The most prominent features of luxurious carpeting for floors

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Carpet brushes are still among the best flooring options today, due to the warmth and softness of its texture, which adds a sense of comfort when walking or sitting on it, especially for the elderly or children. It is spread over the entire floor area and is used in bedrooms, boardrooms, and even children’s rooms.

What is carpeting?

One of the types of modern floor coverings, and it was present in previous years in the majority of homes, then it was replaced by some modern pieces such as carpets and parquet floors, but due to its many advantages and its appropriate cost, it returned strongly to be the choice of housewives who are looking for simplicity and sophistication in home furniture, and it is characterized by many types that vary in specifications such as color weight, material, weave, pattern and lining to increase durability and protect against wear or damage

What are the types of carpet brushes?

Carpets are the least expensive compared to other types of floors. They are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and children’s rooms because they are suitable for all weather conditions, whether it is cold or hot. The types of carpets differ in terms of manufacturing material, some of which are as follows:

1. A carpet with a thick pile

Or what is known as ring lint is the most durable and most suitable for living rooms and children's rooms, where cleaning and constant movement

2. Coarse pile carpeting

You can buy it for rooms of little use due to its need to clean and take care of it with specialized tools in order to keep it in full splendor over time, but it is also considered one of the best types due to the beauty of its appearance and elegance inside the room.

3. Cut-pile carpeting

It is the most common type of carpet. It is similar to the velor cloth in terms of changing color when walking on it. It is not suitable for daily use or the most used rooms.

4. Twisted pile carpeting

It is distinguished by sophistication and elegance. It can tolerate movement and daily use. It is suitable for salon rooms, reception rooms, and dining rooms.

What are the features of the carpet?

When choosing furnishings, housewives make sure that they are easy to clean, safe, and have the following advantages:

1. Non-slip welcome piece

Carpet floor mats are the most appropriate piece to be used in the guest room, depending on its value, durability, and resistance to discoloration. It is an ideal piece in the home to secure our steps, reduce the possibility of slipping and falling, reduce injuries when falling, and protect all family members, especially children and the elderly.

2. It adds beauty and elegance

With a myriad of rug patterns and colors, your final choice will reflect what to allocate your living space to, for example, or the space you will place it in. It can be a neutral floor, or a focal point with vibrant colors and bolder patterns and textures.

3. It prevents lint particles from flying

When you purchase a new piece of carpeting, you will not be disturbed by the lint particles that emit volatile organic compounds. In fact, it acts as a filter for passive or inert air, as it traps dust particles and then removes them.

4. Provide warmth and comfort

Another benefit of carpeting is that it gives the room a feeling of warmth in general and thermal insulation in cold periods, and it has the ability to retain warm air for a longer period, which is an advantage for energy conservation and provides a comfortable place to sit, play or work and gives the room a feeling of warmth in general.

5. Noise isolation and noise reduction

In the event that you want more calm in the presence of televisions, speakers, computers, and sound systems, our homes are noisy places, as it helps to absorb these sounds and reduce noise due to the underlayment of the carpeting, which acts as an acoustic barrier between the floors and prevents the transmission of sound to the rooms and hides the sound Traffic up and down.

6. Suitable for asthma and allergy patients

There is a misconception about carpeting, which is that people with asthma and allergies should avoid using it at home, and the opposite is true. Studies have shown that if it is cleaned properly, it helps reduce symptoms, and it is the best choice for flooring for those suffering from asthma. and allergies.

7. Carpet that is resistant to mold or damage

Quite simply, mold cannot grow on synthetic carpet fibers, especially if they are kept clean, dry, and one of the lowest VOC emitters among the various flooring options and interior finishes.
According to the Carpet and Rug Institute's Green Label Plus program, carpet and carpet adhesives and felt that meet or exceed government standards for indoor air quality are among the lowest-volatile organic compound (VOC)-emitting products on the market.

8. Sustainability and easy recycling

Carpeting is a sustainable option, as the weaver in its industry is keen to reduce the impact of carpeting on the environment through reuse and recycling, and when the carpeting reaches the end of its long life, it is reused to make new carpets or recycled in a variety of products, including boards Roofing, rail ties and auto parts.

Carpeting provides unparalleled warmth and comfort, and in addition to the benefits mentioned here, carpeting when compared to many other types of flooring maintains its position as one of the best economical options.


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