Precious tips to help you take care of carpets before Eid al-Adha

كيفية تنظيف السجاد وتعطيره قبل عيد الأضحى

Precious tips to help you take care of carpets before Eid al-Adha

Eid is approaching, and confusion and bewilderment has increased you. You think about renovation and appearing in the best possible appearance, then you think about cleaning the house and its furnishings, especially carpets and perhaps curtains, which are among the most difficult furnishings to clean, but they are the most important furnishings of all. Because carpet cleaning, for example, is expensive and requires effort, time, and special tools or detergents, which give the house its most beautiful final appearance.

Not everyone can always renew the furnishings of the house, or allocate special furnishings for big occasions such as holidays, parties, and others.

In this article, we will help you with ways, tips, and tools to deep clean carpets, and take care of them in general before the advent of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, that distinguished season in which families visit, and in which the ties of kinship increase, and housewives - and householders in general - care that homes look better and smell better, In order to have a happy holiday with their visitors.


How to take care of carpets to maintain their freshness, no matter how long they are

Muslim Arab homes in all directions of the Arab world are accustomed to its vastness. Cleanliness is accustomed to all aspects of life and its health and public facilities. This is a principle that the Arabs maintain because it is a prophetic directive and because cleanliness is part of faith. Preserving money as well and keeping away from waste caused by negligence is part of the teachings of our Islamic religion. .

Therefore, most homes are looking for ways to preserve carpets, furnishings, and decorations so that they remain new, fresh, and shiny, as if they are still very modern.

Care begins from the time of purchase and not years later, for example, and this is represented in several aspects, the most important of which are: methods of cleaning and proper care, methods of storage for long periods, methods of use, places where carpets are placed... etc. of influences.


How to clean carpets of all kinds:

There is no doubt that the light carpet cleaning process does not give the result that you wish and expect, so on big occasions such as the advent of Eid Al-Adha, you need a more in-depth cleaning of the carpets, but do not worry, we have here tips that help you in deep cleaning your home carpets before the advent of Eid; To feel like new:

  1. Shake the carpets well and more than once, and sweep them beforehand with a powerful vacuum cleaner that pulls out the dust hiding in the depths.

Use a stick to shake to get better results whenever the carpet is heavy, and it is preferable to shake it outside the house so as not to cause pollution to all the surrounding furniture and décor, as you will be surprised by the amount of dust that will come out with the continuation of the shaking.

  1. Find suitable cleaners or carpet shampoos that match the color of the carpet, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for washing the carpet.

Experts always recommend applying cleaners to a very small, hidden area of ​​the carpet. To test whether the cleaner is suitable or not, so as not to damage the carpet if the cleaner is not suitable, and when you are sure that it is suitable and does not change color, you can add it to the entire carpet and complete its washing.

  1. Choose a suitable place outside the house, and this is the best, but if the weather does not help you, you can perform the cleaning process in the bathroom, in order to avoid mess, falling water, or dyes that sometimes come off the carpet, for fear that it will stain the floors inside the house.
  2. Leave the carpets after washing outside the house in open ventilation and exposed to the sun, and if the weather is not suitable, you can do this inside a well-ventilated room inside the house.

If you leave the carpet to dry outside the house, be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight for more than a day or two, so that it does not fade, change color, or become damaged and begin to corrode. These materials harden and break with prolonged exposure to the sun.

You can leave it out for the first day in the sun and air, but turn it over so that it's face down and bottom or back up. To avoid any damage or discoloration, then you can turn it on its face for hours only on the second day after sunset to dry completely and move it inside before the sun gets hot.

  1. Avoid applying chlorine bleach at all. Some women and workers who clean carpets, upholstery, and rugs make the mistake of putting even a few drops of chlorine in the cleaning water, and this is not appropriate, and unfortunately it can change the color of the carpet and completely damage it over time.
  2. Add some drops of suitable perfumes for furnishings. To leave scented tissues wafting a pleasant fragrance around the house, never ending easily.

Below we will show you some important points on how to clean carpets according to their material and density, so that you can decide the appropriate method and tools for your carpets:

  • Wool carpets:
  • Because rugs or carpets made of wool are very durable and keep their colors for as long as possible, most people prefer them, and most importantly, experts always recommend them.

    Washing wool carpets will require careful attention and a slightly different approach. Because it is the most sensitive material, we will show the correct way to wash it as follows:

    • After sweeping and shaking the carpet, mix a wool cleaner with a full bucket of cold water, and get to work after applying a test to only a small, hidden area of ​​the carpet.
    • Start cleaning with a white cloth made of fibers, being careful not to submerge the entire carpet with the detergent and water. In order for the carpet to maintain its freshness and the cohesion of its tissues, which will be affected by the water drop and drowning it in it.
    • Refill the bucket with cold water only, without any additives, and repeat the previous step with another clean white cloth than previously used.
    • After finishing, apply a completely dry white cloth over the wet areas of the carpet, and this will help in absorbing moisture completely. Then you can expose it to ventilation by hanging it outside the house, or just open the fan above it to speed up the drying process before using it or walking on it.
  • Cotton carpets
  • Cotton carpets should be cleaned in exactly the same way as wool carpets, subject to appropriate detergents.

