When is the best time to buy carpets?

شراء سجاد اون لاين

When is the best time to buy carpets?

When it comes to purchasing an important and double-value household product such as carpeting, you must bear in mind several considerations, perhaps the most important of which is the budget; In order to choose what suits your space and taste without having to pay exorbitant amounts.

There is nothing more beloved to the soul than renewal and change. It refreshes and changes the psyche, as well as gives a sense of renewal and the desire to achieve more, and this is what drives people to change and renew many of their things, and the places where they perform their work, sports and favorite hobbies, and at other times renewal and change is necessary, especially if it comes to home furnishings, Especially when moving to a new home, or the obvious age on the furniture and furnishings or their exposure to damage.

But we have good news for you that you can choose what you like from carpets in the sizes, shapes and textures you prefer, at very competitive prices, but read on to know the best time to do so, the right place, and how to make the most of purchasing valuable products at reasonable prices.

Between the following lines, we convey to you the experiences and advice of an experienced expert in interior design who will guide you on the magic touches and take you on a quick tour, as if you were wandering through the aisles of a large market for furniture and home furnishings.


The best times to buy carpets

Like all pieces of furniture and furnishings, carpets need to be renewed, whether out of luxury and love of change, or for logical reasons such as age or exposure to damage. carpet.

Successive seasons affect the movement of buying and selling, and sellers base their decisions by offering discounts on a specific product according to the demand of customers for it in successive seasons and different times. Holidays are usually crowded with festivals and social events, so carpet makers and retailers raise prices during these seasons. Because the customer is forced to buy it, while they offer attractive offers on prices after these times.

Therefore, experts advise that these times be appropriate for purchase, as this saves you up to more than 50% of the price that is customary at other times, which is often high and inappropriate for the general budgets of middle-income people.

According to Lyn Peterson, interior designer and co-owner of New York-based design firm Motif Designs, the holidays are a good season to buy rugs. Retailers lower their prices.” He adds, for the benefit of the customer: “Providing homes with carpets and floor coverings complete with them at such a time – meaning the beginning of fall, winter, and the end of spring – will protect the floors and provide them with the required insulation, to make the house in general more comfortable and warm in the winter time.”

It is worth noting that this time of the year contains the most important and famous seasons of global discounts, which is called in Arabic as (White Friday).


What is Black Friday?

It is an annual season that falls on the last Friday of November of each year. White Friday was invented by American retail stores under the name (Black Friday) and then moved to the Middle East little by little under the name of White Friday. For what it means on Friday as an Islamic and social symbol for the Arabs, until it has become an annual tradition that most electronic stores adhere to, and some stores on the ground as well.

White Friday is a broad title for the marketing campaigns announced by stores in that event and lasts between 3: 5 days, and what makes it more distinctive is the discounts that range between 30 and 80%, and it is in fact a great opportunity to get high-quality products at low prices, and the fact that Lots of customers are looking forward to this time of year, lots of preparation and yearly savings; To buy what they need in this famous sale season.

In fact, most customers and online shoppers in particular take advantage of this day since the night of White Friday, so they choose products and specify orders so that they can be among the first to obtain the benefits of discounts and large discounts before the product runs out, and it is certainly smart for everyone to act with one of these strategies used by smart customers.

  • Read carefully about your rights as a consumer and about the laws and mechanisms of replacement and return, read the consumer law and know your rights and duties.
  • Do your necessary research and make sure of the security of the site, the payment method, and the guarantee available on the product before you decide to buy it and pay.
  • Determine the budget and needs accurately so as not to waste time and the specified amount on unnecessary things without bringing what you need and waiting for the season to get it in the first place.
  • Shop through your mobile phone and book the products you want to buy on Black Friday, but make sure of the specifications, suitable prices and the discount you deserve.
  • Shop at night, choose products calmly and focused, compare prices, select the options that suit you, and then make a comparison between them in order to choose exactly what suits you and your budget.


In which months of the year do experts recommend buying carpets?


  • Reductions related to the life span of the carpet
  • Sometimes stores or carpet makers offer discounts that are not related to a specific time or season, but rather are related to the life span of the carpet, which is based on the obsolescence of the designs and materials, so the reduction is offered in order to protect them from damage or obsolescence. Take advantage of these discounts for living room furnishings, for example.

