A Rug for Every Room: +45 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug

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A Rug for Every Room: +45 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug

It is not new if we were to say that the carpet is the decoration!

This distinctive piece has entered every room in the house, from the entrance to the living room, through the office, bedroom, bathroom, or even outdoors. You will find a carpet in different shapes, colors, fibers, and budgets, adding the most elegant details of the interior designs and emitting warmth in the home atmosphere, and to create The good impression you want to leave, it would not be right to choose carpets randomly in the rooms in which they will be installed.

If you want the carpet to be practical, appropriate, and the most beautiful thing to look at, it is necessary that it be chosen very carefully, and according to certain criteria that suit the style and type of each room. We will help you at Wift to see more clearly in this infinite maze of materials, colors, shapes and sizes of carpets. ..

What is the right rug for each room? In this article, we'll explain everything to you, with over 45 golden tips for choosing the perfect rug!

The role of carpets in interior decoration

The geometry of the spaces is different in every home, and the type of wall, floor and ceiling structure are among the factors that influence the selection of the type and design of the carpet. In general, the house is known as a warm and intimate place, for this reason, all the elements used in it must evoke a sense of intimacy and warmth.

In this context, the rug is one of the important parts of creating a feeling in a home space, and from oriental rugs to modern rugs, there are rugs that are more suitable from room to room! Choosing the right model and type is very important, on the other hand, the carpet must have factors such as warmth, comfort, durability, high resistance, ease of maintenance and comfort.

A rug can liven up a decor by providing more color or contrast, it can bring light to a dark room or vice versa, it can bring a pop of color to a neutral colored room and make a room radiate freshness and vitality.

According to the mentioned elements, it can be seen that the rug is an organizational, decorative and practical element in every home, and the rug can bring a real presence and intimacy and really personalize the room, on the other hand, the rug can act as a separator for the different spaces in the house, and the size and design of The two carpets have a great influence in making the space appear larger or smaller, and all of these cases show the importance of carpets in interior decoration. However, you may also have a question about the type of carpet suitable for different spaces in the house such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. In the following, Some of the most important tips for choosing carpets for each room separately..

Entrance rug

The entrance rug is a piece of passage to the house, as soon as we enter, we find a beautiful rug that sets the tone for the entrance, welcoming, warm and comfortable, it welcomes us when we come back from work to our homes, and greets our guests one by one, so it will be necessary to take care of these rugs by choosing them smartly.

Of course, the entrance carpet plays an important role in decorating the decor, but it also helps in warming the atmosphere, if it is often used to cut off the cold current that comes from the outside to the inside, and it is also important for absorbing the dust and moisture that our shoes transmit (more than 80% of the dirt enters buildings through shoes), therefore, the ideal option is to choose a model that combines these three functions: * decorative * hygienic * providing warmth.

Each entrance has its own rug

The shapes of the entrances differ from one house to another so, we will have a wide range of options; As for the round rug, it is particularly suitable for wide entrances, and we can choose it either alone, or combined with another rug of the same shape. For a duo or a trio of rugs, you can coordinate between sizes and colors to give more character to the space. As for the rectangular rug, it is The most classic rug, and it is well suited for hallway entrances, but make sure that its length is impressive if its width is small and vice versa, and for the square rug, it is the most original rug, the square rug gives a very formal look to the entrance of your home. (We invite you to learn more about the different shapes of carpets in this article: Top 5 Great Shapes of Handmade Carpets )

The perfect dimensions for an entryway rug

You can't always buy a custom-made rug, but consider the dimensions of the hallway before choosing your rug, if you choose a rug that is too small it will be considered a doormat and will still be traded on that basis, so it is better to choose large rugs to get a "wow" effect at the entrance of your home, But these larger rugs will also promote heat retention, however, make sure your hallway rug is not too big to roll up against walls or furniture, and for a nice balancing effect, just be sure to keep a 10cm margin between the rug and the walls of the room.

In general, the dimensions of the rug suitable for the entrance may be as follows:

0.6 * 0.9 m

0.9 * 1.2m

1.2 * 1.6 meters

The right material for entrance rugs

Before buying hallway rugs, it is important to first choose the material that best suits your hallway and taste, we must also not forget the aspect of maintenance and longevity because hallway rugs tend to wear out more quickly than those in bedrooms and living rooms.

From wool, bamboo fiber, hemp, linen or even cotton, there are materials to choose from for your entryway rug for a comfortable entrance, but be careful to maintain it in a high-traffic space, your rugs can wear out quickly, you can choose low pile rugs with a simple style And, as always, there is a middle ground between those who want to enjoy a model of carpet that is as soft as it is easy to maintain.

Therefore, if you are looking for a carpet that is easy to maintain, choose cotton as the material. In fact, you can wash cotton carpets regularly without damaging them. Woolen carpets are also a good choice for entrances due to their non-slip properties, so they are especially recommended if the floor is slippery.

The preferred materials for entrance rugs are:

- Sea herbs

- sisal

- bamboo

- cotton


What color matches your entryway rug?

