Vintage look with modern decor and perfect rug employment

مظهر عتيق مع ديكور عصري وتوظيف السجاد المثالي

If you want to design your home decor using old-fashioned carpets, then it will not be as difficult as it seems, you can do so by using the appropriate decor elements, to give your home the perfect combination of quality, elegance and originality, in this article we will present some ideas to inspire you in choosing the perfect carpet for your space , and to discover how famous designers incorporate vintage-style rugs into their designs.

Choosing Old Rugs

It can often be difficult to choose the perfect pieces of furniture for your interior design style, and often the hardest part is choosing the perfect classic rug. A favorite not only among rug collectors and consumers in general, but also among interior designers.

Five modern designers love mid-century vintage rugs

In recent years, a trend has emerged that is actively trying to revive the mid-century style, with modern rugs, modern motifs, and elegant interior designs appearing everywhere. Full adherence to the mid-century style is one of the methods followed in this direction, but some have other concepts, such as incorporating a piece Tastefully typical of the past with a modern interior, if you love adding vintage mid-century style rugs in your interior design, there are some must-have interior designers that you can check out.

New York City-based interior designers Jane and Joanne Michaels use vintage-style rugs.

Jane and Joan Michaels often incorporate vintage rugs into their designs

Jen and Joan Michaels, twins, were models-turned-interior designers. New York City-based 2Michaels Design team won the Design Center of the Americas "Stars on the Rise" award in 2012. The duo's chic interiors have made an impact in the community. The decor, where elegant Swedish kilims in antique hues used to be, appears regularly in the modern interiors of this team.

Vintage style rugs are a Ryan Korban favorite

Ryan Korban is one such designer who uses vintage rugs in his designs in New York. The artist creates a twist with his luxe, whimsical designs that effortlessly blend fur, zebra and animal skins into his interiors, often using mid-century rugs and striped kilims in spaces The designer's eclecticism, which shows his ability to bring a modern twist to mid-century style.

Ryan Korban's elegant interiors often include flat-woven rugs

Designer Nina Garcia and her beautiful antique rugs

Old rugs can be seen in Nina Garcia's home

Nina Garcia is the creative director of the popular French women's magazine Marais Claire, and this gives her the opportunity to show off her talents in design. When we talk about decor, we all want to know how fashion experts design their spaces. As for Garcia's home in Manhattan, it's impeccably designed, with a collection Delicate Moroccan rugs, rye (traditional Scandinavian wool rugs), Scandinavian rugs and kilims blend with elegant Hollywood Regency furnishings that light up the pages of Architectural Digest.

The antique rugs are by Palmer Weiss

West Coast Palmer Weiss maker of mid-century modern rugs. Her unique style combines California casual chic with Southern elegance. Some of her best work is pairing elegant brown rugs with luxurious cottage-style furnishings, and the result is perfection.

Antique rugs from Morocco by Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus incorporates ancient Moroccan rugs into his designs

Nate Berkus has a knack for incorporating mid-century style features into his interiors, which feature the use of flat-woven bani arayn rugs, Moroccan kilims, and dori (a hand-woven rug or thin flat rug), complemented by Indonesian ikat textiles and lattice-inspired cushions. From Morocco that showcases the huge variety of mid-century creations from different points around the world.

Some inspiration from vintage style rugs to style your interior

To give you some inspiration for decorating your interior with vintage rugs, we picked some of our favorites and what we like the most about them, we hope they inspire you.

Large spanish art deco rug

This colorful Spanish Art Deco rug is the perfect classic mid-century style rug that will show off your bold style, featuring a bright red border lined with floral khaki (a shade of light brown with a yellow tinge), and a medallion blue exterior adds a fun feel It's quirky and elegant, making it perfect for a high-rise downtown apartment and would also work well as a fun accent piece for a beachside home.

An antique Swedish kilim

This vintage Swedish kilim rug will surely add delightful style to the living room, the gentle ivory background has a series of playful color combinations that result in a beautiful degree of variety for the viewer to enjoy, it is the perfect rug to add fun and excitement to your home creating a boisterous and frolic scene.

Vintage Scandinavian rugs by Britta Mollen

Dating back to the mid-20th century, this vintage rug designed by Swedish rug weaver Britta Mollen would perfectly fit in a sumptuous room furnished with artwork. This rug depicts an ocean scene cut horizontally down the middle to create two distinct backgrounds: Deep navy blue, the other part a rich and attractive sea green color, this rug can make any room modern, elegant and attractive with its colors especially when added with beautiful pieces of wall art.

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