Carpet as Art: It's time to replace your paintings with a more creative option

اجعل منزلك مميز مع لمسة جمال بفضل سجاد الحائط

Have you thought about hanging carpets on the wall of the room?

The uses of carpets do not have to be limited to covering the floor, the use of carpets hanging on the walls has become an acceptable trend with the passage of time, and the term has become popular on social networks as many people choose a different look for their walls.

Using carpets as textile pendants

The use of carpets was previously limited to the floor, but what about the walls! She also needs to add an aesthetic touch to it. Hanging carpets on the walls, or what is called textile hangings, is a very beautiful idea to add a modern touch to your decor, and to fill your space with the texture, color, and warmth required for home decor.

The carpet can be added to the walls without the need to put it in a frame, which makes it an impressive work of art. This method encourages better consideration of the design than if it was on the floor, and with valuable or rare designs, we believe that this is a smart way to show the beauty of the carpet.

Flexibility of use

Because rugs are soft and can provide a wonderful decorative effect, they are ideal art for hanging on curved walls where framed art pieces would not be appropriate. Additionally, hanging tapestries is a great way to retain heat and dampen noise.

But we are not talking about neutral color rugs here, the trend has become bolder with our selection of large rugs that feature more colors, the rugs have become a finishing touch and a focal point within the room.

Think outside the box

Interior designers encourage us to think outside the box when it comes to rugs, and they claim that rugs should not only be used as a finishing touch, but as an essential element in a room in order to give the space more vitality.

Sarah Peake, owner of Studio Peake Interior Design, uses the rug above her desk as a canvas to get inspiration.

“It is remarkable that the unique skill of handmade rugs has adapted to the needs of the digital design world,” says Millie Wright, Creative Director of The Rug Company. "

In The Rug Company's collaboration with British interior designer Luke Edward Hall, rugs are designed to serve as decoration for the walls, not the floors.

Textile pendants in the bedroom

In the bedroom, hang the rug horizontally to emphasize the width of the bed, or hang it vertically to draw attention to the height of the room. Use a headboard rod and hang or drop a rug for an eclectic textured look. You can also hang a rug above the bed as a painting.

People avoid old and light patterns and instead choose vivid, static colors that are bolder than graphic colors and shapes. Here are some rugs that will catch your eye when hung on the wall!

Alexander McQueen designed the wall tapestry as pictured above with a hummingbird pattern to make your walls look different.

The Jan Cat collection of rugs draws inspiration from heavenly landscapes, as pictured above.

Finally, Amy Kent's rug designs have as much influence as the murals.

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