Dark colors accentuate the impression of height by adding a certain depth to the floor, and they get dirty less quickly, on the other hand, the relatively light – pale tones make it possible to enlarge the floor space, a visual effect that works in the same way as white paint on the wall, so in the middle between the two options We can choose ranges of gray or dark gray that remain luminous and easy to maintain.

However, many times some specialists see that the preferred colors for hallway rugs are:

Dark colors (black, brown, red, etc.)

The colors to avoid are:

Light colors (yellow, sky blue, all pastel colors, etc.)


4 tips when choosing hallway rugs

  1. Remember to calculate the thickness of your rug with the front door open and then closed, and make sure that the rug can pass under the door when you open it, this will save you from some unpleasant surprises once you buy the rug, because you want to have a warm and beautiful entrance rug, and at the same time you must Also to adapt to the entrance size and decoration.
  2. For a welcoming and practical entrance, you can choose a rug that matches your image and the general décor of the home. It does not matter if you have a very wide or narrow hallway, you are bound to find rugs of the right dimensions, and there is even the possibility of making them to order, so feel free to take measurements. Your input in order to determine the correct dimensions.
  3. If the choice of carpet must be made in accordance with the rest of the decor, you must not lose sight of the weak point of the place here: the hallway often collects all the dirt coming from outside, so you must necessarily buy a carpet that can withstand all this dirt if you want to keep it intact for a while Long, and when buying, you should be careful to choose a carpet that is easy to clean.
  4. To maintain a higher level of cleanliness of the entrance carpet, install a mat, preferably of rubber for a longer life, in front of the doorstep or at the entrance to the outbuilding. Up to 40% of dirt and moisture from shoes!

Living room rug

Living rooms are where the family gathers to chat, watch TV, or receive guests. It can be said that the living room is the central space at the heart of the home. In addition to the practical aspect of this important space in our homes, the living room is also a pleasant place to live. Where one must feel good about it, so furnishing it and choosing the appropriate carpet is not as simple as everyone thinks. We want a comfortable, warm and intimate place, elegant, modern and practical, which means that choosing a suitable carpet for the living room requires a little thought and effort.


Shapes of carpet suitable for the living room

In the living room, the carpet gives different visual effects according to its dimensions, color, material, and shape, whether it is a classic rectangular carpet, a graphic square, or a round and soft carpet. On the aesthetic logic, and large living rooms can accommodate all forms of carpets, on the other hand, it is preferable to follow the drawing of the living room more when the latter is narrower or has a unique shape.

It can be said that all shapes are welcome, but some are more suitable for some spaces than others. For a small living room, it is better to choose a circular model. On the contrary, this same shape will not be suitable for a longer space. Therefore, we should avoid a round rug in a large space. long so as not to risk the conflict of conflicting forms.


The perfect dimensions for a living room rug

To obtain the desired harmonious result, we must take into account the decoration in which we will install the carpet, the furniture as well as the size of the space play an important role: it is necessary that the carpet covers a sufficient surface to provide a balanced visual view of the room, and in order to obtain the perfect result, you only need to take the installation measurements to note The model that will adapt to the living room space, and when the rug is integrated into the living room, you will have two options:

First, determine the furniture that you will place in the space as much as possible, couches, chairs, a coffee table...etc. Carpets are important as decoration for the space, so that we can distinguish between the corridor, for example, the dining area, and even the living area itself.

Second: You can choose to define the focal point in the room, which is often characterized by the presence of a coffee table, and you will have to choose a large carpet in order to achieve a modern look.

It is necessary not to forget that choosing a carpet model with inappropriate dimensions for the space will give you a room that lacks consistency, and if you choose a small carpet, the room will appear smaller.

If your living room is rectangular (which is the common size), then you can choose a rectangular rug as a safe option. The standard dimensions for a rectangular rug are:

  • Small size rug which is usually 70*140cm or 90*160cm.
  • Medium size rug with dimensions 120 x 180 cm, 140 x 200 cm or 170 x 240 cm.
  • Finally, a large rug measuring 200 x 300 cm.

The right material for living room carpet

Natural fibers, generally wool, cotton, and silk, offer many advantages, as they are considered strong, sound and thermal insulators, in addition to that, natural fibers have good wear resistance over time and remain very comfortable, fortunately there are many materials available, and various styles Which help in choosing living room rugs:

Berber rug : usually woven from light woolen fibers with graphic patterns in a darker color, it will easily find its place in the living room decor.

Natural fiber carpet : It comes in a mostly round shape, characterized by its neutral colors, which makes it suitable for adapting to any type of interior décor, and its somewhat small size is suitable for a small living room.

 The graphic carpet : It is characterized by modern Scandinavian motifs, and it is mostly woven from cotton, and it consists of geometric patterns, in bright or classic colors, and it is also suitable for any style of decoration, and it is often light, easy to clean and move easily.

What color matches the living room rug?

In addition to visually framing the space, the rug also enhances the furniture and the decor according to the color, its color, which mainly depends on your taste, can reflect the existing colors in your home to support the decoration style or, conversely, give a touch of originality if the selected color stands out from the rest .

