Modern carpets: a piece of art that gives life to your home spaces

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After carpet lovers in the past years tended to move away from traditional designs and moved to more modern and flexible designs, this question found itself in the forefront, do today’s buyers stick to modern designs and colors, or do they return to more traditional styles? According to the interior architecture of the houses and the change in their decorations compared to previous years, the home furnishings also became modern, and there was no longer any talk of traditional furnishings. Read the article and learn about the latest forms of modern carpets, their types and the secrets of their attractiveness

What is modern carpet?

Modern carpet means simplicity that is consistent with the simple modern style of decoration, free of visual errors, and far from the luxurious and classic elements. Modernity carpets..etc.

Reasons for the emergence of modern carpets

Modern carpets appeared in response to the emergence of mid-century modern decor as well. This style was popularized after the world wars, when people urgently needed homes and prefabricated furniture to furnish those homes, and the soldiers who returned home at the time wanted to get married quickly and live in quiet homes far away. About the hustle and bustle of the city and the repercussions of war, this style combines simplicity and beauty with the use of natural colors used in furniture and often at an affordable price, so that soldiers can rebuild their lives in calm and simplicity.

What is the reason for the popularity of modernity rugs?

There were definitely plenty of reasons why rug lovers, and homeowners, turned to modern rugs, after hundreds of years of eternal adoration of antique rugs, here are the most important reasons:

1. Designs fit modern interiors, and are flexible, as they can be used in almost any space.

2. Modernist carpets are less expensive, and were easier for consumers with lower budgets to afford than the cost, or price, of traditional carpets.

3. Thanks to its low price, consumers felt comfortable to replace the new carpet, after it was worn out, with another new carpet within a few years.

4. The ability to easily replace carpets has given homeowners the advantage of simply redecorating and getting a new look every time at a lower cost.

5. The modernity carpet also showed greater adaptability thanks to its availability in a variety of sizes and colors, tailored to the needs and tastes of the buyer.

6. Modern carpets have become a highly desirable style for the younger generation who want to move away from the old and outdated pieces of furniture left by their families, which in many cases the younger generation wanted to obtain simpler items from.

7. Unlike traditional and antique carpets, modern carpets did not need more care or professional cleaning, which was consistent with the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern generation.

Modern carpet properties

1. The machine-made carpets that are produced today are divided into two categories: traditional carpets, modernity carpets, or modern carpets. Traditional machine-made carpets are produced by great craftsmen. Carpets with traditional designs are popular, but the other type that has found its way in the market strongly is carpets. Modernism, which was designed in recent years, quickly found its place in homes and was well received.

2. A piece of modern carpet, with its various features such as different colors and designs, puts different options in your hands, and you can complete the home décor in the best possible way with this type of carpet. It is very common to use different types of modern carpets in the home, for example, in the old days, it was Most people buy carpets with the same traditional characteristics, but in modern carpets, a special and different design can be used anywhere in the house, even from one house to another, and from one room to another, and today, with the existence of different types of carpets, such as hand-woven carpets, Machine-made carpets, modern and luxurious carpets, customers can choose more types of carpets without hesitation.

3. Modern rugs have very novel designs, they usually do not match traditional architecture and decoration and are often used for homes with modern and new architecture. Among the hot selling modern rug designs are the rugs in colors of pink, sky blue, purple, black, white, red and so on.

4. Unlike traditional carpets, modernity carpets are designed without a special design and plan. Regular designs and endless color lines cannot be seen in these carpets. Modernity carpets have irregular designs that overlap at the top, and the motifs arrive in a single arrangement.

5. Modern carpets are distinguished by their durability thanks to their combing and density, and the higher the combing and density, the greater the ability of the carpet to resist traffic, and this carpet is suitable for places with high traffic.

    The difference between classic carpets and modern carpets

    As soon as we talk about modern carpets, “classic carpets” immediately jump to mind, and consumers always ask about the difference between classic carpets and modern carpets, because knowing the differences and similarities between the two styles can have a special effect on the decor and beauty of your home, so what is the difference between these two types? From carpets, I wonder?

    Characteristics of classic carpets

    Classical carpets are carpets woven according to the usual ancient principles and rules. In the field of carpets, a carpet with traditional and ancient designs and patterns is called a classic carpet. In fact, all the differences boil down to the design and pattern of these types of carpets. Therefore, in a classic carpet, you are facing a carpet that uses motifs and patterns. Ancient in its texture and designs, which makes this carpet carry some special features, including but not limited to:
    The general condition of the carpets is traditional and old.

    1. The colors used in this rug are mainly soft and comfortable.

    2. A very wide variety of designs, patterns and colors.

    3. Most of the time, the borders in these rugs are regular and follow a specific pattern.

    4. In classic rugs , there are busy patterns with lots of detail scattered throughout the rug.

    5. The use of wool in classic hand-woven carpets in particular is one of the most popular options compared to other types of carpet fibers.

    Modern carpet features

    It can be said that the use of simple patterns with simple and massive geometric shapes, with a large distance is the most popular choice.

    1. In modernist rugs, designs are often color-blocked and borders are subtle.

    2. Modern style woven carpets are woven with simple and low-key designs, and in most carpets they are woven in two to three colors.

    3. The use of cotton and silk threads in modern handmade carpets is one of the most popular options.

    Despite the success of modern carpets in making their way to modern decorations, the traditional carpets did not give up their status, originality, and prestige either. People towards simplicity, then the traditional (classical) carpets return to the fore after they are tired of modernity and their longing for originality and traditions so that the geographical location, the age of the carpet and the time of its weaving can be identified from the patterns, design and color of the carpet and the messages that each carpet transmits with every thread and knot and shopping online to buy what She loves Via Weft Carpet Store .


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