Carpet wedding hall decorating tips


Carpet wedding hall decorating tips

The wedding ceremony is no longer limited to reserving a place for the wedding and preparing the bride and groom for themselves and their families. Rather, it goes beyond that to planning every small and large event in the celebration venue if it is outdoors, or the celebration hall if the wedding is indoors, as well as the details of the entire day since the early morning.

From the details of the bride’s dress, the groom’s clothes, her bridesmaids and their participating friends, to flower arrangements, colors, tables, chairs and floor decor, the way guests are received and their places in the hall, organizing invitations and invitees, preparing the platform or “the bride’s seat” and the dance platform and the details of the songs or the celebration schedule in general, as well as the “buffet” Or the hospitality section

Sweets, food, and entertainment (their types, shapes, and distribution) are all in addition to managing the party, DJ, and other important details that determine the general atmosphere of the party.

And because the distinctive decoration in the celebration hall will be very important in the details of an important day such as the wedding day, which does not occur in most people’s lives except once in a lifetime, we will provide you with a set of ideas, tips and important steps to help you prepare the wedding hall decor with carpets that complement the decor and express The atmosphere and mood of the newlyweds and their celebration as well.

Carpets as a special decoration on the wedding day

Whether the wedding ceremony is simple, or large and huge, and whether it is in a closed hall or outside the house in the open air, in a garden or public square, or on a boat... There is certainly no limit to the places where weddings and weddings can take place. And occasions in general, whatever the size and capabilities of your wedding party or the location of its residence, carpets in particular will be the connecting element between all parts of the decor.

Choosing distinctive carpets for the wedding hall or the aisle of the newlyweds is very important and must be chosen carefully, whether by the newlyweds and their families, or by the planners of the ceremony.

If the wedding is outdoors and the walkway is dirt and not paved, or even planted with weeds, then this is more appropriate to use carpets in the wedding corridor to prevent sand, gravel, grass, etc. from reaching the bride’s clothes or shoes, making them feel resentful.

But if the wedding takes place inside a flat hall, it is not logical for the floor to be exposed, regardless of its shape or material, then the carpet suitable for the atmosphere and lights of the hall is an excellent solution, and luxurious decoration in the hall, or if the wedding corridor consists of stairs or stairs that the newlyweds descend from, then the stairs will become more luxurious If properly carpeted.

In general, carpets will transform the venue for the ceremony into a more comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful place, especially when the bride and groom choose luxurious carpets, but with bold, warm colors, and suitable for the ceremony.

Tips to help you choose the right carpet for the wedding hall

Here are some tips to help you choose the right carpet for your wedding aisle or ballroom:

  1. On special occasions and the wedding ceremony, use plain formal carpets if you choose them for the wedding corridor. As for the hall, you can choose carpets or “rugs” decorated with delicate and beautiful patterns.
  2. Make sure all the time and during the wedding preparations to choose harmonious and harmonious colors, and belong to one color palette, so that it does not look random and unkind on such a special day.
  3. Add to the newlyweds' table, and the tables around which the invitees wrap some flowers and rose petals, and white lights, and let the "shades" and flowers be in harmony with the color of the carpets and bedspreads; To have a perfect wedding.
  4. If you prefer a simple style at your wedding, think of white carpets, light carpets in shades of pink and beige, with some roses of the same colors intertwined with white.
  5. If your taste is inclined to a more luxurious look, you can use fur rugs to the tables, the platform, the back of the bride's chair, the bride's table, the hospitality serving trays, and even the use of fur runners as luxurious decorations for the guest tables.
  6. For more luxury, decorate the sides of the corridors, guest seating areas, and the backs of chairs with pieces of leather carpets reinforced with luxurious natural fur, and add some of them to the walls if the ceremony is indoors, as they give the place charm and attractiveness when it reflects the beautiful lighting in the wedding halls.
  7. Ask the organizers and planners of the ceremony or those in charge of preparing the hall to add distinctive carpets to the wedding platform, the bride’s table and chairs, and to distinguish this place with colors and décor that are in harmony with the rest of the colors and decorations of the place.
  8. In the event that the wedding hall or the outdoor venue contains some trees, artificial plants, and plant pots such as roses, pampas, bamboos, and other ornamental plants, pieces of leather or jute carpets can also be placed under pots and containers, as well as under lampshades, food and beverage tables, and in the corner of the buffet.
  9. If the wedding hall contains stairs or a dressing room, some carpets of suitable materials and colors, such as light fur and leather softened with fur and natural fur, can be distributed on the doors, stair railings, and around the mirrors.
  10. If the wedding ceremony is in the open air or outside and the walkway or corridor that the newlyweds will walk over to reach the celebration platform has some pebbles, dirt, rocks, or natural or even artificial grasses, then the appropriate carpets are rectangular carpets with a distinctive and glowing color, which distinguishes the corridor from the rest of the floor, whether It was planted or paved.
  11. Also, a new idea for an outdoor wedding, if the place contains some natural trees, then carpets can be distributed under and between the bushes and provided with special “buff” or “bean bags” seats, because the atmosphere of the wedding celebration ignites the romantic atmosphere between everyone and brings hearts closer to affection. By doing so, you give them suitable places to sit together and talk with affection and love, thus giving your guests and invitees an unforgettable day and memories at your wedding.
  12. The walk of the newlyweds among the guests is the most important place and scene in the wedding venue. Try to take care of it and its details as much as you can. Choose the appropriate carpet for it, and let it be unpatterned, simple and glowing in color to suit the occasion and give it prestige.