The color of the carpet is an essential element that must be considered according to the tones that are already in the heart of the living room, and the bright colored carpet will bring joy, joy, vitality and radiance to this family space, while the carpet with more neutral tones will calm the space, and the light carpet can highlight the effect of luxury, while the dark model tends to focus The eye is on the furniture that surrounds it, so your choice may be influenced by your interior decorating needs.

For interior decorators, the preferred colors for the living room rug are:

- black

- red

- green

- grey

The colors to avoid are:

- Very light tones (yellow, sky blue, all pastel colors, etc.)


8 tips for choosing a carpet for the living room

  1. Analyze your room well before buying carpets and above all calculate the available space. Remember that the carpet should hang from the sides by at least fifty centimeters if you place it under a sofa or coffee table.
  2. If you have a large space, feel free to resort to an oversized rug so that it perfectly matches the décor, because in a large living room, choosing a rug that is too small will not improve the space.
  3. The rug plays an important role in the open interior spaces where the dining room and the living room come together because it allows the latter to be visually defined, so you will need to choose a pattern that is somewhat square and large enough so that all the furniture can be covered with it.
  4. In the case of a living room that is not very spacious and placed at an angle, it is best to avoid placing a carpet that is too large, otherwise the space will shrink. Choose a small rectangular model facing the sofa, on which only the coffee table is placed.
  5. The living room rug can be placed partly under the sofa and partly under the coffee table, however, you are free to indulge in your choice, expanding this space by choosing a rug of generous proportions, on which to place armchairs, cushions and a daybed, for maximum comfort.
  6. If you place your sofas face to face to create symmetry in the living room, you will need to choose a rectangular rug, if possible the same length as the sofas.
  7. In general, synthetic rugs seem to be best for a very busy room like the living room, inasmuch as they are easier to maintain and better withstand small daily accidents (spilled food, dirty shoes, animal hair, and more), and heavy traffic.
  8. You can also turn the rug over from time to time to prevent it from getting damaged in the same places and regularly clean the dust over its entire surface. For thorough cleaning, you can use the steam cleaning method. We invite you to read more of the most important carpet care methods in this article ( Top +6 Professional Effective Carpet Care Methods).


Bedroom carpet

The bedroom in every home in particular should be a cozy and comfortable place so that the rug with the warmth it gives to the environment can transform the room into a perfect bedroom. Or tiles in the morning when you get up and get out of bed, and the best way to say goodbye to this problem is to put carpets in the bedroom.

The addition of the carpet is a large part of the bedroom decor, as it is not only a practical piece that brings warmth and intimacy, but also adds elegance and a beautiful appearance to the place where you stay every night, so choosing, purchasing and installing the appropriate carpet for the bedroom is something that should be a priority if you want to add The look and comfort of your own personal space at home


Shapes of carpet suitable for the bedroom

The first serious challenge for choosing a bedroom rug is the design and color of the rug. Nowadays, bedrooms are relatively smaller and less bright than before, so choosing the right carpet design requires more careful examination.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to match the shape of the rug to match the design style of the room. A round rug without corners can be the best choice for adding flexibility and warmth to the bedroom. Place this authentic rug in the center near the edge of the bed, or you can use two types of rugs. A soft rectangular rug on the edge of the bed and a circular rug in the corner near the chair on which you rest to read. Two small oval rugs can be added on both sides of the bed and a square rug in the middle.

The perfect dimensions for bedroom rugs

You must choose the size of your rug carefully, be careful not to choose a rug that is too small or too large, if you choose to put a rug under your bed, it should protrude from the bed, and if the rug is too large, it may shrink the size of your room.

Before choosing, or before going to the store, consider the dimensions of your bed, and you can also take a picture of the room to get advice from professionals. It can be said that the size of the rug in the bedroom depends on where you are going to put it.

There are different ways to install the rug in the bedroom, and you can choose any of them according to your personal taste, the dimensions of the room and the carpet:

Place the entire carpet under the bed

Placing the entire rug under the bed is a choice for many people. If you decide to place the rug under the bed so that only parts of it are visible, or you have to choose this type of rug placement because of the small space, make sure that the rug protrudes evenly from both sides of the bed and against the edges of the wall. evenly spaced.

If you want to spread the rug under the bed, its dimensions should be larger than the bed.

Put two-thirds of the rug under the bed

This form of carpet arrangement has many supporters. If you want two-thirds of the carpet to be under the bed, it is best to fill the non-carpeted parts of the floor or carpet with a bedside table.

Placing two-thirds of the rug under the bed prevents the rug from slipping.

Place the rug on the side edges of the bed

If your carpet is small or in the form of a rug, you can spread it on both sides of the bed, and it is suitable for bedrooms with expensive and beautiful floors, because placing the carpet in this way makes the beauty of the floors visible.

In general, you can also get the following standard rug sizes for single and double beds:

- Single bed size 90 * 200: 4 meters carpet with dimensions of 1.5 * 2.25 meters.

- One and a half and double bed, 120, 140, 160, 180 wide and 200 cm long: 6 meter carpet with dimensions of 2 * 3 meters.

