How to keep the carpet sparkling when the school year is over


How to keep the carpet sparkling when the school year is over

summer vacation approaching; It means the end of an academic year and the children staying at home all day, which means that the mother will think of more attention and cleaning to keep the furniture and furnishings in good condition, and she will think of more solutions to keep the house pleasant and at the same time clean and elegant.

Perhaps the first thing that the mother thinks about when summer comes is how to maintain the carpet – since it is the most expensive and perishable piece of furniture if used improperly, which leads to the family incurring unaccounted or expected costs – especially with the increased probability of guest visits, children’s movement and constant trampling. On top of it, and its exposure to stains and different smells with the presence of children - and children in general, old and young - at home, and from here begins to think about storage as a solution that is perhaps the best among the other available solutions.

In other cases, such as when the family decides to travel to another place during the summer vacation, such as spending the vacation in a summer resort on the beach in one of the coastal towns with moderate climates in summer, or in the countryside and villages with relatives, and many expatriates return to their homes at this stage and leave their homes In exile and in this situation, too, they will need ways to store and preserve their furnishings and rugs.

In this article, we will shed light on ways to care for carpets, such as cleaning them and storing them so that they retain their elegance and brilliance during the summer seasons, especially during the summer vacation:

Storage is the best way to keep your rugs looking and feeling beautiful

Yes, storing the carpet will protect it from tampering and random behavior that may damage it - unfortunately - whether in the case of traveling and leaving it without use or attention, or in the case of staying at home and frequent movement over it by children and guests.

Storage is not random or based on folding the carpet and placing it in one of the corners of the house, but rather it proceeds according to specific steps that ensure that it is preserved from damage, otherwise storage will not have any distinct positive effect. It leads to damage and loses its elegant shape, and it is a breeding ground for pests, mites and insects. Some reptiles, rodents and insects may hide in its folds if it is not stored properly. Unfortunately, random storage also causes bad and unwanted odors to accumulate in the improperly stored piece of carpet, especially if it is of a large size. .

The storage process is not a long and arduous process in any case, but it is organized and has ordered and sequential steps that govern the method of storage only; In order to ensure the achievement of the goal for which we store carpets, and not to lose them in light of negligence and randomness.

How do we prepare carpets for storage?

First, clean the carpet completely:

In order to start properly, we must first clean the carpet according to its material, the amount of dirt or stains and odors in it, and to achieve this task we use a strong and high-quality vacuum cleaner to ensure the suction of the largest amount of dirt, lint, dust, and even bacteria and things that are not seen by the eye.

After sweeping the carpet, look at the washing instructions on the attached label, and apply them in order to clean the carpet according to its material and the method of building its tissues. In order not to damage them instead of preserving them, you can review an article on how to clean carpets, according to its material and weaving method.

Many resort to steam cleaning carpets in carpet cleaning stores, but not everyone has the ability to pay the costs, which are often high, but for information, the steam method cleans the carpet and kills any bacteria or germs stuck to it as well as it preserves its colors and gets rid of stains and unpleasant odors easily .

If you have lightweight, small to medium sized woven braided rugs that you want to store, simply put them in a mesh laundry bag, machine wash on a very gentle wash, dry low, if they are large, sponge them by hand with Carpet cleaning foam and then rinse it with water, or suction it with a dedicated vacuum cleaner.

Second: Protect the carpet from moths and other insects:

If you determine the storage location that you will use, whether in the pantry, under the beds in the bedrooms, or above the cupboards, and these are the most popular places for storing furniture, then you can use a measure of insect and moth repellents, which are available in home appliances stores and pharmacies.

After washing the carpet and making sure that the water is completely dry, you can spray it with pieces of naphthalene, or repellents for insects and moths intended for fabrics and furnishings, before wrapping it and placing it in storage places, whether on a lower floor such as a garage, or an upper floor such as an attic or shed, or even in bedrooms under the beds. or on top of the wheels.

The important thing is that the rug is well protected. Because it will stay in the store for a period of time that may last for months or years, so you must take care of all the details, and make sure that you distribute the insect repellent on it in a balanced and even manner before wrapping it for storage.

Third, wrap the carpet tightly:

It is not recommended to fold carpets at all; Because folding may lead to its breaking and causing wrinkles, creases, cracks and other damages in it. Therefore, it is always recommended to roll it in the form of a flat cylinder instead of folding it, thus making it easier to roll and roll.

