How to find the right carpet cleaning company for your needs


How to find the right carpet cleaning company for your needs


Washing carpets has never been an easy task. Rather, carpets are one of the types of furnishings in which two factors meet that make cleaning it more difficult than any other type of furnishings. On the one hand, the carpets lie on the ground with a greater tolerance of stains, spills, pressure and traffic, and on the other hand Its thick and stiff texture makes it easy to put it in the washing machine or wash it by hand smoothly. That is why carpet cleaning companies formed an ideal solution to the dilemma of washing it comprehensively and deeply.

In this article, we provide comprehensive coverage of everything you should know about carpet cleaning companies before deciding to use their services.


  • What is a carpet cleaning company?
  • What techniques do carpet cleaning companies use?
  • How does a carpet cleaning company do its job?
  • Steps to find a suitable carpet cleaning company
  • When should you have carpets professionally cleaned?

    What is a carpet cleaning company?

    A carpet cleaning company is a carpet washing company that can clean carpets in homes, businesses, and anywhere. Carpet cleaning companies use a variety of techniques for cleaning such as dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Carpet cleaning companies offer many benefits to their customers, most notably:

    Professional cleaning

    Each type of carpet needs specialized cleaning depending on its type, material and condition, which is the examination that the cleaning company performs before starting work. While deep cleaning the carpet yourself at home may damage the carpet and lead to counterproductive results.

    Protect your health

    Studies indicate that carpets are beneficial for the home, as they retain allergens in their texture, in addition to the accumulation of dust particles and pollen floating in the air. Routine cleaning will help get rid of these materials, but their residues will remain accumulated in the carpet that the vacuum cleaner cannot reach. The carpet cleaning company can perform this task perfectly and get rid of all suspended materials efficiently, which provides a healthy atmosphere in the home and prevents asthma attacks.

    Properly remove tough stains

    Even if you are used to cleaning carpets , the cleaning tools and methods that you use are still not sufficient and are certainly not at the level of those used by carpet cleaning companies. Also, in light of the many accidents that carpets are exposed to, especially due to spills or the presence of children, some types of stains are more difficult and almost impossible to get rid of completely compared to other stains, especially if the color of the carpet is light and the stains appear clearly on it, and if you decide to resort to other methods Cleaning that relies on harsh solvents and powerful ingredients on your own may damage the stain rather than being treated by a professional cleaning professional.

    Extend the life of the carpet

    The passage of time on the carpet makes dust and small particles deeply embedded in its fabric despite vacuuming, and if you use a rough cleaning brush or the rubbing method, the carpet texture will wear out quickly and the carpet will become worn out over time. On the contrary, cleaning companies can wash the carpet safely while preserving the texture of the carpet from destruction, which leads to a prolongation of its life.

    What techniques do carpet cleaning companies use?

    Carpet cleaning companies rely on two basic technologies: dry cleaning and steam cleaning:

    • Dry cleaning: It is the use of active detergents that remove stains and dirt stuck in the carpets. This method depends on adding a small percentage of water to activate the foam. It is characterized by removing the most difficult stains in the least time while eliminating any unpleasant odors in the carpets.
    • Steam cleaning: It is to rely on a steam cleaning machine that pumps hot water steam at high pressure, penetrating the carpet fibers, breaking up the difficult stains stored in the depths and sterilizing the carpets from microbes. Steam cleaning also adds shine to the carpets and preserves the colors.

    How does a carpet cleaning company do its job?

    Below we will take a quick look at the steps of the cleaning process that carpet cleaning companies carry out to perform their work to the fullest:

    First: check the carpet

    Before the cleaning specialist begins washing, he first examines the condition of the carpet in order to note the type of knots, the raw material from which the carpet is made, the type of stains, their locations, and the degree of wear.

    Second: vacuuming the carpet

    This preliminary step ensures that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, as the specialist sweeps the carpet to remove dry dust and expel any other loose particles on the surface and on the back of the carpet as well. Another benefit of vacuuming is to lift and freshen the pile of the carpet so that it is easier for the detergent to penetrate the next step during the wash.

    Third: carpet washing

    In this step, effective chemicals or steam power will be used to remove stains and dirt from the carpet fibers. The carpet cleaning specialist will resort to using a cleaning method appropriate to the type of fabric based on the examination he conducted, so that it is not too strong and damages the fabric or leaves residues of harmful effects. Light so you can clean effectively.

    He may also resort to using hot water in washing in addition to chemical detergents to increase the effectiveness of the process, and he may use a rotating cleaning machine if the carpet is very dirty.