The size of the carpet must be suitable so that it does not prevent the opening and closing of wardrobes and the bedroom door, make sure that the carpet must not stick to the walls of the bedroom and it must be at a standard distance from the wall, for example in small rooms, this distance ranges from 10 to 12 cm , and in large bedrooms from 20 to 25 cm.

Put the rug under the bed

In modern decoration, carpets with small dimensions are usually used so as not to cover the beauty of floors or ceramics, and you can give a modern look to your bedroom by placing a carpet at the end of the bed.

The right material for bedroom rugs

Because the bedroom should have a warm, calm and relaxing atmosphere. That is why it is important to choose the right carpet for the bedroom. The carpet used in the bedroom should have its own characteristics, for example, the bedroom carpet should be softer than other carpets in the house, and you should choose the appropriate material, if you have an open budget. You can choose carpets made from natural materials.

Natural materials such as wool are often more expensive, but they are particularly soft to the touch and last longer. You will need to maintain your carpet more frequently, but if you do not want to go through the hassle of regular carpet maintenance, then synthetic materials are definitely a better option.

The most prominent feature of bedroom carpets is its ability to reduce noise. The thicker the carpet, the less sound is transmitted from bottom to top, and it is an ideal choice for large families.

What color matches the bedroom rug?

The color of the bedroom carpet depends on the general room decor. Of course, it is better to consider the general arrangement of the room when choosing the color and design of the carpet. In other words, if the carpet has a crowded design with patterns and bright colors, it is better to choose a simple bed cover or curtains, and on the contrary, if it is The bedspread and curtains have a busy design, so choose a simple rug.

Decor experts often recommend choosing a blue carpet because it is the color that brings relaxation and tranquility and helps sleep, and on the other hand, it is preferable to avoid carpets with colors that express danger and anxiety such as red and others.

6 tips for choosing a bedroom rug

  1. The carpet gives a new aesthetic to the bedroom, especially with the availability of a lot of wide options, but in order to succeed, you have to take into account the different characteristics such as wall colors, curtains, type of furniture, etc. before purchasing the carpet.
  2. Carpets under the bed, if you choose this type of arrangement for your bedroom, then choose the size of the carpet so that the carpet protrudes at least 30 cm from both sides and the bottom of the bed, of course there is no need for a carpet to cover the top of the bed and under the bedside table, and you can not take this part into account When calculating the dimensions of the rug.
  3. To choose a carpet for the bedroom, the best carpet is the thickest. The thicker the carpet, the more comfortable it is. Since comfort is the first word in the bedroom, it is best to use thick carpet.
  4. Acrylic pile carpets are more durable and last longer. The quality and durability of acrylic yarns increase the life of the carpet. You can choose a carpet made of acrylic if you prefer to keep the carpet for a longer period.
  5. Pay attention to the distance between the center of the carpet and the edges of the wall. Install the carpet so that if it is placed under the bed, it can be seen equally from both sides of the bed. In order not to reduce the beauty of your luxurious and expensive carpet, try not to put furniture or a table on it as much as possible.
  6. There is a world of designs, colors, materials and dimensions in front of you to choose a modern or classic bedroom rug, and in order to buy the best rug and complete the design and decoration of the bedroom with it, you must pay attention to all the features of the rug, along with the features of your room and the decor that you have in mind.

Children's room rug

When deciding to buy a suitable nursery rug for your child, most parents know that the child's room is not only for sleeping, but for reading, playing, watching movies and other activities all day long. At the same time, it encourages the child to be creative, and here comes the role of parents in designing a good place for the children to feel safe and calm enough.

These days, carpets have become essential for home decor, and an integral part of all our spaces and adult rooms, just as important in children's rooms, as carpets can protect your children from injuries, and if you do not choose the right carpet for your child's room, you may think that the room is too crowded .

Buying a children's carpet may also be very confusing due to the many colors and designs that it contains, but finding the perfect option will make the child ready to spend more time in his room to study, play and enjoy.

The right material for children's room rugs

It is important that the baby's rug is soft and comfortable, children need a rug that they can roll on, spread their toys on and play for long hours, in addition, if your child has allergies, you need to be extra careful about the materials and inner fibers of the rug, and always check the materials used in carpet fibres.

The carpet in the bedroom generally should not contain fluff under any circumstances, and this issue becomes more important in the case of the child’s room because children are more sensitive to the pile of carpets and it can cause them allergies in the long run. Therefore, it is better to choose a carpet for the child’s room with acrylic threads Acrylic yarn is one of the best types of yarn that contains the least amount of lint after weaving, and the fluff of these carpets will disappear after a day or two of use, but carpets that contain non-acrylic lint often have a lot of lint and even after a long time, Lint does not go away!

In general, wool is considered a safe material for your child, as they can move around on the rug safely, as wool is a natural material and is not mixed with any toxic chemicals, and the wool fabric is hypoallergenic, your child can play or roll on such a rug for hours without fear of any allergy .


What color matches the nursery rug?