  • Curvy, deep, or fluffy rugs
  • As well as curvy or shaggy carpets, the method of cleaning it is not much different from the previous one, but below we will explain the difference:

    • Use shampoo or dry cleaner instead of water, and spread it over the parts and fibers with a clean cloth and rub a little, then leave for a few hours soaked with shampoo, then the carpet can be shaken or vacuumed with a suitable vacuum cleaner.
    • This carpet does not respond much to water and is damaged by a lot of water, so it is preferable to clean it with a suitable carpet cleaner only, while sweeping and shaking it in a deep way.
  • Leather carpets
  • This type is also very popular because it is practical, and easy to clean, but it is sensitive to heat and random cleaning and can be damaged due to errors in this matter, so the following method is followed in washing it:

    • Fill the bathtub with cool water; Because hot and even warm water damages leather, put a few drops of special cleaning shampoo in it, but be aware that wool cleaner is not suitable for leather, or sheep skins from which carpets and rugs are made.
    • Soak leather carpets in the sink for no more than 10 minutes. In order to remove any dirt from it, then rinse it.
    • Finally, squeeze it and rinse it again with cold water until all the detergent and suds are gone.
    • Spread it out and spread a large towel over it, and leave it to dry completely in a place away from the sun and direct heat. In order not to cause shrinkage of the skin.
    • While it's still damp and not completely dry, gently comb or fluff the top coat of leather with a soft brush, then repeat the process when it's completely dry. So you get perfectly clean, soft and almost natural leather like new.
    • You can use talcum powder in this particular type of carpet to clean stains or maintain the soft texture you like.


    How to remove stains and odors from carpets:


    The method of removing stains from carpets depends on the type of stain and the material causing it, whether it is colored drinks or mixed with sugar, food, dust accumulated on the water, mud, or the excrement of pets that some people raise in homes, such as cats and dogs, as follows:

    • Tea and coffee stains: wipe with a clean, dry towel without rubbing, then mix some vinegar and a little water and wipe it until the stain disappears.
    • Soft drink stains: Use a solution consisting of one tablespoon of liquid dish detergent, with a quart of warm water and a quarter of a spoonful of white vinegar, applied to the stain and then rinsed with water.
    • Greasy stains: such as butter or oils and greasy foods, you can clean them with carpet or dish cleaner with warm water.
    • Gum: Put ice cubes in a plastic bag, then place it on top of the gum to completely harden, then scrape it off with a spoon or blunt knife, and finally vacuum up the remnants and crumbles.
    • Tomato Sauce: Wet a sponge with cold water, then a very little detergent or oxygen solution, pat it on the stain, and then rinse with a solution of white vinegar and water. And leave to dry.
    • Melted wax: We use the same method for removing gum, ice in a plastic bag, then scrape and sweep the hardened wax, and finally wipe the remaining with a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol.
    • Urine, feces, and vomit: Apply a detergent solution with a little acidic oxygen, rinse with water, and then wipe dry.
    • Nail polish: The most difficult stains are nail polish stains, but some of them may be removed by first wetting them with a clean cloth to keep them moist, then using another cloth to put a transparent nail polish on top of it and apply it over the nail polish on the carpet, so that it is lifted off the carpet as much as possible, and there is another method using Window cleaner is put on a clean sponge and applied to the paint stain. If the nail polish is dry, we may need some sterilizing alcohol, add it to clear nail polish, then apply it to the stain, rub it with an unused toothbrush, and then vacuum up the crumbs.
    • Pet Stains: Remove with a mixture of white vinegar with some baking soda and water, then wipe off the carpet with a clean cloth.
    • Mud stains: It is preferable to let them dry completely to make them easier to crack, then clean with a vacuum cleaner. If you find that the stains are stubborn, you can use a suitable carpet cleaner to remove them.
    • Paint stains: They are removed by injecting hot water at high pressure, by a specialist in cleaning them.


    How to remove odors from carpet:

    Many factors leave unpleasant odors in carpets, and we must take care of that; Because it affects the smell of the whole house, and the general mood of the house, but, fortunately, most of the odors can be removed by steam cleaning, and some of them are removed by deep cleaning as we indicated previously, but there are ways to clean strong odors such as pet odors, which can be removed with white vinegar mixed with With carbonate or baking soda, it can be added during cleaning and soaked overnight to eliminate the smell, while the carpet is wet, so the smells deepen.


    Materials and tools for carpet cleaning:

    We need to provide some tools in order to get excellent carpet care, such as:

    1. A vacuum cleaner with adequate suction power, preferably if it handles water and wet materials.
    2. Water hose connected to a powerful tap
    3. bucket or several buckets
    4. rubber gloves.
    5. Shampoo or detergent for rugs and dish detergent, too
    6. A cleaning tool or polish, and this may not be available to everyone due to its high price, and we replace it with what is available.
    7. Pieces of white cotton and other deep and dense fibers
    8. A brush or a number of soft and coarse brushes, as needed
    9. White vinegar, baking soda, acidic oxygen, and upholstery freshener


    Finally, before we are crowded with the preoccupations of Eid preparations, it is necessary to start with room-by-room carpet cleaning preparations in advance, and in order to be able to control the matter from the beginning, it is necessary to maintain permanent and follow-up first-hand, and follow the maximum possible storage and cleaning methods according to the methods Recommended by experts, in order not to suffer with carpets if neglected.


    May God bless you with your holidays, and Happy New Year




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