    Fourth: rinsing and drying

    The cleaning professional will direct a rotating device to rinse the carpet thoroughly so that it removes all residue, followed by a suction process to remove excess water and speed up the drying process. Drying time will be affected by the following factors:

    • The amount of water used for washing.
    • Cooling system in place.
    • Atmospheric temperature and humidity level in the air.
    • The material the rug is made of.
    • Carpet thickness and pile depth.

    To speed up the drying process, the cleaning professional may resort to:

    • Operating ceiling fans and extractors.
    • Run air coolers or heaters to help move the air.
    • Opening doors and windows to get moisture out of the place quickly.

    Once the carpet is dry, the professional cleaner will brush it to freshen up the pile.

    Steps to find a suitable carpet cleaning company

    It may be the first time you are looking for a carpet cleaning company, so how do you choose the professional company that you can trust? Here are 10 tips to help you choose a reputable and professional carpet cleaning company:

    1. Ask family and friends about companies they've dealt with that had great service, and note what they think about quality, customer service, and prices.
    2. Once you've got a handful of companies, start searching for each name yourself. Visit the company's website or social accounts. Note the customer reviews, comments, ratings the company has, and how many years of experience they have in the field that means they have the knowledge and ability to get your carpets clean again.
    3. Make sure that the company is licensed, as this is another reason to trust them.
    4. Note the equipment the company uses, the newer the equipment and techniques used, the more effective and thorough the cleaning.
    5. If the company provides a guarantee with the service so that the customer has the right to recover his money in the event that he does not like the quality of the service, then this is a strong preference factor that inspires confidence.
    6. Powerful cleaning depends on the use of effective carpet cleaners , some of which may be harmful to the environment. However, some companies may turn to innovating environmentally friendly green cleaning solutions, which is an additional advantage in their favour.
    7. Contact the company on the phone and ask them about the cleaning methods they use. Make sure that these methods are effective, but they are also gentle and will not harm the texture and colors of the carpet.
    8. Get an approximate cost of the service. To be able to compare prices for each carpet cleaning company, ask them about any discounts available, such as multiple cleanings or discounts for new customers.
    9. Companies offer a variety of cleaning services, so make sure that the company provides the exact service you are looking for, for example you want to deep clean a silk rug.
    10. Choose the most efficient company in the light of all of the above and make sure that the agreement is in writing so that prices and service are explained accurately to prevent any misunderstanding.

    When should you have carpets professionally cleaned?

    In general, carpets should be deeply cleaned every year or a year and a half at least, bearing in mind that the time period between each wash and another will vary based on the circumstances and lifestyle of each home. Answering the following questions will help determine the appropriate cleaning frequency for your carpet:

    Do you use the vacuum cleaner regularly?

    Using a vacuum cleaner removes loose particles on the surface of the carpet before they settle deeper into the pile, making them need to be cleaned by a carpet cleaning company at longer intervals. If you rarely use a vacuum, now is the time for a round of professional deep cleaning to keep your carpet fuzz in check.

    Does anyone in the family suffer from allergies?

    As we indicated, the carpet’s pile acts as a filter that traps a lot of dust and allergens that float in the air, with the accumulation of these atoms over time, which are transmitted to the air again whenever feet pass on the carpet, thus posing a new danger to allergy sufferers. Professional cleaning gets to the root of the problem, which means it's needed more frequently to relieve allergy symptoms.

    What color is the carpet?

    The light colors of the carpet make it easier to notice stains and dirt than the dark colors, although this carries a positive side, which is the quick discovery of the carpet’s need for cleaning. Whenever you notice that the carpet has become dirty, it means that it needs a professional cleaning.

    Are there young children in the house?

    Smudges, spills, and stains are natural phenomena that carpets get used to in the presence of children in the house, which means that carpets need to repeat deep cleaning at a faster pace to maintain their splendor as much as possible, at the same time, infants in particular spend a long time on carpets, whether in The stage of learning to sit or crawl, this means the importance of keeping the carpet clean to provide a healthy and safe cushion for them on the floor.

    Is it normal to wear shoes at home?

    There is no doubt that shoes are the most vectors that bring dirt and dust to carpets, and they also cause carpet fibers to deteriorate faster. To reduce these harmful effects, carpets should be professionally cleaned at shorter intervals to get rid of these plankton and keep the carpet from corrosion.


    Carpet is an essential component of the home, so it is natural that you want to preserve its splendor and beauty for many years, and it also represents a monetary investment in a significant amount, so you want it to last for as long as possible. Turning to a carpet cleaning company will help achieve these goals and get your carpets looking and smelling great again.



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