But when wrapping there are also some considerations you'd like to take into account, all in order to preserve the rug or rug in the best possible way.

- Determine which of the two sides of the carpet is the more fragile and inward-facing, whether the back or the face of the carpet, and often the top side that contains the lint and fibers is the most delicate and fragile, which means that you have to turn it inward and then start rolling.

- Start rolling the rug or rug in a balanced way, while keeping it as straight as possible, and you can use the children to adjust the balance from the right and left sides while you roll the rug to complete its winding, and you can also use a rod, whether a stick, a dowel, a thick curtain arm, or even a rod specially designed for carpets And use it to wrap it around it in a straight way.

Fourth: Cover the carpet with a protective cloth or nylon:

You must have a large piece of cloth or nylon sufficient for such purposes, and it is not considered an emergency, by the way, but rather a necessity for taking care of the house and furniture, and it must be taken care of and provided with the materials and tools that help with it.

After wrapping the carpet tightly, a protective cloth or nylon is wrapped around it. This is a very useful method not only for storing carpets, but also for shipping them to the consumer, or moving them from one place to another, when moving from one apartment to another, when buying, or when carrying them as gifts to loved ones and relatives.

This extra layer of protection will prevent dirt, insects, and other things from getting onto or entering the carpet and damaging the fibers.

This step can be carried out by wrapping the large piece of cloth twice or at least once and a half around the rolled carpet or rolled rug, in order to secure the required protection, and then tie it with a cotton or polyester tape.

There are special covers available for this task made of the best material for storage, which is polyurethane, that material that allows ventilation and provides a superior barrier against moisture and insects, and it is a much more effective material than regular fabric, and experts have designed covers of them in several sizes and measurements, you can choose what suits you best for storing carpets, as it is It's worth taking extra care of, and experts warn against using plastic to wrap rugs for storage. Because it prevents air from leaking into stored carpets and rugs, which damages them instead of preserving them.

Fifth: Store the carpet in a place away from the ground in a cool and dry place:

The best places to store carpets are places far from the floor or tiles directly, and to secure them from any damage close to them, and it must also be ensured that there is nothing on top of them, such as boxes and supplies that are placed in stores in general, as they damage the carpet and put pressure on it, so it bends and is exposed to cracking, breakage and damage.

Here are these important tips to provide in the storage area:

  1. Always use a fan in place, or use dehumidifiers in the pantry to avoid mold and moisture problems.
  2. Block permanent light, especially that light that leaks from windows and sunlight that may shine on the stored carpets to damage or change their colors.
  3. Clean the store regularly and continuously, and dust it from time to time, and the cleaning times must be infrequent.
  4. Store rugs on surfaces raised directly from the floor and do not place objects on top of them for added protection, as many insects prefer to reside and live between the floors and the back of the rug.

Sixth / open the carpet and check it every few months

If you store carpets for a long time, we suggest that you open the rolled and stored carpets even once a month for more safety, to check on them and make sure that there are no moths, insects or rodents, while cleaning the area where you keep the stored carpets, vacuum it to get rid of any dust It attracts spiders and insects.

Storage places and storage units suitable for storing carpets:

If you do not have a suitable place for storage, we suggest that you use ready-made storage units provided by many home appliances stores, carpet and furniture stores, which are modern smart solutions that are not expensive, or at least they are nicer and less expensive than the price of obtaining a new carpet in case of damage that you have.

The advantage of dedicated storage units is that they provide a suitable environment for storing and protecting the most valuable carpets, allowing moisture, heat and ventilation to pass in just the right amount.

Just as public services are available for everything; Storage services are also available. Some companies have allocated the service of storing furniture, clothes, and collectibles at the hands of specialists and in places equipped with the latest methods and methods. Experts in storage and preservation of collectibles take care of them. If you do not have a suitable space and need storage, you can search for one of the providers of these services. In your area, then contact him to inquire about prices, time period, and more.


There is no doubt that all of us need the advice of specialists and experts when performing something that is completely new to him, or that is required of him and that he does not have sufficient experience in it, and this is the best way to preserve our valuables that we have made an effort to acquire, and more effort must be made to preserve them.

You can always search the web, which is no longer surprising that it contains literally everything, so whenever you need an expert opinion on carpet storage, or access to tools, cleaners and keeper for it, just turn it on and do your research.

In fact, when you maintain your furniture and belongings, it will be natural for those around you to feel that you are renewing your furniture every once in a while; Because it will always look new, and it will make you proud of yourself.



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