Top 5 questions help in choosing living room rugs

افضل سجاد للمجالس

Choosing a suitable carpet for the living room means that you will have a wonderful living room, so before you redesign the living room with a beautiful carpet, some things must be taken into consideration. In this article, we collect for you the most important things to consider when choosing living room carpets:

1. How to choose living room rugs according to use

The lifestyle you live in can greatly influence your choice of rugs, for example, you can choose an elegant woven rug if you mainly use the living room as an entertaining space, but if the living room is intended for family resting, then a casual rug is an appropriate option.

Antique rugs in the living room with multiple seating areas

2. What size carpet is best for the living room?

Ensuring that the size of the carpet is suitable is a necessary step before making a purchase, so interior decorating experts advise measuring the living room and choosing a carpet that is a few centimeters smaller than the area of ​​the living room itself.

A small living room rug on top of a large sisal rug

The size of the seating area can help you know the size of the carpet that you will buy for the living room, so placing the carpet in front of the sofa or chair helps determine the seating area, and you can choose, according to your taste, to place the legs of the sofa or chair above the carpet or not.

Large living room with antique rug

If there are two seating areas in the living room, there should be carpets for each seating area separately, or use a large carpet covering the two areas. You will find that most modern rugs are available in standard room sizes.

Living room interior decoration with old Persian rug

3. What is the shape of the living room carpet?

What the living room will look like, or the look you would like to have, is related to the choice of colors and carpet pattern, as contrasting patterns and colors add an interesting look to living rooms or monochromatic rooms that are designed in neutral colors.

If you add a carpet of light colors and softer, the living room may look wider, so you should choose the colors and patterns of the carpet well because you will spend a long time using the carpets of this room.

Modern Moroccan Beni Areen carpet for the living room

4. What is the texture of the living room carpet?

Once again, your lifestyle plays an important role in choosing the texture of the living room carpet. If you like to walk barefoot in the house, carpets made of soft materials such as wool and silk would be an ideal choice. It is important to buy carpets that you love and feel comfortable to use, because you will use them for many years to come.

Living room with antique Persian rug

5. Would the “more than one rug” pattern look appropriate in the living room?

You can add more than one carpet to form high-quality layers to the living room in order to get a lively and distinctive room. For example, you can put layers of traditional or classic carpets, or more colorful carpets with patterned carpets that contain the color of the upper carpet.

You can also add carpets that contain the same colors but with different patterns on layers, or carpets of contrasting colors can be added, and the more carpets that can be placed in the form of layers, the living room will look wonderful.

Decoration with multi-layered living room rugs

When you choose living room rugs depending on the use, size, look, feel, and style. You can choose the right carpets for the living room, to enjoy an elegant, attractive and appropriate look where you sit with your family, friends and guests...

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