The design of the child’s room carpet and its colors play an important role in the purchase process, so it is necessary to ensure that the designs and colors are consistent in order not to make the wrong choice. For example, if the room has bright colors, it is recommended to choose neutral colors to achieve visual balance, and on the contrary, if If the furniture is neutral, it is necessary to use carpets of striking colors, to create a beautiful visual effect.

On the other hand, children are attracted to more diverse patterns and colors, and a carpet with striking colors can be a good ideal choice for a children's room, and if your children are of a certain age and have their own personal choices, ask them for their opinion before buying carpets, and for the younger ones, light carpets can be an option well and fun.


Unlike boys, girls have a calmer and more elegant personality, so it is better to have a carpet in the girl’s bedroom, in turquoise blue, pink or modern carpets, and modern carpets for girls’ bedrooms have recently attracted the attention of designers, as many girls choose carpets Newly painted pink for their bedroom.

Shapes of carpet suitable for children's room

The rug in the child’s room should suit the mood of your child, which means that its pattern should naturally resemble the mood of the child. It is safe to say that the most common shapes of rugs are square, rectangular, circular, etc., but these shapes may not satisfy your child. So, you can Buying children’s carpets with animal, superhero, and cartoon characters, as the children’s bedroom carpet is usually chosen from fun and cheerful designs, such as designs of children’s favorite cartoon characters, geometric shapes such as multi-colored circles, and carpets designed with nature elements such as flowers, etc.

And there are many shapes that may look strange, but in reality they are not, for example, the rugs come in different shapes like cloud, heart, triangle, etc., which may be your child's favorite. So, before buying a rug, ask your child for his opinion.


The perfect dimensions for a nursery rug

We always stress the importance of the right size of the rug, it is very important to get the rug of the right size or you will be in trouble, of course and as we know, this is important not only in the field of buying baby rugs, but also in buying any kind of rug.

The most common mistake is that people often mistakenly buy a carpet that is smaller than it should be for the children's room, which does not give a good look to the space, your carpet should cover the edge of the furniture or bed, and for the children's carpet, you must take care that it covers all corners so that it does not pose any danger on the child.

For example, if you have a study table, the rug should cover the bottom of the chair and the table, but, if you want to buy a smaller rug, you should not put it in the middle but, you should allocate a corner for it for example a reading corner or a corner Playing, if you don't know how to do this, all you have to do is measure the area where you want to put the rug, in this way, you will get the exact size of the rug, so make sure you measure the dimensions of the rug so that you don't get in trouble about the size, fold the rug and flatten it Not an easy task, especially with a young child.

As for the dimensions of the carpet, several other criteria must be taken into account such as the space available in the child’s room or the number of pieces of furniture, and above all, the new carpet must not cause clutter in the room, and experts recommend regarding the possible dimensions in the version of the carpet for children’s rooms, which has an average area 10 to 12 square meters, the classic dimensions generally selected are as follows: 80*140, 90*150, 95*133, 110*160 and 140*200cm.


8 tips for choosing a children's room rug

  1. Children's bedrooms have their own look, the bed, bedspread, wallpaper and curtains are chosen for the child's bedroom according to his mood and interests, and the same should be the case for the children's room carpet, so before choosing a children's carpet, you must determine your expectations from the room's decor, what furniture to place in the baby's room? How would each of these pieces of furniture be arranged? What is the color or design of the walls? After selecting these things, you can safely choose the kids room rugs among the various options.
  2. Children love to jump here and there, and over time they become more active, and if your children are young, anti-slip carpets are safer, and for this reason you need a carpet that sticks tightly under their feet with a lot of movement, so do not buy a carpet that threatens the safety of your child, and you can use a protector High-quality rugs under your baby's rug, of course, you can also use heavy furniture to keep the rug stable.
  3. You need to make sure that the inner material of the carpet is stain resistant, because your children do not have much control over their actions and they will spread stains and dirt on the carpet in different ways, so the carpet in your child's room should be very comfortable, durable and stain resistant at best, it is also recommended not to be The rug in the child's room is a long pile rug, because these rugs collect dirt over time due to their structure and are difficult to wash.
  4. You can choose carpets that contain an educational element for your child's room, to help them learn effortlessly, as your children spend hours playing with their toys on the carpet, and the carpet that contains patterns of letters of the alphabet, numbers or planets can help them learn easily, educational carpets will help you Adding a fun, educational look to your children's bedroom.
  5. It is recommended to note that it is necessary to choose the color of the children’s room carpet according to the gender of the child, the color of the rest of the furniture in the room, the bedspread, and the color of the curtains. Usually, carpets that contain designs of dolls and flowers in pink, orange, and red are suitable for girls’ rooms, while designs for boys include cars, animals, and cartoon characters. The male animatronic, and the colors used in it usually range from blue to brown.
  6. If you are afraid of the risk of fatigue caused by children's room carpets that are too colorful, patterned or starry,​​​, you can choose a model with a more neutral tone (white, beige, etc.), and for the health of your children, special attention should be paid to carpet maintenance, and it is recommended Every two days by removing the dust that will settle on it, and to get a mite-free carpet, be sure to always vacuum the carpet. To ensure high-quality maintenance, we invite you to read this article : The 6 Best + Professional Effective Carpet Care Methods
  7. In a child's room, you can use smaller rugs (rugs) to emphasize smaller areas, for example; In front of the bookshelf, in front of the children's play tent, or in the corner at the children's toy box, two small woolen rugs can be placed in front of the sides of the bed for him to jump on as soon as he wakes up.
  8. Children's room rugs are specially designed to meet the needs and interests of young children, there are a variety of patterns and designs that appeal to children, and you are sure to find themed rugs that your children will love Discover Are your children very interested in animals, sports and cartoon characters? And check out the wide range of rugs available in the market and find the one your kids will love the most.


