in general. However, the introduction of autumn and winter turns the use of carpets from a luxury into a necessity. Because without a doubt it makes the house warmer.

In order to choose an autumn carpet for every corner of the house, the following are tips and suggestions that will help you choose the colors, sizes and shapes of carpets suitable for the rooms of the house:

  • Choosing carpets for the living room
  • Choose a piece of carpet with the shape of the room, whether it is rectangular, square, or circular, and let the carpet be rather large; to cover most of the floor of the room; Because the living room is the place where the family meets most of the time, so that they can enjoy warmth and sharing together, and perhaps eat some snacks and warm drinks.

    Choose carpets in fairly dark colors; to bear daily use for most of the time, and to be decorated with paintings or frills of fallen leaves on the ground of a field that was green in spring; In order to fit the atmosphere of the fireplace and pillows that bear warm colors as well.


  • Choosing carpets for the guest room

  • For guest rooms or the salon in which you receive visitors, choose smaller pieces of carpet, and you can vary in shapes and sizes between circular, oval and rectangular shapes, and be careful - if the carpets are equipped with fringes - make sure that the fringes are organized and take a dark color, but it is definitely lighter than the color of the carpet.

    If the guest rooms or the “atrium” and the reception hall are spacious, you can distribute the carpets in a striking manner. It is not recommended to place them in parallel as if they were a formal line, but rather let them be slanted, and let others be traditionally placed between chairs, sofas and couches, for example.

    You are free to distribute colors and paintings as you wish, but with a preference for abstract paintings for these places. it gives an illusion of beauty without requiring focus on it; This is to allow the beauty of other pieces of furniture and decoration to stand out.

    But if the guest lounge contains a dining table or "dining room" and its chairs, choose a piece of carpet suitable for the shape of the table (whether it is round, rectangular or oval... no problem), provided that it bears the same colors and details from the abstract paintings that you chose for the guest room in general.

    Finally, I suggest that you add additional beautiful touches with carpet pieces that are in different and beautiful shapes, such as: "the shape of the tiger's body in its autumnal colors, the shape of the warm sunflower, the shape of the fireplace, firewood and fires ... etc. from the shapes available in the market around you" so add them to the walls, for example , or small passages; In order to give the additive more attractiveness.

    Finally, in order to feel the harmony between the colors of the chairs and cushions with the carpets you have chosen in the guest room, you can do one of the following:

    • Add pillows, cushions, or "shalat" pieces in warm, neutral colors, whether on or around sofas and chairs, and under hospitality and service tables.
    • Add to the arms of the chairs and their backs some colorful quilts in colors that are in harmony with the colors of the carpets to add an attractive decorative touch and increase the harmony between colors.
    • Use warm lighting and lampshades or lamps of yellow colors, not white. In addition to making you feel luxurious, you will also find them giving the place an awesome warmth and depth, as if you are watching a magical painting or a scene in a foreign movie.


  • Choosing carpets for bedrooms

    Bedrooms are divided into adult rooms / or matrimonial rooms, and children’s rooms in general, whether they are female or male, children or youth, and in fact the matter differs when choosing autumn carpets for each of them.

    For the children’s rooms, choose carpets with nice paintings in darker colors, and let the carpet be a size that covers the entire floor of the room in order to provide warmth for the children, especially on cold nights. And so that you do not have to clean and wash them more than once during the season.

    As for the rooms of adults and couples, you can choose bright – but warm – colors to some extent, varying between golden, beige, and light apricot orange, especially if the room is only used for sleeping, as it will be a strong complement to the required warmth and intimacy palette.

    In all cases, and whatever the age of the users of the room, be sure to cover the entire floor with carpets in cold weather, and choose inscriptions that are characterized by warm fiery colors.


