We Make Rugs Collection: Conceptual Rugs with an Impactful Message!

مجموعة نحن نصنع السجاد: سجاد مفاهيمي برسالة مؤثرة!

In the past years, carpet weaving was a cumbersome process and was done very slowly. Some of the artistic masterpieces that we inherited today took groups of professional carpet weavers years to weave them, but they were distinguished by high quality that allowed them to last for many centuries, especially if they were preserved and taken care of properly. Nowadays, huge quantities of commercial carpets are available at lower prices, but they lack the charm of handmade carpets by professional carpet makers who weave them with great care, and give everything they have to produce wonderful carpets that carry a message from the world that says: "We make carpets."

Shell rug design

We make rugs to turn things into beautiful rugs

We Make Rugs is a Dutch group that transforms ordinary objects into beautiful rugs with different artistic textures. Their philosophy is to exploit things that are often mass-produced and then thoughtlessly thrown away when they expire. Their artwork transforms ordinary, everyday objects (such as sponges). forks and plates) into beautiful displayable mats.

Close-up of a shell rug

Before carpets developed and turned into a wonderful work of art, they were initially a practical and necessary tool to help people survive, as they were used to protect people from the cold floors in the winter months, then hung on the walls as pieces of art, and were also used as bedding.

People have been fascinated by carpets for centuries, because it remained an attractive work of art without losing its basic functions, and many unique and rare pieces still impress us today due to their technical prowess and craftsmanship.

Rug made of bandages


Technical Process of We Make Rugs Group

The artists in the “We Make Carpets” group aim to make us feel about ordinary everyday things with the same appreciation that we look at for luxurious carpets, and just as we benefit from the benefits of carpets, we also benefit from other things such as: a clothespin or a food fork, and the artistic process of this group begins with the purchase of huge quantities of The things we use to start the group artists choose the patterns to make rugs with these things.

The artwork then emerges from the mound of ordinary, everyday objects. The design is capricious and unstable at this point, just like the objects themselves. Artists use different patterns and colors until the masterpiece finally emerges. The works display stunning colors and ever-changing patterns.

Design a "rug" from a first aid bandage

What the organizers of the “We Make Carpets” group hope is that viewers appreciate the things they use daily, and the artistic process may take a few days. The location in which these works are displayed is a source of inspiration for the size, color and design of the carpets. The artists in the group adopt a systematic approach to creating these beautiful pieces, But it also includes self-expression.

A carpet of fireworks

Exploring the temporality of the material world

The works of the We Make Rugs collection are not intended to be primarily utilitarian, nor to be permanent pieces, and the collection's art rugs will not be used for the utilitarian purposes that traditional rugs would have but, the objects themselves were primarily created for disposal after daily use, in addition of course To design an exceptional work of art that can be appreciated in a time and place of its own.

"Carpet" designed pencils

In our consumer world, We Make the Carpets carry a powerful message: to break the norms of society that have become palatable, and the collection is displayed just steps away from a trash can filled with the objects from which the works of art were created.

After the show is over, these artifacts are dismantled, and all that remains is a collection of photos and reviews, unlike things that are thrown into the trash every day without being properly appreciated. used locally.

Pencil Carpet Design Who We Make Carpets

These unconventional carpets have patterns and textures that evoke the senses, but in an exclusionary society these works eventually disappear even though they are made with love. Sometimes these fragile creations don't last long, even for the duration of an exhibition. Once he designed a piece of art using 20,000 folded A4 sheets.

The messages in these artworks encourage us to appreciate the material world, and to think carefully about the choices we make on a daily basis. They also highlight the impact of seemingly insignificant decisions that affect one way or another on the world. This type of art completely changes the way we think and view the world. As professional carpet weavers have done for many centuries.

Translated by: nazmiyalantiquerugs.com


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