Dining room rug

Most dining rooms almost share the same space with the living room, but choosing a dining room rug is a greater challenge.

Adding a rug to the dining room is an ideal step to add a touch of color and texture to the space, and it is also an ideal accessory to better define spaces, but with the movement of chairs and falling crumbs, rugs are tested repeatedly, and the title of your search here will be the perfect rug that will visually increase the space and that will bear a lot trouble in the next few years.

The right material for the dining room rug

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to choose all materials in the dining room, for example, avoid thick carpets with long piles, which are difficult to clean and in which crumbs and food may penetrate, we recommend flat-woven or short-pile carpets, as it is easy to move chairs on it flexibly, and you can Also choosing between rugs that are more durable and easy to clean, rugs made of sisal or natural materials can offer a sober and elegant look, on the other hand, it is necessary to avoid rugs made of thick wire: food can get stuck in the fabric and make cleaning more complicated!

In general, it can be said that machine-woven carpets are more suitable than hand-woven carpets, and you can learn more about the characteristics of both machine-made carpets and handmade carpets in this article: Top 12 Ways to Know the Difference Between Handmade and Machine-made Carpets

What color goes with the dining room rug?

When we choose a rug for the dining room, the color is not only determined by its decor, but also by some considerations such as stain and dirt tolerance!

Light and solid colors help in enlarging the space visually, but they run the risk of getting dirty very quickly, so it is preferable to patterned or dark-colored carpets, where stains or marks are less visible, and a good solution is to choose a color with the same shades of decoration, on the contrary, to create contrast by Add a touch of color An important point to keep in mind: if your decor is already very colorful and your room is small, do not add a new color with the rug, by creating too much contrast you risk visually narrowing the space, and if you already know, thanks to your measurements If your table will not be centered on the rug, choose a patterned rug, eyes will be drawn to the rug and that imperfection will turn into symmetry.

Shapes of rugs suitable for the dining room

Match the size and shape of the rug to the room. For a round table and a square room, choose a round or square rug to maintain proportions. Otherwise, if you prefer oval or round shapes, that's fine, keeping in mind the dimensions of the rug and dining table.

Place a nice round rug under a round table to give the whole room a more uniform look. Additionally, if you have a rectangular dining table, the rectangular rug should always be in the center of the table, so, again, you need to focus on the effect you want to achieve, primarily. General, when the goal is to achieve a traditional and formal look, choose a rug to match the table if you want to stay under the safe option.

The perfect dimensions for a dining room rug

It is highly necessary to consider the size of the dining room rug before purchasing it, if it is too small, then the chair legs will get caught in it, if it is too big, then your table will look lost in the middle of the room and it will visually shrink the space, take exact measurements for your future rug, because you will be disappointed If the model you have chosen does not look as good at home as it does in the store, leave an extra 60 cm on each side of the table so that the chairs are completely on the rug and can slide and move easily.

To visualize the size of the rug, you can draw marks on the floor with masking tape, this will help you check the ideal size of the rug, and to visually enlarge the room, your rug should not pass under any furniture and be at least 20 cm away from the walls, and the dining table rug should be large enough to cover the entire table top.

Here are the most important standards for dining room carpets according to the type of table:

Large table (8 or more seats)

Usually the dining table for 8 people is 2*3, and 2.5*3.5 rug will be suitable for it, in this way there will be 1 meter space on all sides so that you can move easily and the chairs stay on the rug.

Medium table (6 people)

Usually the 6 seater dining table is 1*2 and will be suitable for 2*3 mat, again, there will be a distance of 1 meter so that the chairs can be moved easily.

small table (4 persons)

A dining table for 4 people with a diameter of about 1m (round tables) or 1.5 * 1.5 (square tables) a 2 * 2 rug in any of the round or square shapes is suitable for it, you can put the table and chairs in the middle of the rug of 1.5 * 2.25 or SIZE 2*3.