  • Discounts according to economic crises
  • This is no secret to investors, retailers, as well as shoppers and buyers, who, once they follow the market movement, will notice the strong discounts coinciding with the economic crises, which enables them to obtain valuable, modern and luxurious pieces at low prices, but those times are certainly not specific to a specific time or month, except that they are accompanied by crises. health or political, as happened during the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus or the Corona virus as it was popularly called, and it is no secret that wars and political problems directly affect the economy and make cuts a necessary option.

  • Huge discounts in the spring season
  • Retailers also present their most tempting offers in certain months of the year. For example, the spring season, specifically in May until early June, is an ideal time to buy, and if the buyer / or customer invests in the discounts of this timing, he will save a lot. In this, decoration and design expert Peterson says: "You can Buy the latest designs during the months of April and October, as these are the months when products are renewed.” One of the leading rug buyers at retailer Amanda G agrees, saying: “March through May is one of the best times to buy rugs with modern designs, and it's also a good time For the purchase of suitable spring rugs

    Many opinions agree that the decrease in demand for carpets during these times is the reason for the price drop to a sudden and unexpected extent, and it also happens during this period that new production lines and modern carpet patterns are launched, so they explicitly advise the customer to take advantage of these times to buy the necessary carpets and take advantage of deals late spring; As most stores reduce carpet prices by up to 30% during the last spring months.

    As you have seen, the spring season is vacant with discounts and discounts until its end, and before summer comes, carpet prices will rise again during the summer; This is because the summer precedes the fall and winter seasons, in which the need for carpets increases.


    Times when experts warn against buying carpets:

    As we have already indicated, the cold seasons, such as the fall and winter seasons, are the coldest seasons of the year, even in the Arab world. Therefore, the need for carpets increases, and therefore the demand for them increases, but experts do not recommend buying before these two seasons; Because you may buy valuable products, such as luxury carpets, at double prices in non-discount seasons.

    And there is an important opinion of the experts, Amanda G. and Peterson, who advised before that to buy in the spring season, as they point out that: “There is no bad time to buy carpets, because it is related to the budget that the customer allocates for that purchase.”

    However, we advise you to be careful and slow down before buying carpets or renewing old carpets, and to postpone the matter until the sales season. In the interest of saving money and not spending more of it despite the ability to save it.


    Tips and instructions to guide you when buying a new carpet:

  • Study your needs well:
  • Amanda G says: "You should think carefully about the importance of this carpet for your home, the role it plays, or the need that it will cover. etc. and other questions.” As for Peterson, he says: “Build your choice of material and color on the basis that suits you, the matte appearance, and the nice streamlined design.

    Peterson and Amanda recommend using rugs made of synthetic materials such as polypropylene, as they resist staining and withstand use. They also recommend choosing flat, dense and low rugs, especially if they are chosen for places with a lot of use and traffic over them. In order to bear the footprints and be able to quickly regain its shape.

  • Shop offline before online:
  • You can visit exhibitions or previous buyers to learn about the type, material and quality of the rug, before you click the add to cart option, review and take a complete idea.

    It is true that many retailers have become well-known and have a strong guarantee on products, and they even have many distinguished reviews about their products, but you should know that the matter differs according to the desires and needs of one customer to another.

    When purchasing, inquire about shipping charges and added value; We previously indicated that you should know your rights and study them carefully before purchasing.

  • Try a sample and ask:
  • Whether you choose to try in person or online, this will guarantee you a longer use of the carpet that you buy, and try it in the place where you need it before you decide to keep it and venture into buying it, especially if its price is high, and ask about exchange and return, and their conditions in order to know how you will behave if it does not suit you. .

    Then we advise you to negotiate, don't bargain with the seller and don't beg for a discount, ask about exceptions and if you can get a better price, many times you will get approved.

  • Check the warranty period
  • We all need to feel safe when buying high-priced, valuable products that we would like to live with us for long periods of time, and from here we recommend making sure that there is an appropriate guarantee according to industry and price, on material, color change, and staining guarantees, be sure to ask about all of that, so as not to stumble something that does not suit you.

    Finally, you have the right to get what you want at a time that suits you and fits your budget and options, and not just what suits the offers of sellers or stores. Study your options well; In order to enter the stage of buying after understanding what you have and what you have to do!




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