Tips from a professional organizer on arranging your home

نصائح في ترتيب وتنظيف المنزل بشكل مثالي

People are always looking for tips on how to arrange their homes to have a functional and beautiful home. Cleaning and tidying up your home spaces not only improves the overall look of your home, but it can also help clear your mind and get a better living experience in your home.

Here are some top tips for arranging the house:

Making a decision regarding the pieces of furniture in terms of keeping or removing them from the space is confusing, so we suggest that you follow the following steps before making any decision in this regard:

  1. Identification of Items : Check your inventory, and donate or get rid of items you don't use.
  2. Classification : Put similar products together so that you can store them together. Storing things or clothes in baskets or boxes helps give the space a streamlined and practical look.
  3. Prioritize : Decide where you will put your things, based on how often you use them. Put the most used items within easy reach, and the rest of the items in the back or on a higher shelf.
  4. Finalizing : Now start filtering items by adding labels, avoid labels that are too specific or contain brand names.

Following this process will make it easier for you to organize and arrange your home, now let's see how we can arrange the space of the house room by room:

How to arrange the kitchen?

Sometimes finding a kitchen tool is like finding a treasure, many of these tools of all sizes and shapes are lost or not accessible when needed because they are not properly arranged inside the cabinets and drawers, so we recommend placing dividers to divide the tools and utensils such as utensils Cooking and the rest of the tools to get a more tidy kitchen as well as to reach a consistent look, and if you want to get an aesthetic appearance, you can match each separator with a color or material inside the drawers.

How to arrange the office?

Arranging your home office is a big leap, especially if you are one of the people who work from home. Excess paper is the biggest challenge you may face in the task of cleaning your office.

If you have a lot of note clippings, you can use a board and hang it up so that all your ideas are arranged in one place. As for large documents, you can put them in a folder or organizer to keep them organized and tidy.

How to arrange the bedroom?

One of the biggest challenges facing arranging the bedroom is the “closet”, and to rearrange it, start by sorting the clothes and taking them out completely. If you notice that you have not worn an item of clothing in more than a year, know that it may be time to donate it or get rid of it.

Use closet hangers to hang as many clothes as you can, this simple change can give you a lot of order, also fold clothes in an organized manner inside the closet.

How to arrange the living room?

It is known that the living room is one of the spaces with heavy traffic, whether you live alone or with your family, or you have pets, and it is an ideal space for you to add your creative ideas in terms of organization and arrangement, add multifunctional pieces that can express your taste, and you can also put Remote controls, books in containers, and baskets are ideal for storing throws, extra pillows, and toys.

How to arrange a bathroom?

You may think that organizing the bathroom is the hardest part, and this is not true, because the issue in the bathroom is mainly related to storage techniques such as cabinets, drawers, and the provision of organizations, whether on the floor or on the wall. For example, we recommend allocating each drawer for different products, such as teeth, hair care, skin care, makeup, and others. .

How to arrange the laundry room?

If you have an entire room dedicated to laundry, it will not be difficult to turn it into a tidy and organized space, and to succeed in that, use semi-transparent containers to store detergents and other cleaning tools.

How to arrange the games room?

The children's room changes as children grow older and their interests and activities change, so it will be difficult to keep it in order, and to succeed in this, sort the toys by color, you can classify them, for example, according to the colors of the spectrum, so that it will be easier to put them back in their place later on.

We hope these ideas will help you transform your home from messy to tidy, to enjoy a clean and tidy space with your family and friends.

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