9 tips for choosing a dining room rug

  1. The first thing to consider when choosing a rug for the dining area is the size of the room. For a small dining room, you should choose a rug that does not fill the entire space of the room, but is larger than the dining table. For a spacious dining area, it is better to choose several rugs made in the style. Himself.
  2. The dining room rug should not only be beautiful, but also practical, and if there are children or pets in the house, and the dining area is used not only for eating, but also for board games or children's crafts, then the rug must have Smooth surface and stain resistant color, and with this rug, keeping your dining room clean becomes much easier.
  3. Choosing a durable rug plays an important role in the longevity of the rug. Choose a rug that can be washed and is of good quality and can withstand the frequent friction of the table, especially the chairs. The dining area rug is likely to experience a lot of foot traffic, so an easy-to-clean rug will stand up to a lot. From use, if you prefer natural materials, note that silk or cotton carpets do not withstand this type of use, and wool is a good choice for dining room carpets, while carpets made of synthetic fibers are easy to clean and maintain.
  4. The dining area rug is also an integral part of the room's color scheme. It is best to choose a rug that is the same color as other decorative items, furniture, lamps, panels or pillows. In order for the rug to look harmonious with other interior items, its pattern and texture must match the overall style. for the dining room.
  5. If the dining room only occupies a part of the space, the rug under the dining table will help visually accentuate the dining area. Therefore, the rug is not only a decorative function, but also a practical one, and should be chosen carefully.
  6. The dining room is often accompanied by large lighting, massive antique furniture, beautiful chairs, a large dining table, and a classic style dining room rug completes this interior design.
  7. A solid color rug can help you harmonize your decor and create a relaxing atmosphere, so if your furniture is luxurious or your color scheme is bold, it's best to balance it out with a solid color rug (ideally neutral and light).
  8. A patterned rug will add texture to the dining room, and is the right choice in the case of a neutral color palette or a classic pattern, a patterned rug will break up the monotony of a room to create an interesting visual impact.
  9. A rug can distract the eye from other parts of the room, sometimes you have unique decorative elements that you want to stand out and be the main focus, a rug that is too crowded can draw attention away from your pretty table and chairs and off the fancy floor, if you want a rug that matches the dining room Think about the main feature of your room. What is the centerpiece of this dining room? And choose a rug in a neutral color or to match the tableware, so as not to stand in the way of your centerpiece, if the entire room is full of artwork and decorations that charm the eye, and if your room is also lively, then the most contrasting rug can give you a wonderful look, and it can allow the eye By moving from one piece to another rather than focusing on one element.


8 additional tips for choosing the perfect carpet

1- The carpet of the intended room

The first point to consider is the intended room for your carpet. In fact, based on this room, you may look for a different type of carpet. You cannot buy uniform carpets in terms of shape, colors, and design for all areas of the house, otherwise you will risk a monotonous and boring decor, for example. The carpet you will choose for the bedroom is different from the living room carpet, from the dining room carpet.

2- Define your goal

Sometimes, the goal of buying a carpet is not only to get warmth, but also to change the visual size of a space. Before buying a carpet, you should define the goal of choosing a specific carpet, of a certain size in a particular space, for example, in a small room. , they expand the space through a visual effect: here we prefer small rugs and light colors (large or dark rugs, on the contrary, visually tighten the room).

So, here are some tips to help you reach the desired goal and make the right choice

  • To enlarge the room: Choose a light-colored rug.
  • In the corridors (entrance, hallway): dark colors are preferred and remember not to interfere with opening doors.
  • To brighten up a rather classic room: a colorful rug or one with original patterns will add a touch of enthusiasm to your home without having to change everything.
  • To personalize the room: Choose square patterns and angular shapes.
  • To add softness: carpets with curved and rounded lines are preferred, and shaggy carpets with thick wicks that will give an impression of comfort and luxury.
  • If you like urban style: choose gray or black colors that remind of the concrete side of cities, or yellow that livens up the atmosphere a bit.
  • For a child's room: Colorful textiles and original shapes are perfect and will bring a little interest to children's rooms and make them noticeably different!

3- Find out everything about sizes

If you are in the process of buying a carpet, or a number of carpets for each space, it is important to be aware of the shapes and sizes of carpets in the market, and we can classify the different types of carpets in the market into small, medium and large.

Small carpet

Designed for bathroom, kitchen, hallway or even small spaces, small rugs are usually 70*140 cm.

This does not include the long and narrow shapes that are ideal for a hallway, in some cases we can also choose a small to medium sized rug for a room of modest dimensions, a size of 90 * 160 may suit you.

Medium carpet

For living rooms and bedrooms, we usually recommend 120*180, 140*200 or 170*240 carpet.

Great carpet

Depending on the size, you can find rugs of 200 * 300 cm and more, in fact, some specialty stores offer you XXL size floor rugs.

4- Preferred materials to choose the appropriate carpet

We should always choose the carpet material according to the desired effect, for example we choose wool for an “authentic” look, matte and natural, or synthetics for glossy effects and more dazzling colors, but you also have to consider the room and adapt the carpet according to its use, for example, you should avoid Carpets made of viscose in the hallway, because they will fade quickly due to the high traffic in that area, and it is recommended instead to place them on the floor of an interior room or in the office, and this type of material is also not suitable in the living room or dining room because the traces of water or Food is marked instantly and difficult to clean.

And quite the opposite with the cotton rug, it is suitable for almost all spaces, as it can be placed anywhere in the house and is easy to maintain and clean.

Plastic fiber carpets can be a good solution when there are children in the house, as in the bedroom, for example, but they are less warm and less resistant over time.