  • Choose carpets for bathrooms and kitchens
  • The kitchen is the kingdom of the lady in which she spends most of the time, so the choice of the appropriate kitchen carpet should be according to the mood of the housewife and his mistress and according to what pleases her, makes her happy, and matches her mood. Perhaps the kitchen is suitable for carpets of different sizes, sizes and shapes as well, according to the shape of the kitchen and the corridors in it. The kitchen that contains a cutting table And work or for meals, it differs from the kitchen in which all the spaces are corridors, and it also differs from the kitchen in which the space is completely square or rectangular.

    You can choose rugs with traditional geometric shapes or rugs cut and cut into a shape you like, such as coffee pots, tea pots, pots in which food is boiled, or in the form of tools and a chef's hat.

    In fact, in the fall, the kitchen is the warmest place in the house. Perhaps because it contains ovens and burning stoves most of the time to cook food and sweets in it, but the matter will not be complicated by more nice carpets that make the stay of the ladies in it comfortable and enjoyable.

    As for the bathrooms, they are often furnished with pieces of pedals or pedals of different sizes, which are placed around the chair, under the basins, and often at the doors from the outside, and we suggest that you choose warm colors that are closer to dark as well, in order to give the bathroom more warmth and calm, especially since the presence of water in the bathrooms in cold times It gives a feeling of cold in general, even if the person does not use water.


    Tips to help you take care of fall carpets

    You must agree with us that in the cold seasons the need for carpets increases more, especially in the areas where the autumn season and winter are bitterly cold, and this - in fact - makes the choices difficult, between thinking about the pollution that rain may cause and the mud that it causes around the houses On the porches, and between thinking of the warmth that the family often likes to radiate into the house in every way, both visual and real.

    It must be noted that the aesthetics of the fall season in the Arab countries in general; Because it is a season similar to spring with its pleasant atmosphere, which makes women and housewives more able to be creative in choosing decoration, especially carpets that they fear from being contaminated by dust, dirt and rain in other seasons. The pleasant autumn sunshine accompanies.

    Autumn is usually dustless, which means that you will be able to brush warm colors that range from beige, light brown, warm and not too bright orange, pale yellow, yellowish green...etc. Of warm colors without hesitation because of your concern about pollution and the need to wash it several times, except in emergency situations.

    Here are tips for things to consider before and after fall:

    1. Wash carpets, drapes, and upholstery that you want and need to wash before fall; In order to take advantage of the summer sun, which purifies the upholstery from bacteria, and helps the textiles dry out of the water faster.
    2. As soon as the fall and winter season ends and spring arrives directly, remove all the fall furnishings, wash them and dry them under the sun to take the necessary ventilation and sterilization, then fold them and sterilize them well and then store them properly, so that they are present, sterile, clean and ready for use directly when the next fall comes, God willing.
    3. In order to feel more warm in the fall, use decorations that increase warmth and spread a warm scent as well, such as scented candles, candlesticks, and decorations that carry warm colors that are consistent with your autumn colors, and also use incense and air fresheners with sugary scents; Because it makes you feel warmer in turn.
    4. Make sure to ventilate the house well every day during the fall and winter seasons, take advantage of every moment when the sun rises and the cloudy weather sets, and open windows and doors that allow sunlight and breezes to pass through, not only for the sake of carpets, but for the health of your children, your family and your entire home.
    5. I would like to remind you that carpets, warm colors, and the ideas we suggested to you in the article are all suitable for the fall and winter seasons. Because the cold weather will require warmth in every detail, big and small, in the house.
    6. Because autumn and winter, with their coldness, are two seasons full of the spread of heating means and during which it is pleasant to light a fire in the Arab environment, and perhaps also to drink warm drinks around it and even to sleep and stay up late around burning firewood and various heaters, whether inside or outside the homes, and from this standpoint we will warn you to take the utmost care and caution by granting ventilation suitable and breathable; To prevent suffocation and burning.


    Finally, your taste and autumnal mood determine what suits you and suits your home from the aforementioned proposals, but that does not prevent taking advantage of the opinions of those around you, consulting experts in design and carpeting, visiting more than one site and reading more articles and guides before deciding what you will choose for your home this fall.

    We wish you a warm, safe, full of benefits, beauty and fun




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