What are the factors for purchasing floor carpet tiles?

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Carpet tiles (square carpets or square carpets) are separate squares of self-adhesive carpets, which can be installed next to each other to form a complete carpet. It is the preferred and popular choice for owners of commercial projects such as restaurants, work offices, etc., available in the market in different shapes and sizes, It was not limited to the square shape only, but it is also possible to find it in the form of hexagons and triangles, but it requires some effort and time compared to square carpets, due to the complexity during the installation stage, in addition to some additional costs related to it.
Read on to learn about self-adhesive carpet buying factors. .

Floor carpet tiles purchasing factors

Self-adhesive carpets can be used as a substitute for regular carpets in offices and commercial places because it is characterized by an elegant, calm and practical appearance, and it is characterized by being easy to install and maintain, in addition to durability. You should consider if you are thinking of buying carpet floor tiles:

1. Save cost and time

If you are one of the people who tend to save costs and installation time when choosing your office furniture, then floor carpet tiles are undoubtedly the ideal choice for you, as it is characterized by its small size, which makes transportation and installation easier compared to regular carpets.

On the other hand, there is no need to worry about the cleanliness of the carpet during installation because you do not need a lot of cutting, especially in rooms with multiple corners and odd corners, especially for projects with limited budgets, or those with a tight schedule.

2. Easy to remove and replace

Ease of installation is not the only advantage of floor carpet tiles, but also the ease of removal when you want to renew the floor of your place, or in the event of damage or damage, as you can remove or replace the damaged pieces without having to replace the entire carpet as is the case in Ordinary carpeting.

Although it is possible to repair normal carpets if they become damaged, the process is often more difficult than replacing carpet tiles, both in terms of finding a matching piece of carpet, and in terms of the appropriate expertise required for the replacement process.

The ability to remove some pieces if you need to use the central floor, which means that technicians can easily access the underground cables when needed, this unique feature makes it easier to work in spaces that are subject to constant change, such as conference rooms, weddings, and more.

3. It gives you flexibility in design

Floor carpet tiles are characterized by great flexibility in design compared to regular carpets, and different combinations of colors and patterns can be designed on this type of carpet using new dyeing techniques, as colors can be obtained on demand like regular carpets, or they can be prepared with a custom design to create a unique space in the imagination of the designer For unique or intricate custom designs, plain carpet may be the best option, but, with new technologies, carpet tiles no longer necessarily mean a patterned look or solid colors.

4. Sound insulation with more warmth

Many other advantages offered by carpet tiles such as providing warmth, comfort, health, and safety, in addition to other benefits enjoyed by regular carpets, in addition to that its multi-layered structure can absorb sound even more than regular carpets, which makes sound levels better in environments Large open plan offices, call centers, crowded places, or restaurants.

In addition, the seams between carpet tiles can be hidden or decorated according to the desired effect, and you can also use various sizes of carpet tiles to create a group of effects in one place.

Types of carpet tiles

It has a large number of types in terms of adhesive nature, carpet thickness, colors and patterns, can be installed in and has many advantages over standard carpets. Depending on where you place it, and what you use it for, you may want to consider one of these types of carpet tiles.

However, it can be said that self-adhesive carpet tiles lack a luxury option, which may not affect the sound, but will certainly affect the luxurious texture that may be desirable in some high-end projects. To some extent, it can be successfully used to create a distinctive effect in all environments. Commercial and institutional work, while well-known carpet furnishings such as oriental , Iranian and Saudi carpets and other luxurious types of carpets will remain the best choice for luxurious decoration on a large scale from Wift Carpet Store and add a touch of luxury to the furnished room.


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