If you have a fireplace, we recommend a wool rug, not only to insulate the room and add more heat to it, but because this material has anti-static and anti-flammable properties, and is therefore safer.

For rugs made of natural fibers, such as sisal or bamboo, they are very resistant and easy to maintain because these fibers can naturally hide stains better.

5- Take maintenance into consideration when buying carpets

Shiny silk carpets may captivate you, but you should be careful when thinking about maintenance. Choosing the right carpet also means thinking about its maintenance.

We must not overlook the practical side of carpets, and what is required is to collect data about the ease of maintenance of each type of carpet, in addition to all information about its aesthetics: wool and cotton are the easiest materials to clean, you should choose flat-woven carpets when choosing a kitchen carpet, for example, or durable carpets Water like polypropylene rugs, and if you have cats or heels, avoid rugs with loops. Another trendy solution to avoid worrying about luxury rugs is to use them as decorations and hang them on the wall!

6- Revive the colors of the carpet

The first magic solution, wet your carpet with sparkling water, let it dry and brush it, the other surprise solution: put snow on the carpet, rub it vigorously and leave it for 1-2 hours, then hang the carpet to remove the snow, and be careful, the carpet should never be exposed to the sun, it may lose Their colors are very fast.

7- Choose your carpet taking into account the composition of the family

This recommendation takes its full meaning if the family includes small children or pets. Always remember that the best carpet for a home with children and pets is the carpet that is stain-resistant, easy to clean and durable. It can be low-pile or flat-woven carpets that are ideal for these cases. The same can be said if your house receives a lot of guests, almost daily.

8- Know the characteristics of each type of carpet

Before buying any carpet, you are likely to be confused as to whether to choose handmade carpets with natural fibers, or machine-made carpets. Here are the most important characteristics of each:

Natural fiber rug

Natural fiber carpets are woven from materials such as silk, wool, cotton, hemp, and sisal and are very durable. Silk carpets have a softer, more elegant texture and a higher price than wool carpets. Wool carpets are less elegant than silk carpets, but they have their own beauty. Wool carpets feel comfortable and warm in the environment, and they are durable and easy to clean, but their price is relatively high and they require professional washing. For carpets made of cotton, they are softer than wool and have a variety of colors, but they are less flexible than other fibers. Sisal carpets are characterized by their coarse fibers. It is suitable for high traffic areas and has high moisture resistance.

Synthetic fiber carpet

Synthetic fiber carpets are cheaper, come in different colors, are very similar to wool carpets, but are not as good as natural fibers, are not produced from sustainable sources, and may change color when exposed to direct sunlight, and acrylic carpets are highly durable and resistant Moisture and high washability, and it does not lose its beauty when exposed to moisture and sunlight, so it is a good choice for crowded spaces or homes with children.

On the other hand, polypropylene carpets are highly resistant to dyeing, have a varied color, and do not absorb liquids. They are also suitable for spaces such as the entrance hall and dining room. Nylon carpets are durable, easy to clean, and suitable for high-traffic areas. Polyester or rayon carpets come in a variety of colors. designs, but it is difficult to remove grease stains and is suitable for low-traffic spaces.


5 carpet care tips

  1. Before you start cleaning the carpet with any material, test on a (if possible hidden) part of the carpet. If in doubt, you can also check the material of your carpet on its label for safe cleaning. You can always choose a suitable carpet cleaner if you don't want to. risk.
  2. If your carpet is made of wool, it is best to contact the professionals, but check the care label first as some models of carpet can be cleaned at home. Here are some tips for taking care of your carpet on a daily basis:
  3. Most new carpet pile, especially tufted carpets, shed initially for a short period of time. Regular brushing or vacuuming will get rid of these problems. If you notice any loose strands from the carpet, do not pull them. You can cut them off or enlist the help of a carpet restorer to fix the defects. .
  4. Keep your rug as flat as possible and avoid bending it. If you have to move it, roll it inside out to avoid damaging the bristles. If you store your rug, keep it in a dry, well-ventilated place at room temperature to avoid discoloration.
  5. All natural fibers can fade with constant exposure to sunlight If your rug is exposed directly, make sure to turn it regularly to keep the various parts of it in the shade You should also change it from time to time if furniture is placed on it, and to make sure that your rug is safe to use on Wood or tile floors. Place a non-slip floor mat under them to hold them in place.




The use of carpets in the interior decoration of the house completely changes the interior appearance and adds double beauty to the decor. However, before buying a carpet for any room, you should study all aspects of the room in which it will be installed, starting from the shape, to the decoration style, to the colors, to the furniture. etc. In fact, to choose the right size of the rug, and to make sure that you choose the rugs for each room without making mistakes that you will regret, you should consider the materials, maintenance methods, think about the dimensions, and adapt the rug to the style of the room, and it all depends on its use, If it is a carpet for a bedroom, hallway or living room, its size will not necessarily be the same, and when you know in which room it will be installed, you should also consider its ideal location.

We hope that this article was useful, and that you use these tips to be your guide, and to help you know the most important criteria when buying a carpet for each room of the house.











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