Should we buy carpets for the wedding or rent them?

You must think about it, it's worth; Because the costs of carpets are not simple on the one hand, and on the other hand, it would be wasteful and inappropriate to spend a lot to obtain suitable carpets for the wedding hall and wedding aisle, and then neglect or dispose of them, and therefore we have several proposals in this regard:

- Look for places and stores that rent carpets for different purposes and choose from their offerings what suits you best. In any case, the load will be less and the costs will be easier.

- If you agree with a wedding planner to plan the decor and venue for your wedding, you can also agree with him to provide the appropriate carpets that suit your mood, taste, and the atmosphere of your party that you plan; Wedding and event planners usually have their own ways of providing such options.

- A third suggestion that you need to think about before the occasion and during the preparation of the marital home furniture. You can buy special carpets for the wedding day, but they are also suitable for the decorations of your home and the places where they are needed, in order to use them in the hall / or the place of the ceremony, and then move them to the house to live with you throughout your life and married life. It reminds you of the special night of life, so its memories live with you and evoke it during your life and your beautiful happy times together throughout the journey of life.

- You can also borrow carpets that you like from people dear to you if it is suitable for your taste and the wedding ceremony, but you have to choose who you will borrow carpets from in order to

Use them on that special day, this proposal will cost you nothing, but it's tasteful to make a suitable gift for someone who will lend you their rugs after the wedding time is up.

- If the wedding will take place in an indoor hall for weddings or in a hotel, there are several options available that you can pick and choose from from the start, before agreeing to hold the ceremony in the place, choose what suits your taste and your bride, and do not force yourself to what you do not like.

Finally, someone interested can provide carpets for weddings and beautiful occasions. To lend it to lovers and friends for a low price, which would reduce the costs of the wedding and the purchase of new ones.

Distinguished ideas for decorating an unforgettable wedding aisle:

No one ventures anything tonight; It is a very special night. The girls dream of the night when he sings to her: “Paint with white.” The young man dreams of that moment when his name is called and the family and loved ones bless them as they walk down the wedding aisle: “May God bless you both, bless you, and bring you together in goodness.”

White is a feature of this night in general, and when it is studded with other colors that make it more clear, such as gold and silver, it gives a touch of great luxury, and other delicate colors such as pink, light green, sky blue, light gray, cold yellow and orange, as well as pink, beige, and very quiet lilac... All these colors give a painting Intimate, velvety that increases the beauty and tenderness of the night and makes the memories that the couple carry with them from the night of joy with the taste of calm, beauty and tenderness.

There is a lot of photography, attention, and scrutiny of details at the moment the newlyweds pass over the carpet, so the corridor must be expanded and flowers, decorations, lanterns, white gauze ribbons, open gates decorated with ribbons, and roses also decorate the corridor and show its aesthetics more. Here are some ideas that help you in preparing a wedding corridor for the newlyweds that cannot be forgotten. Rather, everyone will talk about its beauty, elegance and distinction:

  1. Add arches decorated with plants, roses, and white ribbons, including lanterns, along the path around the rug that matches the rest of the décor.
  2. Choose an outdoor walkway as a wedding walkway, lay carpets around the place, and have a beautiful, clean swimming pool; In order for its waters to reflect the lights and increase the atmosphere of magic, and to give the photos of the newlyweds great distinction.
  3. It is possible to cover the entire floor with artificial grass or green “artificial grass”, then distribute a number of large candles kept in a decent candlestick, distribute them and install them carefully so that a catastrophe does not occur, God forbid.
  4. You can distribute some pots in which cactus, pampas, and bamboo are planted around the corridor carpet as well, as they give a very natural atmosphere and renew the oxygen of the place with crowding.
  5. For couples who love the marine atmosphere, you can also decorate the corridor around the carpet with fishing nets designed as decoration and artificial marine plants, or arches bearing marine expressions such as boats’ heels, shells and coral reefs, in blue, brown and green colors that will add charm and attractiveness.
  6. Rectangular arches are beautiful and fresh and can be used for a unique wedding aisle, but they also need to be supported with glass vases, flowers and ribbons in matching colors.
  7. Triangular arches can also be used as distinctive entrances that give the wedding corridor the look of adventure, as if the newlyweds are going through an adventure together when they pass through the triangular gates that are placed at different angles.
  8. Providing the carpeted corridor with a ceiling from which some herbs such as papampas, hay and other lilac and flowering plants hang, which give a breathtaking scene.
  9. The last idea that I will show you is the idea of ​​using feathers, which gives a particularly charming look. If you used carpets made of fur and pile, then you complete the scene with bows decorated with feathers, and it can be inserted into the decor of chairs, cups, and dishes.


In conclusion, I have provided you with a set of ideas, suggestions, and advice on choosing the appropriate carpet for your wedding and party hall that can help you and save you a lot of research and confusion. As for you, you must study the subject well and plan for it well in advance of its time so that you are not surprised by a layout that does not suit your taste.

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